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Android dreams.

One of this week's "40 Under 40" honorees, Matt Carnes, owner of Carnes Audio Visual of Little Rock, received a great deal of fanfare in the technology world earlier this year when he developed a way for the iPhone 4S' Siri to talk to Crestron home automation systems.

His original YouTube demonstration, for example, was covered by Engadget and other blogs and received about 80,000 views in short order.

Whispers knew Carnes wasn't done innovating, so we asked him what's next for that technology.

It turns out he's working on creating a way to link Android phones with Crestron systems.

There's a problem, though. For iPhones, all Carnes had to do was find a way to go from point A to point B. But for Androids, there's no point A--no Sid.

"The Siri project was a little fun project," he said. "I said 'I bet I could make this thing work with that thing,' and I did. But now we're developing actual voice recognition."

The Android project is still in alpha phases. Later on, Carnes may go beyond smartphones entirely: "The future is big, and we've got lots of plans," he said.

Meanwhile, if you have Siri and Crestron, Carnes can link them together for you. The price tag depends on how long it takes and how much integration you want--but, he said, the bleeding edge is going to cost you at least $10,000.
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Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jun 18, 2012
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