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Anglers need to know their limits for good of fish; angling.

Byline: Moc Morgan

WHEN asked if I was able to keep up with the modern trends in angling, I had to admit that - as an octogenarian - some of the latest developments are beyond my reach. I'm quite set in my ways and maybe the latest gadgetry is really the prerogative of the young.

angling is a well-established sport and the approaches are often quite traditional and yet there are innovative improvements that seem to make anglers more e|cient.

However, we need to be aware that with the decline in "sh stocks how important it is to ensure that the latest developments do not make angling easier for irresponsible anglers.

Under certain circumstances an angler armed with a modern spinning reel and a Rapala spinning lure can take many, many, "sh.

When introducing the young to angling, it is vital to pass on the need for a balanced approach.

Catching a "sh is a challenge and can give much pleasure but anglers - young and old - must always value and respect the quarry and look out for its welfare. While enjoying the excitement and rewards of angling the important lesson is not to overexploit the "sh stocks.

Last week, I spent a very enjoyable day "shing Clywedog Reservoir near Llanidloes in Mid Wales.

My boat partner was 11-year-old Richard Ricketts from Llanfarian whose dad, Dai, had o[euro]ered to act as our boatman.

e age gap may sound huge but within that boat we were just two anglers enjoying each other's company. ough young, Richard is a very accomplished boat angler and willingly took control of the engine. In fact last year Richard took a trout of over 21lbs from that very lake. What a statistic to include on one's CV!

Clywedog is regularly stocked and anglers are assured of getting topclass sport. Having motored to the top of the lake, Richard and I opted for di[euro]erent approaches; Richard went for the popular Di3 line, while I opted for a oater.

May on Clywedog is buzzer-time. To "sh, a buzzer has huge appeal as the technique is simply to get a good length cast and then wait for a "sh to taste the buzzers.

We had seen quite a few "sh rise and as soon as we started three "sh took an interest in Richard's line, although unfortunately the three disappeared. We stuck to our di[euro]erent methods and I was quite happy with the results I had with the buzzers. And Richard did well too. In the afternoon, the "sh just switched o[euro] - maybe they fancied a siesta. But neither Richard nor I could get to terms with them.

Nature is at its best in May and this year was no exception. As we gently cast our ies on to the water, a cuckoo was on song in the nearby woods and gave us a lively recital - all afternoon. e cuckoo's two-note tune is a plea for a mate apparently and in view of its long song, he was very anxious to "nd a partner.

In addition to the kites that were hovering in the skies above, there was also an osprey which has a nest in the area. To our disappointment it did not dive on to a "sh within our view but here in the Montgomeryshire hills he has found an ideal spot for his spectacular method of "shing.

It proved to be a wonderful day.

We did not catch a limit but we did limit our catches. And maybe that is the mantra for the future of our sport - to limit the catch.


Richard Ricketts picking up angling tips from columnist Moc Morgan on <B Clywedog Reservoir, near Llanidloes
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 10, 2014
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