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Angola's Decision Makers.

With an elaborate government and decision making system in Angola, the state-owned Sociedade Nacional de Combustiveis de Angola (Sonangol) is the engineer of all E&P and downstream deals in Angola. It is the sole issuer of E&P blocks and regulator of E&P operations.

Sonangol, however, also acts as a commercial company, competing with foreign firms for upstream and other businesses in Angola and abroad. By 2006, Sonangol had over 30 subsidiaries and maintained facilities in Brazzaville, Congo; Hong Kong, Houston, London, and Singapore (see omt9-AngolaFeb26-07).

In Angola very few international oil companies (IOCs) are operating in what looks like a closed club, particularly hard to break into. It is much harder to build a profile in a country where the problems and projects are world-scale.

One has to be established in Angola. As one Western executive puts it, "If you are not known to top management at Sonangol, you have no chance to breaking in".

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC - Jose Eduardo dos Santos is the top decision maker in Angola. A petroleum engineer, he personally oversees the major E&P deals and any other project in Angola judged of strategic interest to the country. He is also a revolutionary turned pragmatic.

Dos Santos was born on Aug. 28, 1942 in Angola's capital of Luanda. His political career began at an early age when he founded the youth organisation within the MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) in 1961 to help further Angola's struggle for independence. He was awarded a scholarship in 1963 to study in the Soviet Union where he received a degree in petroleum engineering.

On graduation in 1969, he stayed in the Soviet Union to continue his studies in communications. In 1974, Jose Eduardo dos Santos was named co-ordinator of the Foreign Affairs Department of the MPLA. He later developed diplomatic activities in various African capitals to gain international support for MPLA efforts.

Following Angolan independence on Nov. 11, 1975, Dos Santos was named foreign minister. He remained active in the MPLA and contributed to development of education, culture and reconstruction which led to his appointment as minister of planning in 1978.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos became President of the Popular Republic of Angola after the death of Antonio Agostinho Neto in 1979. President dos Santos actively pursued national and international efforts to bring about peace in Angola. His involvement resulted in the successful withdrawal of South African forces from Angola, the repatriation of Cuban forces and the independence of Namibia.

Dos Santos led Angola in a national transition towards democracy which included both political pluralism and the establishment of a market economy. He signed the Bicesse Accords in 1991 which allowed for the country's first democratic elections in 1992. He and his party won the election and the results were accredited by UN and international observers.

However, MPLA's arch-foe UNITA contested the election results and the country returned to civil war. President dos Santos led the search for a negotiated settlement to end the fighting and destruction in Angola. Finally, through his political determination and with the combined mediation efforts of the UN, US, Russia and Portugal, the Angolan government and UNITA signed the Lusaka Protocol in November 1994.

In 1995, the president held three meetings with UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi in an effort to accelerate the peace process and restore confidence among all Angolans.

Despite an ongoing civil war, President dos Santos took the lead in planning for the rebuilding of Angola. In September 1995, he headed the Angolan delegation to an international Donor's Roundtable in Brussels to urge support for the national reconstruction programme.

Finally the civil war ended in 2002. By then Angola had become a hotspot for IOCs looking for new petroleum reserves; and the country's deep-water prospects had attracted the biggest among the multinationals (see profiles of E&P operators in down9AngolaFeb26-07). Under President dos Santos' government, the death penalty was abolished.

The Prime Minister: Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos is the day-to-day ruler in Angola together with collective leadership authorised by the president of the republic. One of the few OPEC member-officials to visit Luanda as Angola was made the 12th state in the petroleum organisation in late 2006 was Qatar's Second Deputy Premier and Industry and Energy minister, Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, who stayed in the country for three days.

Attiyah praised the Angolan government for its decision to join OPEC and promised to support the African country in this matter. He held talks with the president of the republic and PM Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos.

Attiyah offered Luanda Qatar's readiness to establish an interchange with the Southern African country in various spheres of co-operation, particularly in the petroleum sector. Qatar has become the world's biggest exporter of LNG.

Angola LNG, a JV led by Chevron, is having a plant in the country to produce 5 million tons/year of LNG for export to the US (see down9AngolaFeb26-07).

The Deputy Prime Minister: Aguinaldo Jaime as deputy PM is among the top decision makers.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joao Bernardo de Miranda, takes part in decisions which are of strategic importance to the country. He has two deputies: George Rebelo Chicoty and Irene Alexandre da Silva Neto.

