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Angelina Jolie Orders Brad Pitt to Fire Psychic Who Asked Him to Divorce Jennifer Aniston - Reports.

Angelina Jolie might have played the titular witch on her movie, "Maleficent," but this does not mean she believes in the supernatural. In fact, she cannot stand the fact that her fiance is even seeking out the services of a psychic. For her, psychic predictions are all hogwash and should be avoided. This is why she's asking Brad Pitt to dump his long time psychic, Ron Bard.

( Radar Online reports that Angelina Jolie is not superstitious nor a believer of the supernatural. This is why he cannot stand that the father of her children is entrusting his future on a psychic. Reportedly, Brad Pitt had been consulting the psychic, Ron Bard for almost a decade now on all his affairs, from his professional decisions, spiritual guidance and even romantic affairs.

Jolie had enough and is now putting her foot down, the National Enquirer reports. What changed this time? It seems as if Brad Pitt wants to entrust his financial affairs to Ron Bard too and Jolie cannot help but feel that this is too much! After all, why not hire a financial expert or an accountant to do the finances? Why a psychic?

"Ron advised Brad to ( get divorced from Jennifer Aniston," a source shared to The ENQUIRER. "He was very blunt about it, and Brad really listens to Ron."

However, now that the father of fix is thinking of consulting Bard on financial matters, Jolie is already drawing the line.

"It seems like she likes to have some control over Brad's purse strings, and she doesn't want a psychic giving 'financial advice' to him," the source details. "She doesn't like anybody in Brad's ear."

Ron Bard tried to play nice with Jolie though. The psychic cannot be blamed for not trying. He actually offered Jolie her own readings. Naturally, the "Lara Croft" star refused. "She said no and was quite bitchy about it," the insider shared.

Bard could have predicted whether Jolie will tie the knot with Pitt or not. While the two have claimed that they will get married eventually, the date is yet to come. Good thing though that the couple is set to star on a movie together where they play the part of a married couple, ( US magazine reported.

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Date:Jul 25, 2014
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