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Andrews & McMeel.

Andrews & McMeel

4520 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64111-7701

If it's a collection of comics from popular newspaper syndicated features which is needed, chances are Andrews and McMeel will have it: they specialize in producing compilations of strips from the best of cartoon strips across the country and produce works of such high consistent quality that even if you haven't had prior exposure to a particular artist, the book will still prove attractive. Among the latest recommended picks: Baby Blues fans will relish Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott's DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF CHILDREN (0740750054, $16.95), juxtaposing black and white and full color strips of the latest highlights from the 'Baby Blues' family-oriented comic strip about harried parents and demanding kids; Pat Brady's ROSE IS ROSE: RUNNING ON ALTER EGO (0740751271, $10.95), an aptly-named exploration of the Rose is Rose comic strip character who has two personalities: her conservative everyday demeanor and an inner wild 'motorcycle woman', Number 10 of Patrick McDonnell's Mutts comics is WHO LET THE CAT OUT? (0740750062, $10.95), packed with black and white strips about a simple dog's view of life; Bill Amend's ORLANDO BLOOM HAS RUINED EVERYTHING (0740749994, $8.95) provides a fun account of a precocious kid with a big imagination. Paul Gilligan's NO COLLAR, NO SERVICE (0740750038, $10.95) provides a funny survey of a dog who can't seem to follow the requirements of his owner, Vic Lee provides a contemporary gathering of modern comments on life in PARDN MY PLANET (0740751298, $10.95), telling of a modern couple's encounters with life; Tony Cochran's AGNES: I HAVE TAMPERED WITH THE DIVINE PLAN (0740750003, $10.95) packs a Dilbert-type humor into a small girl's body and comments on life's ironies; sharks take on new underwater meaning in the 9th Sherman's Lagoon collection by Jim Toomey A DAY AT THE BEACH (0740751301, $10.95), fans of Lynn Johnston's 'For Better or For Worse' will appreciate a STRIKING A CHORD (0740753150, $10.95), presenting the ongoing growing-of-age of a close family which experiences further dventures as the kids grow into adults; Stephan Pastis' third Pearls Before Swine collection NIGHTHOGS (0740750097, $10.95), returning the characters of Rat, Pig, Goat and more to the realm of fantasy and talking strange animal encounters; and the new Zits collection by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, THRASHED (0740751174, $10.95), which gathers the 9th collection of Zits comics centering around the self-centered teen's selfish and often one-sided, fun world.
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Author:Donovan, Diane C.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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