The foreign ministry is located at Rua Major Kanhangulo - Luanda; The Minister's Office Tel: 39 74 90; The Chief of Staff's office: 39 57 78; The Deputy Minister's office: 39 65 25; His Chief of Staff: 39 60 38; The Second Deputy Minister: 39 62 76; The Director Office: 39 73 93; The Office for Public Relations and Protocol: 39 58 26/39 51 74; The Spokesman: 39 77 76.

The Minister of Petroleum: Desiderio da Graca Verissimo da Costa; his Deputy: Anibal Silva. Address: Av. 4 de Fevereiro - Luanda; Minister's office: phone/fax: 38 58 47 PBX: 33 74 48 - 33 74 92/3.

The Minister of Geology and Mines: Manuel Africano; his Deputies: Samuel Tito Armando and Mankenda Ambrosio. Address: Av. Comandante Gika - Luanda; Minister's office: 32 27 66; Fax: 32 16 55; e-mail:

The Minister of Water and Energy: Botelho de Vasconcelos; his Deputy: Rui Augusto. Av. 4 de Fevereiro - Luanda; Tel/fax: 39 36 87; Secretariat: 39 36 81.

The Minister of Finance: Jose Pedro de Morais; His Deputies: Eduardo Leopoldo Severim de Morais, Job Graca and Arlindo Sicato. Address: Av. 4 de Fevereiro - Luanda; Minister's office: phone/fax: 33 85 48 PBX: 33 85 40/1

The Minister of Planning: Ana Dias Lourenco; Her Deputies: Carlos Alberto Lopes and Largo do Palacio. Address: Cidade Alta - Luanda; Minister's office: 33 86 86 - 39 64 82; Public Relations and Protocol: 39 01 88; Fax: 33 95 86; e-mail:

The Minister of Industry: Joaquim Duarte da Costa David; his Deputies: Sapalo Antonio and Abraao Pio dos Santos Gourgel. Address: Rua Sequeira Lukoki, 25 - Luanda; Minister's office: 39 07 28; Fax: 39 24 00; e-mail:

The Minister of Defence: Kundy Pahiama; Deputes: Demostenes Amos Chilungutila Gaspar Santos Rufino and Agostinho Nelumba "Sanjar" Address: Rua 17 de Setembro - Luanda; Minister's office: 33 75 30/33 35 56; Public Relations and Protocol: 33 90 51; Fax: 33 42 76

The Minister of Interior: Roberlo Leal Monteiro Ngongo; Deputies: Sebastiao Jose Antonio Martins, Adao Gaspar Ferreira do Nascimento, Kamutali Wandick Kanavanack and Angelo da Veiga Tavares Address: Av. 4 de Fevereiro - Luanda; Minister's office: 39 10 79; Public Relations and Protocol: 39 10 49; Fax: 39 51 33; Chief of Staff: 39 10 49

The Minister of Justice: Manuel Miguel da costa Aragao; his Deputies: Guilhermina Patra and Joao Alves Monteiro. Address: Rua 17 de Setembro - Luanda; Tel/fax: 33 99 14; PBX: 39 39 91; the Deputy Ministers' Office: 33 29 71 - fax: 33 52 82

The Minister of Territorial Administration: Virgilio Ferreira de Fontes Pereira; his Deputies: Luis Assuncao Pedro Mota Liz and Edeltrudes Costa Address: Av. Comandante Gika - Luanda; Minister's office: 32 17 29; the Spokesman: 32 13 00/32 06 22/32 15 99/32 41 32.

The Minister of Social Communication: Manuel Antonio Rabelais; his Deputies: Manuel Miguel de Carvalho Wadijimbi and Fonseca Emanuel Chindondo. Addres: Av. Comandante Valodia - Luanda; Minister's tel/fax: 44 34 95; e-mail:

The Minister of Public works: Francisco Higino Carneiro; his Deputies: Armindo Kopingo and Jose dos Santos da Silva Ferreira. Address: Rua Friendrich Engels, 92 - Luanda; Minister's office: 33 67 15; Fax: 39 25 39; Bureau of Studies, Planning and Statistics 33 32 26.

The Minister of Urbanism and Environment: Diakunpuna Sita Jose; his Deputies: Graciano Francisco Domingos and Carla Leitao Ribeiro.

