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Andyne Computing Ltd. ships PaBLO for Windows on schedule.

KINGSTON, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 3, 1995-- Andyne Computing Ltd. (Nasdaq:"ADYNF," TSE:"ADY") today announced that it began shipping a major new product, PaBLO for Windows, on schedule on March 31.

The new product is decision-support software that lets decision-makers harness the power of multidimensional data sources.

For a limited time, Andyne is offering a single copy of PaBLO for only $350/U.S. (regularly $695/U.S.). Also included is a free copy of the HyperCube Utilities Kit (a $99/U.S. value), which contains the tools needed to build local, remote, and relational data sources called HyperCubes. This offer also applies to the Macintosh version of PaBLO.

PaBLO serves up what META Group recently endorsed as a Managed Query Environment (MQE). Andyne invented MQE, which synchronizes Information Systems (IS) expertise and end-user freedom to provide enterprise-wide consistency and security in harmony with decision-makers' needs for flexibility and timely reporting.

PaBLO's own HyperCubes are advanced multidimensional data structures that provide unparalleled access to summary information stored on desktops, file servers, and relational database management systems (RDMSs). PaBLO also accesses existing multidimensional database systems, such as Arbor Software's Essbase, and offers native access to many RDBMSs, including AS/400, DB2, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, and Ingres. PaBLO uses popular client/server middleware, such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), SQL Net, and Open Client DB-Library. Open systems standards are supported through Microsoft's OLE 2.0 and Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) and Apple's Publish and Subscribe. Multiplatform support includes Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, 32-bit Windows NT, and Apple Macintosh System 7.

Andyne President and Chief Executive Officer A. Cameron Thompson maintains that with a database established, all a company needs is PaBLO to tap into the power of sophisticated multidimensional database business analysis. "PaBLO gives you the tools to look at information in ways that truly reflect the many facets of your business," he said. "PaBLO's HyperCube data sources enable multidimensional analysis using any RDBMS. Moreover, PaBLO works with many popular OLAP tools. The corporate data warehouse can begin right on the desktop and grow seamlessly through large relational database systems. No matter where the data is stored, access is always consistent for PaBLO users. They get to concentrate on what they know best -- their business -- as they analyze data that records business performance."

At Cisco Systems, the world's leading supplier of inter-networking products and services, Andyne's software was chosen to satisfy a mission-critical need for decision-support. Cisco required flexible, efficient end-user access to Oracle RDBMS-warehoused data in offices around the world. At Cisco, PaBLO provides access to -- and analysis and prototyping of -- summarized multidimensional data sources.

"End-users now receive faster turnaround on the reports they need," said Nerissa Chang, Cisco's data warehouse manager. "PaBLO empowers them to quickly generate information on their own, dramatically reducing the backlog of traditional IS report requests. And due to the intuitive nature of the Andyne user-interface and functionality, existing business users are able to provide training to peers, significantly alleviating IS of training requirements and enabling rapid adoption of the Data Warehouse solution in multiple business areas."

The result, said Chang, is that Cisco is now able to make better-informed decisions. "Using the current toolset, a leaner IS department is able to provide more data to more people," she said. "The previous solution was one IS staff member for every two users; today the support cost is down to one staff member for every ten users -- and I expect that ratio to improve."

Because access to multiple different data sources is completely seamless within an Andyne PaBLO document, decision-makers can work with data from PaBLO's own multidimensional HyperCubes or an Essbase database without data-source-specific training. The scability of the Andyne solutions allowed Cisco's data warehousing team to start small and then very rapidly iterate and grow its decision-support delivery system.

Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) creates high-performance, multimedia and multiprotocol internetworking products, including routers, bridges, and workgroup systems for 10-Mbps/100-Mbps data transmission, ATM switches, internetwork servers, and router/switch management software. Cisco technology is used to build enterprise-wide networks linking an unlimited number of geographically dispersed LANs, WANs, and IBM SNA.

Andyne Computing Ltd. is a leader in the development and marketing of Decision Support System (DDS) software for businesses. Andyne's applications offer a Managed Query Environment (MQE), synchronizing end-user needs for access, analysis and reporting with Information Systems (IS) needs for security and enterprise-wide consistency. Andyne GQL is an ad hoc query-and-reporting tool for relational data sources. Andyne PaBLO is an analysis and reporting tool for multidimensional data sources. Andyne's applications offer easy-to-use, visual interfaces that are customizable and scalable to any business need. Andyne supports all of its products through consulting, training, and technical support.

CONTACT: Andyne Computing Ltd.

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