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Anderson, Fred. The war that made America: a short history of the French and Indian War.

ANDERSON, Fred. The war that made America: a short history of the French and Indian War. Read by Simon Vance. 7 cds. 8 hrs. Tantor Media. 2005. 1-4001-0196-4. $34.99. Vinyl; content, author, reader notes. SA

This is the official companion to a major PBS documentary series of the same name, but this title can stand alone. The French and Indian War was part of a larger conflict, the Seven Years' War. The action extended north from Virginia to Quebec and west from the Atlantic Coast to the Mississippi River. Anderson covers the causes, strategy, battles, and principal personalities in the struggle; he looks at phases of the war in Europe, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and India. Native Americans are shown to have their own society and culture and the ability to negotiate treaties and conduct business with both sides in the conflict. The story begins with Washington's expedition to Fort Duquesne in 1754 and continues to the fall of Quebec in 1759. When the war ended in North America, the scene shifted to other locations. The narrative ends as the repressive acts of the British government (e.g., the Stamp Act, the tea tax) forced the colonists to vigorously protest.

Vance's sophisticated British-accented narration is appropriate for the academic subject matter. He reads at a fairly rapid pace with little expression, and handles French phrases with ease. Prof. John E. Boyd, Jenkintown, PA

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Author:Boyd, John E.
Article Type:Audiobook review
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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