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Andrew Marlowe, M.D., P.A.: new technology in ear, nose and throat treatment. (Profile).

Dr. Andrew Marlowe, a specialist in adult and pediatric otology and general otolaryngology, offers many of the most advanced techniques in his medical specialty.

For people suffering hearing loss, Dr. Marlowe has exciting news. "New hearing aids have increased power due to faster, more sophisticated processors and improved software," he says. These computerized digital hearing aids-or "super aids" as Dr. Marlowe calls them-such as the GN Resound Canta 7, adapt to the wearer's listening environment and have the ability to distinguish between the human voice and annoying background noise.

Dr. Marlowe offers "hearing enhancers" for people whose hearing loss is too mild for a hearing aid, but noticeable enough to warrant some help. "Most people lose hearing in higher frequencies as part of the natural aging process," he says. "This causes some difficulty hearing in noise and increased errors in hearing words correctly. Now, with products like the GN Resound Avance, there is a moderate cost, comfortable, off-the-shelf solution to early hearing loss."

For patients with more severe hearing loss, for which hearing aids can no longer compensate, it may be time to consider cochlear implantation. "Unlike hearing aids, the implant is a prosthetic replacement for the inner ear-a bionic ear, actually," Dr. Marlowe says. To be a candidate, Dr. Marlowe performs a simple test to tell whether a patient has less than 40 percent understanding of words in the better ear (with a good hearing aid on). There is no upper age limitation and most insurance and Medicare will cover the cost.

In the area of tonsillectomy, with its often painful recovery, Dr. Marlowe is the only surgeon in the area to utilize a breakthrough technique called coblanon-assisted tonsillectomy (CAT). CAT greatly reduces post-tonsillectomy misery by changing the electrical energy used to remove the tonsils from one that burns and causes excess heat to surrounding areas to one that acts superficially to vaporize the tonsils. Patients can return to normal function up to three times faster than with traditional methods, he says.

Call for a consultation regarding the most advanced ear, nose and throat technologies. Dr. Marlowe is board certified and has fellowship training in otology (additional study of ear disorders). Dr. Marlowe also specializes in treating sinus disease, allergy snoring and pediatric ear, nose and throat diseases.

Marlowe Ear, Nose and Throat

5432 Bee Ridge Road Suite 150

Sarasota, FL 34233

(941) 379-EARS (3277)
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Publication:Sarasota Magazine
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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