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Andersen[R] inHOME legacy portfolio.

The Andersen[R] inHOME at Sundance Film Festival used Andersen[R] windows and doors to create a spectacular showhome of unmatched beauty. But you don't need a 6,000-square foot plan or a breathtaking Park City, Utah, location to capture the beautiful elements of the inHOME.

Five of the nation's top home designers, inspired by the concepts displayed in the inHOME, compiled the designs in the Andersen[R] inHOME Legacy Portfolio. The result is a variety of gorgeous homes in different styles and sizes--each carrying the guiding principles of the inHOME.

"These ideas could equally apply to whatever style you're comfortable with," said inHOME architect Michael Plautz, AIA. "It's the ideas that are important."

Those ideas, which you'll see highlighted in the plans on the following pages, include:

* Using a unique combination of windows and doors to make dramatic design statements

* Creating through-the-house views using creative space configurations and interior windows

* Expanding the sense of space in a home through creative use of corner windows

* Bringing light into rooms from multiple places using a combination of windows, skylights, and doors

* Capturing a beautiful view

* Using windows to make a more livable, inviting, personable space in an affordable home


Windows curve in three dimensions in this gorgeous three-bedroom design, creating a recurring theme that adds interest and a sense of space throughout the home. With a style that leans toward the contemporary, but with Craftsman and Italianate details, it's a plan with wide appeal.

An arched window dominates the facade, a design that's ingeniously mirrored in the stone wall beneath it. It offers even more than curb appeal, however.

"The arched window is a nice feature, and it's also very practical," designer Alan Mascord says. "It floods the dining room, the entry, and even the library above with light."

Meanwhile, the curved walls of windows in the office, master bedroom, and great room show off the views in dramatic fashion. The home is designed with backyard views in mind, making it perfect for a golf course or lakefront property.


Since 1983, Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc., has been building dreams for custom home clients. An award-winning home designer with more than 30 years of experience, Alan Mascord has assembled a team of creative architects, designers, and draftspeople with the talent to identify trends in American home styles and the skills to translate them into designs that are beautiful yet comfortable and efficient homes.



First floor: 2,292 sq. ft.

Second floor: 925 sq. ft.

Total: 3,217 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3 1/2

Dimensions: 70'-0" x 71'-0"

Foundation: Crawlspace, Basement, Slab

5 sets: $875 ($50 per additional set)

Reproducible vellum: $1,050


spotlight product #1

Each plan in the Andersen inHome Legacy Portfolio is designed exclusively with Andersen[R] windows and doors. The Arcadia utilizes Andersen 400 Series casement windows in its distinctive curved walls of glass in the great room, master suite, and office. The rich wood trim of casement windows adds beauty and charm to a home, and their slender sash help bring the outdoors inside. Casements provide ample natural light without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Circle 929 or


The Mayfair

Seeing the idea of a lake house in a fresh and unique light, designer Denis Chamberland created a gorgeous new home that's at once expansive and intimate. The result is a large house that never feels too big. Like the best waterfront cottages, a cozy atmosphere prevails throughout. At the same time, there's plenty of space for the friends and family that are sure to gather.

"From the moment you enter the home from the front," designer Denis Chamberland says, "you immediately have a 'see through the house' view. Having an open staircase, you have a pictorial view of the rear of the property, and you can also see through the kitchen and living room, into the breakfast and dining rooms."

That sense of both intimacy and transparency can be seen best in the finished basement, which Chamberland calls the "Recreation Zone." A wide staircase and hallway allows for plenty of foot traffic, and the generous use of interior windows around the indoor pool opens the rest of the space up. Adults can even finish a workout or enjoy a book in the garden while keeping an eye on kids while they swim.


Drummond Designs, Inc., leaders in residential architecture for more than 30 years, delivers innovative home plans and customization services to builders and homeowners. Design director Denis Chamberland leads the firm's design department with 26 years of Drummond Designs experience. Since inception Drummond Designs has sold over 86,000 home plans across the style and budget spectrum.



