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Ani describes declaring absolution from Ba'ath Party as "worthless".

The leader within Iraqiya Electoral Slate, MP Thafir al-Ani, described declaring absolution from Ba'ath Party as "worthless process that will not change the people attitudes.<p>He stated to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) "The demand of declaring absolution should presented for those who members of Ba'ath Party and not for me since I was not a member for the Ba'ath Party."

He stressed "All the regimes that governed Iraq previously were imposing the political method on Iraqis."

He condemned the acts against the human rights before and after the occupation of Iraq.

"It is time to cancel the Justice and Accountability Commission," he added, noting that "Amar al-Hakim and the President of Iraq have positive calls from time to time."

He assured "The sides that adhere to the political elimination guess that their chances are deteriorated."/End/

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Date:Jan 24, 2010
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