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Pro-life Gov. Noem "steps into the breach" in anticipation of the Biden Administration facilitating the delivery of chemical abortion pills through the mail. Sep 1, 2021 585
Imagine "savoring" the deaths of 67 unborn babies in just 17 hours. Sep 1, 2021 622
213 House Members have signed a discharge petition to bring to a vote legislation requiring abortion survivors to receive no less medical care than any other baby born at the same age. Sep 1, 2021 406
The "best" case for life versus the "best" case for abortion. It's not even close. Sep 1, 2021 1117
The pro-abortion response to SB 8 smells of pure panic. Sep 1, 2021 619
Man cuts a deal with prosecutors to escape death penalty, agrees to plead guilty to first degree murder in death of girl he thought was pregnant. Sep 1, 2021 450
About that Roe "precedent". Sep 1, 2021 263
Mexico's Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion in Northern State of Coahuila. Sep 1, 2021 520
Montana Attorney General asks court to dismiss Planned Parenthood challenges to four pro-life laws. Sep 1, 2021 487
Indiana Attorney General asks for stay of pro-abortion ruling, also asks 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear the case. Aug 1, 2021 485
Camaraderie, mutual love and connection found at the first-of-its-kind abortion survivors retreat. Aug 1, 2021 690
Pro-life feminists demolish "women need abortion to thrive" argument in amicus filed with the Supreme Court: "It is grotesque to suggest that abortion is a prerequisite to equality". Aug 1, 2021 732
Surprise! Three major newspaper accounts of pro-life brief filed with the Supreme Court defending Mississippi's abortion law are fair! Aug 1, 2021 799
Pro-abortion Democrats ignore an enduring truth: the public strongly supports the Hyde Amendment. Aug 1, 2021 645
Abortion, cognitive dissonance, and the backfire effect. Aug 1, 2021 741
6th Circuit Uphold Tennessee's 48 hour waiting period: "This is great news for women and babies" says NRLC President Carol Tobias. Aug 1, 2021 990
Biden administration drops "most open and shut" case of a violation of conscience in over a decade. Aug 1, 2021 757
Pro-abortion Professor offers lame defense of a veto of a bill in North Carolina that bans discrimination-based abortion. Aug 1, 2021 580
Salvatore Cordileone, Nancy Pelosi's Archbishop: "Let me repeat: no one can claim to be a devout Catholic and condone the killing of innocent human life, let alone have the government pay for it". Aug 1, 2021 568
The 50th National Right to Life Convention: "It was as close to perfect as any event can be": An interview with Convention Director Jacki Ragan. Interview Jul 1, 2021 764
A quick 5-point primer on the Hyde Amendment. Jul 1, 2021 893
Choice42 produces another pro-life masterpiece, "So, You're Pregnant". Jul 1, 2021 588
New Associated Press poll on abortion documents how much public resistance there is to second and third trimester abortions. Jul 1, 2021 505
Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute laments "2021 Is on Track to Become the Most Devastating Antiabortion State Legislative Session in Decades". Jul 1, 2021 659
Pushing, polling, and push polling. Jul 1, 2021 887
The importance of being an "Encourager-in-chief". Conference notes Jul 1, 2021 1203
NARAL Pro-Choice American complains major print media isn't sufficiently in the tank for the Abortion Industry. Jul 1, 2021 649
Missouri AG asks Supreme Court to uphold 2019 law banning "discrimination-based" abortions. Jul 1, 2021 853
Not much has changed in the abortion debate? Everything has changed! Jul 1, 2021 515
Nine days and counting until the start of the 50th National Right to Life Convention in Herndon, Virginia: Rev. Gregory Seltz will address Prayer Breakfast, Sen. Tom Cotton, will speak at Closing Banquet. Conference news Jun 1, 2021 796
Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute worries "2021 is on Track to Become the Most Devastating Antiabortion State Legislative Session in Decades". Jun 1, 2021 815