The Minister of Transport: Andre Luis Brandao; his Deputy: Helder da Silva de Moura Preza. Address: Av. 4 de Fevereiro, 42 - Luanda; Minister's office: 31 13 03; Fax: 31 15 82.

The Minister of posts and Telecommunications: Licinio Tavares; his Deputy: Ana Maria Guimaraes. Address: Rua Major Kanhangulo - Luanda; Minister's office: 31 18 03; Secretary: 31 10 04; PBX: 31 12 38; General Secretarial: 31 01 04; e-mail:

The Minister of Commerce: Joaquim Ekuma Muafumua; his Deputy: Manuel da Cruz Neto. Address: Largo 4 de Fevereiro - Luanda; Minister's office: 31 06 26; Fax: 31 03 35; e-mail:

The Minister of Hotels and Tourism: Eduardo Jonatao Chingunji; his Deputy: Paulino Baptista. Address: Largo 4 de Fevereiro - Luanda; Minister's office: 31 08 99; Chief of Staff: fax - 31 06 29.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development: Gilberto Buta Lutukuta; his Deputies: Dario Daniel Katata and Zacarias Sambeny. Address: Av. Comandante Gika - Luanda; Minister's office: 32 26 94; Public Relations: 32 38 57; Fax: 32 05 53; e-mail:

The Minister of Fisheries: Salomao Luheto Xirimbimbi; his Deputy: Victoria Francisco Lopes de Barros Neto. Address: Av. 4 de Fevereiro, 25 - Luanda; PBX: 31 14 20.

The Minister of Science and Technology: Joao Baptista Ngandajina; Deputy: Pedro Sebastiao Teta.

Address: Ilha do Cabo - Luanda; Minister's office:tel/fax:30 97 94; Chief of Staff: 30 91 39 - e-mail:; Public Relations: 30 94 66; the Secretary: 30 94 67 Tel.: 33 18 37/39 65 51.

The Minister of Public Administration, Employment, And Social Security: Pitra Neto; Deputy: Sebastiao Constantino Luquinda. Address: Rua 17 de Setembro, 32 - Luanda; Minister's office: phone/fax - 33 96 56; Public Relations and Protocol: 33 60 95/6.

The Minister of Youth and Sports: Marcos Barrica; his Deputies: Concalves Manuel Muandunba, Malungo Belo and Albino da Conceicao. Address: Av. Comandante Valodia, 299 - 4* - Luanda; PBX: 32 11 18; Fax: 32 11 18.

The Minister of Health: Sebastiao Veloso; Deputies: Natalia do Espirito Santo and Jose Vieira Dias Van-Dunem. Address: Rua 17 de Setembro - Luanda; Minister's office: tel/fax - 39 12 81; office of the Deputy Minister: 37 27 90; Secretariat: phone/fax - 33 80 52; PBX: 32 15 92

The Minister of Education: Antonio Burity da Silva; his Deputies: Pinda Simao and Alexandra Simiao, and Adao Nascimento. Address: Av. Comandante Gika - Luanda; Minister's office: 32 05 82; Office of the Deputy Minister: 32 20 50; Public Relations and Protocol : 32 06 53; Fax: 32 15 92

The Minister of Culture: Boaventura Cardoso; his Deputies: Andre Rodrigues Mingas Junior and Virgilio Rodrigues Coelho.

The Minister's office: 323979; Public Relations and Protocol: Fax:323979; e-mail:

The Minister of Assistance and Social Rentegration: Joao Baptista Kussumua; the Deputies: Clarisse Matilde Munga Kaputu, Maria da Luz Cirilo Sa Magalhaes and Mateus Miguel Angelo "General Vietname". Address: Av. Hoji ya Henda, 117; Minister's office: 44 29 49; Chief of Staff: 34 14 60; National Bureau of Assistance and Social Promotion 44 03 70; National Infancy Bureau: 44 33 01.

The Minister of Family and Woman Promotion: Candida Celeste da Silva; Deputy: Maria Filomena Lobao Teta Delgado. Address: Largo 4 de Fevereiro - Luanda; Minister's Office - Tel.: 31 11 71 - fax: 31 00 57; Secretary: 31 04 09; e-mail:

The Minister of Former Combatant and Veterans of War: Pedro Van-Dunem; his Deputies: Lourenco Diogo and Contreiras Neto. Address: Av. Comandante Gika - Luanda; Minister's office: tel.:32 38 65 - Fax: 32 08 76; Deputy Minister's office: 32 25 34.
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