First floor: 3,663 sq. ft.

Second floor: 881 sq. ft.

Total: 4,544 sq. ft.

Finished Basement: 4,483 sq. ft.

Bonus space: 821 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 6 1/2 + 1/2

Dimensions: 86'-4" x 98'-4"

Foundation: Basement

5 sets: $950 ($50 per additional set)

Reproducible vellum: $1,125


spotlight product #2

Each plan in the Andersen inHome Legacy Portfolio is designed exclusively with Andersen[R] windows and doors. The Mayfair utilizes the Colonnade design from the Frank Lloyd Wright Series of Andersen[R] art glass in the finished basement. The use of interior windows allows light to pass throughout the space, and enables adults to keep an eye on kids in the pool while working out or relaxing in the interior garden. The distinctive design adds to the home's appeal.

Circle 930



Redefining the interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces, designer Dan Sater created a wonderfully livable Floridian home with elegant touches at every, turn. "It doesn't matter if you live in Florida, or it's a gloomy day in the north," Sater said. "You can still appreciate the ability to look outdoors and open up your interior spaces. You can use a house like this anywhere, and with the advancements in glass it can be done efficiently as well."

Here doors open to two verandas, and windows bring light into the home from a variety of locations. In the gallery, for example, high transom windows introduce light from above, while the breakfast nook is bathed in light from its fixed-glass window.

In every room, the relationship to the outdoors takes center stage, whether through French doors, as in the bedroom, or the sliding glass door in the guest room. Special touches on the verandas, like the fireplace outside the master suite or the grill outside the leisure room, create destinations outdoors as well.

"The use of windows creates some incredible open spaces," Sater said. "By opening the rooms to the outdoors, each room opens up and expands."


Redefining tradition, Dan F. Sater, III, AIBD, president of the Sater Design Collection, has been designing unique homes since 1983. He is one of the country's most recognized designers and has received more than 350 local and national design awards. The Sater Design Collection specializes in view-oriented designs that achieve a sense of openness.



Square Footage: 3,993 sq. ft.

Other: 591 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 3 1/2

Dimensions: 80'-0" x 104'-0"

Foundation: Slab

5 sets: $950 ($50 per additional set)

Reproducible vellum: $1,125


spotlight product #3

Each plan in the Andersen inHome Legacy Portfolio is designed exclusively with Andersen[R] windows & doors. The Teodora utilizes Andersen[R] Twin Springline[TM] patio doors in the master suite, showcasing the views of the backyard. Romanesque arches at the top of the doors make a bold and time-honored architectural statement. At nearly eight feet tall, Twin Springline[TM] patio doors create an impressive focal point whether viewed from indoors or out.

Circle 938 or



With a shingle and stone facade and rustic Craftsman touches, this country home will fit perfectly on a hill or mountainside. Designed to take advantage of a glorious rear view, it both blends in with and celebrates its natural surroundings.

The heart of the home--and perhaps architect Frank Snodgrass' favorite feature--is the enormous chimney with fireplaces on three sides. Enjoy a fire's glow from the master bedroom, the family room, or the covered terrace, meeting homeowners' increasing demand for outdoor fireplaces.

Back inside, massive trusses stretch above the kitchen and family room, and bring to mind a similar design element in the Andersen[R] inHOME. Those spaces connect seamlessly with the dining room, which is surrounded by windows to show off the view.

A decadent master suite resides on the main level, complete with two walk-in closets, a luxurious bath, and access to the covered terrace. The finished basement includes two additional bedroom suites, a spacious recreation room, and ample room for storage.


With more than 20 years of design experience, Living Concepts Home Planning has developed a prominent and enviable reputation for award-winning residential design. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company features hundreds of home plans in its inventory, characterized by open living areas, vaulted ceilings, columned entries, and expensive areas of glass.



Square Footage: 2,932 sq. ft.