Latest attempt to eliminate parental notice in Illinois fails once more. Jun 1, 2021 609
Pro-abortion NYTimes opinion writer calls on corporations to blackmail states that pass protective abortion laws. Jun 1, 2021 503
How we blend appeals to the heart and to the mind to persuade the undecided to join us in defending unborn children. Jun 1, 2021 558
A thorough overview of one pro-life state's successes from a pro-abortion newspaper. Jun 1, 2021 749
Missouri AG to appeal decision by appeals court panel not to reinstate law banning abortions based solely on diagnosis of Down syndrome. Jun 1, 2021 677
Archbishop of San Francisco tells Catholic public officials that abortion advocacy is not "compatible with the Catholic faith" and so they should not receive the Holy Eucharist. May 1, 2021 748
Pro-life Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signs three pro-life bills into law. May 1, 2021 481
Indiana becomes 13th state to pass law requiring that women undergoing chemical abortions be informed they may be able to save their baby if they change their mind. May 1, 2021 495
Texas Attorney General Paxton joins 19-state coalition defending Indiana's Parental Notice for minors seeking abortions. May 1, 2021 552
Pro-abortion think tank fears 2021 represents "unprecedented threat to reproductive health care" (abortion). May 1, 2021 627
139 nameless deaths every minute. May 1, 2021 449
Arizona Governor signs sweeping pro-life legislation into law. May 1, 2021 461
6th Circuit grants Tennessee's petition for the entire court to hear state's appeal of injunction against 48 hour waiting period. Apr 1, 2021 687
Local judge invalidates Kansas law barring the dismemberment of living unborn babies: Outcome foreshadowed by 2019 Kansas Supreme Court decision. Apr 1, 2021 518
Pro-life amendment to Kentucky Constitution will be on the ballot. Apr 1, 2021 486
Pro-life Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson signs bill strengthening state's ultrasound law. Apr 1, 2021 256
Supreme Court agrees it will decide whether Attorney General can intervene to defend Kentucky's law banning the dismemberment of living unborn babies. Apr 1, 2021 413
Iowa Senate passes slightly different version of pro-life amendment to state constitution. Apr 1, 2021 695
Pro-life Pulitzer-prize winner Paul Greenberg passes away at age 84. Obituary Apr 1, 2021 680
Bill to prevent disability-based abortion endorsed by Florida House committee. Apr 1, 2021 369
Pro-life former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo brilliantly critiques Biden administration for paving the way for PPFA to receive tens of millions of dollars of family planning money. Apr 1, 2021 524
Governor's bill to ban abortions based on Down syndrome diagnosis needs only her signature to become law in South Dakota. Mar 1, 2021 451
21 state coalition files amicus supporting Tennessee's 48 hour waiting period. Mar 1, 2021 651
Kentucky House overwhelmingly approves pro-life amendment to state constitution. Mar 1, 2021 263
Five takeaways from Planned Parenthood's 2019-2020 Annual Report. Mar 1, 2021 1183
Arizona Senate approval bill to ban abortions based on genetic anomalies such as Down syndrome, SB 1457 on to the House. Mar 1, 2021 523
"Sliding toward what amounts to a system of death on demand". Mar 1, 2021 580
New Mexico Gov. signs abortion on demand bill into law. Mar 1, 2021 502
The face of true pro-abortion fanaticism on display. Mar 1, 2021 786
HHS Secretary nominee Xavier Becerra evades explaining why he wouldn't vote to ban gruesome partial-birth abortions. Mar 1, 2021 507
Congressional Republicans express "unified opposition" to pro-abortion Democrats' efforts to repeal the Hyde Amendment. Feb 1, 2021 487
A tribute to pro-life President Trump on the last day of his Administration. Feb 1, 2021 882
Biden/Harris statement on the 48th anniversary of Roe reminds us of exactly who they are and what they stand for. Feb 1, 2021 539
"It is a scandal to have a president who proudly professes to be a devout Catholic and at the same time has, in essence, pledged to be the most pro-abortion president in our history"--Archbishop Joseph Naumann. Feb 1, 2021 782
