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And speaking of laws ...

COUNTRYSIDE: I would like to comment on a couple of articles in the Sep/Oct 2011 magazine.

First up, Denton Maze, Texas: I can understand Denton's concern regarding the problems that homesteaders, ranchers, farmers face regarding "government" infringing on our rights as individuals. Unfortunately we can't blame "the government" for all of our problems. We should be looking at what makes "the government" do what it does. Let's first look at what is at stake, money/power.

Our government is run by big business: agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, banks, bankers, politicians and the like. Now let's look at the regulations and who are behind them. Raw milk--agribusiness doesn't want small farmers to be able to sell raw milk to anyone. Why? Because we would take money away from them. What do they do to the milk that is allowed to be sold? They ultra pasteurize it so it's dead. They want all milk to come from their factory farms not the small farmer, so they regulate milk. Who do you think owns the USDA and the FDA? Money.

Let's look at one more issue. Genetically modified food. I want clean, fresh, local food to feed my family. I don't want to feed them food that contains other genes from bacteria, other animals, and whatever they can generate in a lab. I want a tomato, potato, wheat that comes from the old heirloom seeds that my family has used to grow for generations. If other people don't mind eating "Frankenfood" then at least allow me to know that the food is GMO. What's wrong with labeling? Who doesn't want that to happen? Monsanto. Why? Because they make a lot of money forcing people to eat what they want them to eat, grow what they want them to grow and now they own 80% of our food supply. They pay our government to look the other way. They pay our politicians to let them continue to force-feed us their swill. Just 400 families, who I might add do not pay taxes, own 90% of the wealth in this country. But they still only have one vote.

Let's not blame our government. Let's blame our courts that allow the business community to have a say in our government, all for the all mighty dollar. We need our politicians to work for us "We the people" not the money people who really own our country. I ask each and every one of you to educate yourself. Don't take one side or another, think for yourself. Become an activist. Change the laws in your state first. Look at everything there is out there and vote. Every individual in this country has one vote. Use it. What I want is smart government, not some talking point. Don't you?

Second, Millie Troth, Colorado: I have some issues regarding the article. First, no one should put essential oils on their skin right from the bottle nor should they put them in their mouth without first adding it to a carrier oil for external use or some liquid for internal use. Some oils can burn you. Some such as rosemary and wintergreen oil are volatile in nature and should never be ingested orally. Wintergreen shouldn't even be placed directly on the skin without dilution. Safety first when using essential oils.

Also, if you are using oils for internal use, please make sure they are food grade. You don't want to use any oil that has been processed with chemicals and then ingest that. When you are buying essential oils, make sure you know who you are purchasing them from.

I was disappointed at the end of the article when I checked out the website that Ms. Troth gave. I didn't appreciate the fact that you can't get into the website unless you give them your name, email address and phone number.

If you wish to view some websites without giving your personal information in order to access see or Both will give you information on individual oils and you can purchase from them too. You can also Google and check different websites yourself.--Debbie La Place, Mulino, Oregon
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Title Annotation:Country conversation & feedback
Author:La Place, Debbie
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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