Finished basement: 1,556 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3 1/2 + 1/2

Dimensions: 114'-0" x 83'-0"

Foundation: Basement

Reproducible vellum: $0.35 per sq. ft.


spotlight product #4

Each plan in the Andersen inHome Legacy Portfolio is designed exclusively with Andersen[R] windows and doors. The Darington utilizes Frenchwood patio doors to access the covered terrace from both the main level and the finished basement. These doors come in a variety of options for different colors, finishes, grilles, and glass, and feature a gap-free seal to protect the home from the elements.

Circle 939 or

The San Clemente

Russell Moody, Vice President of Frank Betz Associates, Inc., designed The San Clemente as a perfect blend of established style and modern convenience. Its Craftsman character gives it a quaint, unassuming appeal from the curb, disguising the generous amount of space inside.

That Craftsman design, along with a width of only 50 feet, makes this design well suited for almost any lot, including infill and traditional neighborhood design projects. The windows contribute to the spacious feeling inside by opening up spaces to the outdoors with exterior windows and opening rooms to each other with interior windows.

"Interior windows, like those in the kitchen, help open areas up to one another in places where you do need a wall to control the noise," Moody says. "It also lets light flow through those spaces, where it couldn't with a full wall."

The exterior windows feature a variety of shapes--from simple squares on the front to triangular and fixed radius transom windows on the sides and back.

"I tried to incorporate the different shapes into spaces, like the way the triangular windows work in the vaulted ceilings," Moody explains. "The different shapes also ensure that each room has its own feel--there isn't a repeated theme throughout the house. That's something that an interior designer could take and run with it."


Frank Betz Associates, Inc., has provided builders, developers, and homeowners with home plans since 1977. The Frank Betz home plan collection of more than 1,000 plans has a unique design style that combines beauty and elegance with efficiency. Varying in style and square footage, builders and consumes alike are sure to find a home plan to suit their needs.



First floor: 1,561 sq. ft.

Second floor: 578 sq. ft.

Total: 2,139 sq. ft.

Bonus space: 284 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2 1/2

Dimensions: 50'-0" x 57'0"

Foundation: Crawlspace, Basement

5 sets: $765 ($50 per additional set)

Reproducible vellum: $950


spotlight product #5

Each plan in the Andersen inHome Legacy Portfolio is designed exclusively with Andersen][R] windows and doors. The San Clemente utilizes Andersen 400 Series Circle Top[TM] windows in an upstairs bedroom and the bonus room. This window fits gracefully into the vaulted ceiling in the bedroom, and makes a distinctive design statement when the home is viewed from the rear. With a width perfectly matching the 400 Series tilt-wash double-hung windows beneath it, this Circle Top[TM] window creates a truly unique room.

Circle 940 or


The Andersen inHOME at Sundance Film Festival is a cooperative effort among several companies.

PROJECT: Andersen inHOME at Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah

Square feet: 6,000

Bedrooms/bathrooms: 4/5

SPONSOR: Andersen Windows, Inc., Bayport, Minn.,

DEVELOPMENT: Glenwild, Park City's Premier Golf & Spa Community,, (435) 615-9453 or (877) 924-9453

ARCHITECT: Michael Plautz, AIA, principal, RSP Architects, Ltd., Minneapolis, (612) 677-7100

BUILDER: Wilcox Construction, Kaysville, Utah, (801) 546-6566

Though not open to the public, the Andersen inHOME at Sundance Film Festival is available for online tours at or at AOL keyword Andersen inHOME.

PARTNERS: Baker, Knapp & Tubbs, home furnishings and accessories,; Designer Moving & Storage, receiving, storage, and setup,; Kohler Co., plumbing fixtures,; Lennox Industries, Inc., heating, cooling and indoor air quality,; LiteTouch, lighting automation,; McGuire Furniture, home furnishings and accessories,; Shaw Industries, Inc., carpeting,; Sub-Zero and Wolf, refrigeration and cooking appliances,; Sundance Spas, outdoor spa,; Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinets, cabinetry,

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