Latest Knights of Columbus polling shows strong opposition to public funding of abortion and abortions for Down Syndrome. Feb 1, 2021 565
Uprooting pro-abortion lies and planting truth in their place. Feb 1, 2021 814
Kentucky General Assembly overrides Gov. Beshear veto of pro-life legislation: Means two new pro-life measures have already passed. Feb 1, 2021 326
Pro-lifers working to stave off pro-abortion legislation until the next election cycle. Feb 1, 2021 522
Planned Parenthood wins last minute reprieve from local Texas Judge. Feb 1, 2021 327
Have you had the chance yet to read "The State of Abortion in the United States, 2021"? Feb 1, 2021 467
On the eve of the March for Life, pro-abortion Biden/Harris Administration strikes at policies of its pro-life predecessor. Feb 1, 2021 606
Pro-abortionists will say anything, knowing the major media will print it so long as it casts a negative light on pro-lifers. Feb 1, 2021 549
Already frightening loss of children with Down syndrome will grow worse with new roll-out from Public Health England. Feb 1, 2021 547
"Right to choose" is a smokescreen for perpetuating an entire industry that profits from one of the most heinous evils imaginable--San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone. Feb 1, 2021 899
Pro-Life Sen. Kennedy warns of the immense danger if Democrats win both senatorial run-off races in Georgia. Dec 1, 2020 470
Pope Francis defends the unborn as his native Argentina considers legalizing abortion. Dec 1, 2020 568
Pro-life and human rights champion Reggie Littlejohn about being in the presence of a spiritual giant. Interview Dec 1, 2020 965
Abortionist who'd already lost his license in one state, gives it up in another after "alleged gross and repeated negligence". Dec 1, 2020 388
Franklin Graham says "Raphael Warnock champions the killing of babies in the safety of a mother's womb through abortion". Dec 1, 2020 594
Why the 6th Circuit upheld Tennessee's law banning abortions performed because the baby is diagnosed with Down syndrome. Dec 1, 2020 502
5th Circuit upholds Texas's and Louisiana's defunding of Planned Parenthood. Dec 1, 2020 443
The unborn child: The ultimate "least among us". Dec 1, 2020 475
Ban on the dismemberment of living unborn babies goes into effect: Abortion Industry in Nebraska does not challenge LB 814. Dec 1, 2020 881
When we abort children with Down syndrome on a massive scale, what does that say about us a culture? Dec 1, 2020 916
Supreme Court says no to Satanic Temple which wanted Justice Barrett to recuse herself from case challenging Missouri law. Dec 1, 2020 459
Pro-Life Lou Holtz to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom. Dec 1, 2020 649
Guess what speech won't be free in a Joe Biden administration? Dec 1, 2020 453
Justice Alito's passionate defense of religious liberty and freedom of speech. Dec 1, 2020 477
"It's the statehouses, stupid." Pro-abortion publication acknowledges how well pro-life Republicans did in the states. Dec 1, 2020 640
Massachusetts legislature passes abortion until birth amendment to 2021 fiscal year budget. Dec 1, 2020 531
National Right to Life will be heavily involved in two Senate run-off elections in Georgia. Nov 1, 2020 193
Pro-abortion Democrats took a pounding in the states. Nov 1, 2020 666
So why did Cecile Richards delete tweet celebrating Kamala Harris. Nov 1, 2020 182
Tennessee appeals judge's decision striking down state's 48 hour waiting period. Nov 1, 2020 1059
Planned Parenthood drops lawsuit against Arizona pro-life laws. Nov 1, 2020 398
All that the "most pro-life President since Roe v. Wade" has accomplished for the babies. Oct 15, 2020 887
Trump appointee offers brilliant critique of appeals court decision to overturn Texas' ban on the dismemberment of living unborn children. Oct 15, 2020 922
Big victory for Kentucky in 6th Circuit decision. Oct 15, 2020 512
Another attempt to persuade Evangelicals to abandon President Trump lands with a thud. Oct 15, 2020 970

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