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Andorra : Throughout 2017 the Linguistic Policy Service conducted 213 inspections and opened 20 files to violate the Catalan use legislation.

The Language Policy Service (SPL), through the Inspection and Dynamisation Unit (UID), opened last year 20 files to establishments in Andorra that violate the Catalan use legislation; 4 more than those open to 2016.

This is deduced from the 2017 report of the Department of Linguistic Policy that encompasses the activites carried out by the Language Policy Service and the Catalan Language Department. Of the 20 files, it is emphasized that 8 have already been solved because the companies concerned have rectified the infractions. The actions of the UID have increased in 2017 thanks to the Language Revitalization Plan that is being carried out at the Pas de la Casa and has generated 187 direct works.

The articles of the Law that generate the most infractions are the following: article 3 (General Linguistic Rights), article 8 (Language of public institutions), article 15 (Commercial names and social denominations, signs of establishment and publicity), article 17 (Tourist and catering establishments), article 20 (Personnel paying attention to the public), and article 22 (Contracts and other documents).

Of the work carried out last year by the SPL, it also highlights the correction of 9,061 pages, mainly from public institutions such as the Government, the municipalities and the public parks, but also private and private companies and entities. In 2017, the SPL also continued to carry out its already consolidated projects and started new ones, such as the Language Revitalization Plan in Pas de la Casa along with the Catalan Language Area; or the campaign "To begin ... in Catalan" addressed to the restaurant of the Principality. The work of the SPL in 2017 also highlights the collaboration with several national and foreign institutions that have allowed the publication of works and studies, as is the case of "The sociolinguistic scenario of the school population of Andorra". the "

Durant el 2017, l'SPL va continuar la seva poltica d'incentivaci de l's del catal en diversos mbits de la societat i amb accions destinades a tota la poblaci en general, ja siguin joves i estudiants, adults i sectors professionals, com s el cas del Cinema en catal, la collaboraci amb l'Andorra Kids Film Festival, els projectes Voluntaris per la llengua, Dictat Nacional, o Concurs de curtmetratges RECcrea.

The Catalan Language Area encompasses the joint work of the professionals of the five Catalan Self-Learning Centers of the country and the Catalan teachers of the old Adult Education which, since September 2016, have ceased to be part of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and sign up to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. With this restructuring, we wanted to give more social presence to the language and achieve a more professional echo, with the aim of reversing a better service for its users.

From the Catalan Language Area, the work carried out throughout 2017 has also been highlighted. In February, 17 courses (February-June) were offered with 309 people enrolled, of which 160 people completed the cycle of courses. In September, 213 citizens were enrolled in the courses of oral introduction to the language (A1 and A2 courses) and 220 people at the most formal levels of oral and written expression (from course B1 to C2). In parallel, also in September, 79 people became new users of one of the five centers of self-learning in Catalan in the country; 70 people were added in October; 68 in November and 55 in December. These figures add to the 58 people who, in the summer of 2017, went to the old Center of self -

On the other hand, in the official examinations of Catalan language 2017, developed in two calls: February (exclusively levels B2 and C1) and June (all the linguistic levels, from A1 to C2), 432 people were presented , distributed in 148 to the month of February and 284 in the month of June. Of the call of February they approved 103 people and of the one of June, 205. Overall, 71% of the people presented reached the criterion of success. These data are obtained by the training work offered by the Catalan Language Area, based on face-to-face courses and the method of self-learning of the language. The two systems, of a free and complementary nature, emphasize the communicative aspects of language and resources to increase the autonomy of the language of the apprentice.

Another important aspect was the signing of the agreement, on September 25, between the Carolina University of Prague and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Memorandum for the creation of the Charlemagne Center for Catalan Language in the Czech capital. The center renews the old Catalan lectureship and officially consolidates the offer of subjects where they stand out: the oral and written study of the Catalan language and its grammar; the study of Andorra's culture, history and politics; and the call for official examinations of the Catalan language of the Government of Andorra.

In another sense, in the month of May, the Catalan Language Area participated in the first TAMIS exhibition designed for active tourism, where the Area promoted the active citizen in the face of culture, language, or integration. In this sense, a new brochure was published that explains services and benefits that, in the linguistic field, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports offers the citizens of the country.

On the other hand, from the Area of ??Catalan Language, once again, the University Campus of the Catalan language was organized, which in this 16th edition brought together 27 international students from Canary Island from July 30 to August 6 . The students received 30 hours of Catalan class throughout 15 days (Catalan week plus Andorran week), as well as attending lectures and cultural activities.

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