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And the winners are ...

... the FSCT, the coatings industry, the scientific community, sponsoring companies, universities and organizations, and of course the researchers and authors.

Two common and emotional topics throughout the scientific community have been the reduction in funding for research and also the reluctance to publish research work done in private industry. Certainly these are important and valid topics. However, there are excellent illustrations of important research publications within the coatings industry, and some of the most prominent examples have been winners of the FSCT's Roon Awards competition.

Members of the FSCT are fortunate to be a part of the premier professional society serving the coatings industry. There are a number of benefits from FSCT membership, including world class technical publications, educational programs, networking opportunities, and awards for professional contributions. The FSCT sponsors a number of prestigious industry awards, several of which are specifically aimed at technical publications and they include the Roon, Gordon, and Hendry awards. The A.L. Hendry Award is given to student authors for papers describing research or comprehensive review of a subject related to coatings technology. The John Gordon Award is presented for the best paper given at the Federation's Annual Meeting. Last, but not least, is the Roon Foundation Award, which is the gem of the Federation's publications awards. What is so impressive about the Roon competition and awards?--Originality and scientific importance. The Roon competition is judged on originality, scientific importance, practical value, and composition quality. However, the focus of the award, by far, is originality. The research must reflect a significant step forward in scientific contribution to the coatings industry.

One vivid example that comes to mind is the 1972 Roon winning paper by Gordon Bierwagen entitled "Critical Pigment Volume Concentration Calculations." This seminal work was considered excellent at that time and continues to be a classic reference on CPVC and its prediction. Nearly every paper on CPVC since that time has referenced this work. And, anyone doing work related to CPVC should read it. This is just one example of the quality and contributions of Roon Award winning papers since 1957, for nearly 50 years.

So, who are the winners? Considering the contributions of previous Roon papers, the authors and their respective organizations have enjoyed the reward and recognition--the prestige--that is represented by a Roon Award. However, the coatings industry and the broader scientific community clearly have benefited from the advancement in science from these papers and the entire body of Roon publications. So, although there are distinct winners of the Roon Foundation Awards, in actuality the list of benefactors goes far beyond the author list.

A call for papers for the 2006 competition has been announced. More information about the Roon and other FSCT publications awards can be found in the November/December issue of JCT COATINGSTECH and on the FSCT website,

Charles R. Hegedus

FSCT Roon Awards Committee Chair
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Title Annotation:Perspective
Author:Hegedus, Charles R.
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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