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Angela& Tony.

Keeping it Real!

Angela - So Tony, are you looking forward to your week off?

Tony - Oh I can't wait, I just hope the sun is going to shine all day, every day. All I intend to do is laze around in the garden and chill out.

Angela - So you're already forgetting about all those chores you said you were going to get done? Tony - You're not wrong! Leaving them for another week surely won't hurt!

Angela - Now that's not the attitude is it?

Tony - Oh, says the queen of putting off!

Angela - Well I'm a very busy girl you know!

Tony - Make sure you get five minutes to give me a call, you know how much I will miss you! He he he.

Angela - You can't wait to get away, but seriously you know I'm having problems with my phone.

Tony - Well you have known about it for a week. Back to my original point, the queen of putting stuff off!

Angela - As I say, I'm a busy girl!

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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 26, 2009
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