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Angelic Allies--God's Messengers, God's Warriors, God's Agents.

Angelic Allies--God's Messengers, God's Warriors, God's Agents

Lenika Scott

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.

9780768451023, $16.99, 236 pages

Powerful Teaching, Compelling Testimonies

Lenika Scott, a true trailblazer, takes a bold stance on a neglected area of Biblical doctrine in her book "Angelic Allies--God's Messengers, God's Warriors, God's Agents."

A careful review of the table of contents reveals the completeness and depth of Lenika's study of the work and presence of angels throughout Jesus' ministry, as well as the ministry of angels today, and the functions of angels in our lives.

In a logical progression, the chapters cover the functions of angels, the protection of angels, their ministries, and the the subject of dispatching angels.

A natural communicator and storyteller, Lenika includes testimonies and verified accounts of exciting angel encounters in areas of healing, deliverance, revelation, prophetic words, and visions.

Another vital topic included is a study from the book of Daniel, illustrating the importance of fasting and how it impacts angel activity.

After a quick preview of the book, I was already deeply engrossed and blessed with a dream which revealed the time in my life when angels intervened to protect me from bodily harm, deliverance from temptations, and in ministry opportunities.

"Angelic Allies--God's Messengers" is a book you will want to preview, read, and read again. In this review, I have only touched the surface of how you can partner with angels within your sphere of influence.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

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Author:Blake, Richard R.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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