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Anger at 'blot on landscape' YourSay.

I MUST express my anger at the rubbish Mr Povey is regurgitating regarding the proposed plans for the cricket ground.

I am a very local but not so vocal resident.

I live four doors away from one of the entrances to the cricket ground. I have no objection to the ground itself, in fact, I bought my house about four years ago with my eyes open knowing that a lovely cricket ground is next door.

I, as a resident, have no objections to the cricket ground or to the cricket that is played there but I do have objections to the massive restructuring programme Mr Povey and his crew are proposing. It will spoil the whole area and will become a permanent blot on the landscape.

Mr Povey, when have you really consulted the residents and asked them of their opinions? If you did, you would find them quite honoured to be living near one of the many historical places in Birmingham.

As for your move to Coventry - what nonsense is that? Emotional blackmail for the masses? Most of your arguments fail. Respected auditors have explained to you that you will be unlikely to make the ground pay for itself in the foreseeable future.

As for huge flood lights, one wonders where the term "bad light stopped play" will end up. It is my understanding the test match status is not contingent upon Edgbaston having flood lights. Does Lords have floodlights? Please have the courtesy to discuss with the community. You will be surprised at our hospitality. Every problem has a solution.

Ben Amin, Edgbaston


An artist's impression of what Edgbaston County Cricket Ground would look like after a multi-million-pound redevelopment.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 16, 2009
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