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Angat Dam drying up fast.

Malolos City, Bulacan -- Officials revealed yesterday that the water level in Angat Dam is nearing the critical level, signaling an alert to Metro Manila residents to begin conserving water to prevent the possibility of water rationing.

Angat River Hydro Electric Power Plant (ARHEPP) officials said they are now decreasing the supply of water to Metro Manila because the Angat dam reservoir is fast drying up.

At present, the water level is nearing the critical level of 180 meters. Last Friday, the water elevation at Angat Dam was recorded at 189.99 meters.

This is much lower compared to the 207.38 meters recorded last year.

The ARHEPP said that based on their records, the water supply at the dam is now 17 meters lower compared with the level in the same time last year.

ARHEPP also said that since January of this year, dam managers already cut the supply of water to Metro Manila at from 46 cubic meters per second to 43 cms and this April they will lower it to 41 cms.

ARHEPP officials also said that the water reserve at the dam this year only reached 211 meters which is I meter short of the 212 meters or more that they expected.

This because there had been no more rainfall over the watershed area in the last months of 2013.

ARHEPP said that the water reserve at the dam is drying at least 20 meters a day and because it is already summer, the water elevation could go down fast to the critical level of 180 meters.

ARHEPP also said that the extreme hot weather is fast drying-up the water reserve.

Based on ARHEPP data, the lowest water level at Angat dam reservoir was recorded at 157,57 meters on June 2010.


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Date:Apr 5, 2014
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