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Andechs Beer now brewed by Huber.

The Joseph Huber Brewing Co. has obtained exclusive rights to brew and distribute Andechs Beer in America. This is the first time in over 500 years that Andechs will be brewed or distributed outside of Germany, a company spokesman said.

The story of Andechs arrival in America has its roots in a friendship founded in the devastation of World War II, when the brothers of Mount Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, Ore., organized a massive relief effort of food, clothing and other supplies to assist Kloster Abechs in rebuilding their community. Forty years later, when the monks of Kloster Andechs learned the brothers of Mount Angel Abbey were having financial troubles, they repaid the earlier generosity by allowing Andechs to be brewed outside of the monastery in a joint venture between the two abbeys.
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Title Annotation:Joseph Huber Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 3, 1993
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