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Anger at NSW government's contempt for the aged.

The defeat of the Bill to keep the minimum requirement for an RN in nursing homes 24/7 sparked a huge discussion.

Having now seen how our relatives are cared for makes me sad, not due to staff but due to lack of. It's all for profit now.

This should be mandatory and should never have come to a vote. How sad the Liberal Government cares so little for our senior citizens in their twilight years.

I am an RN, have been for 40 plus years and it has never been this bad for our oldies, a disgrace that it would come to this!

Wonder which providers put in the submissions. Wonder if any pollies are shareholders in aged care. Such a disgrace.

Badly educated politicians making decisions about situations they aren't qualified to make decisions on. So disappointing.

If you've never worked in a nursing home you have no idea how poor the care is due to poor training of staff, cost cutting, poor time management. It's a disgrace!

I emailed my local member fir the first time ever and received the most ignorant and pathetic response that shows that he has absolutely no idea.

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Date:Jun 1, 2017
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