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Andy Murray: The Next Under Armour Endorser.

British no. 1 Andy Murray is expected to be the next endorser of Under Armour alongside the expansion of Baltimore sports. It appears that Nike's marketing formula in getting the big-named game players to launch its sports collection has caught the attention of Under Armour, as the latter seems to be following Nike's marketing tactics, ( according to the sports marketing expert and executive creative director of Baker Street Advertising in San Francisco, Bob Dorfman.

Among the big names sought by Under Armour are Tom Brady and Andy Murray. Dorfman further said that while Nike can obviously afford more of these big names from different leagues, Under Armour has nevertheless come out cool in their new promotion. Dorfman even think that cutting on Nike a little bit won't totally hurt Nike and that Under Armour, although the cutting part is kind of difficult on their part, has really done a pretty good job about it.

Murray has already been seen by media wearing Under Armour gear during a training stint, which has caused numerous speculations of Murray's new endorsements. Considering the player's Adidas deal is expiring soon, possibilities are open thus far. However, there has yet been no formal announcements regarding the matter and even Murray's representative, John Tobias, president of Lagardere Unlimited Tennis has yet to comment about it.

Under Armour has already taken the no. 2 spot on Adidas earlier this year in the combined sales of apparel and footwear, tailing Nike in the first spot. Slowly, Under Armour is creating its name in the markets and apart from Europe; it is now eyeing on Brazil, Chile, China, and the Japan markets.

Among the big names carried by Under Armour to date are Michael Phelps, Brady and Anquan Boldin, Matt Wieters, Bryce Harper, Misty Copeland and Lindsey Vonn. From swimmer, to football and baseball players, to ballet dancer and alpine skier, it is pretty obvious that Under Armour is successful in laying out its foundation and framework in the market. This is not to mention, the inking deal from supermodel Gisele Bundchen who is targeted by Under Armour to anchor its new campaign for women, "I will what I want."

By far the biggest sign up from Under Armour was on January when it landed on the biggest sponsorship with the University of Notre Dame, which was also been supplied by Adidas like Murray.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Dec 22, 2014
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