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Andantex USA Inc.


1705 Valley Rd. Ocean Township, NJ 07712 Tel: 800 713 6170 Fax: 732 493 2949 Email: Web: Contact: Jean-Baptiste Barruel

Since our inception in 1980, Andantex USA objectives have remained the same: Provide quality unique gearboxes and solutions for use on industrial machinery. The Merobel[R] product line (sold exclusively thru Andantex in the United States, Canada, and Mexico) offers a wide range of solutions including high technology components such as the DGT 300 digital controller.

Merobei[R] DGT 300 controller offers a complete package as a universal controller allowing the customer to use it in open or closed loop mode. There are no options to be added; the DGT 300 is complete from the start to resolve most tension control applications.

The DGT 300 digital web-tension controller has eliminated the need for tuning potentiometers or setting DIP switches, and is fully equipped with user-friendly WindowsTm-base software that can be downloaded to any laptop or PC.

This allows the customer to have access to all of the controller parameters of the controller as well as offering the capability to record, on the :fly, the actual quality of the web tension during processing. This enables the customer to accurately fine tune the controller parameters for any application they may have, as well as having the ability to diagnose the system remotely, helping our engineering department to easily trouble shoot the application.

The DGT 300 web-tension controller has increased the production of the press, and reduced product waste.

The increased: range of different products, from films to paper to be run on the same press is a direct result of web tension improvement offered with our new DGT 300 controllers.

Due to the new DGT 300 web-controller, customers can process fancier and more elaborate design on the same equipment expending their market share.
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Date:Mar 1, 2014
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