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And now a word from our friends ...

My sincerest congratulations to the entire staff of Scholastic Coach & AD--the "oldest and most prestigious" coaching publication in the nation--on your 75th Anniversary! This milestone is a testament to the invaluable services that this outstanding resource continues to provide for coaches, administrators, and most importantly, the athletes we all work with on a day-to-day basis.

On a personal note, I want to extend a very special thank you to Herman Masin--the very best in the world at what he does--for his mentorship and friendship for nearly 30 years. You are my hero, Mr. Masin!

And to Bruce Weber, whose fingerprints have been so instrumental in the class and professional style that Coach & AD has projected for as long as I can remember, a tip of the hat for your true love and respect for all that is positive with athletics. Thanks also, Bruce, for the friendship and courtesies you have extended to me since the late '70's. The same sentiments go out to Kevin Newell and Lamar Clark, two behind-the-scenes guys who provide a lot of the wind beneath Coach's wings.

On behalf of the thousands of loyal Coach & AD readers in several countries, our appreciation for being a great source of information, in addition to shining a positive light on athletics and the great people who unselfishly serve our young people.

Ken Mannie

Head Strength/Conditioning Coach

Michigan State University


Congratulations Coach and Athletic Director on your 75th. You have provided all coaches such useful information for many generations. The real winners of your publication are the students/athletes we serve. Thanks for the help.

Bob Ladouceur

Head Football Coach

De La Salle High

Concord, CA

Providing coaches and athletic directors with practical, useful information and help with the challenges of their positions in each issue for 75 years is an unbelievable feat and accomplishment. Not only does this longevity demonstrate success, but it was also obviously a labor of love. Congratulations to Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director on your enormous contributions and commitment to high school athletics.

It has been a rare opportunity, honor, and humbling experience to have been one of the privileged contributors for the past 30 years. During this time, it was obvious that Scholastic Coach was not satisfied with status quo and continued to grow and improve over the years. As the magazine enters the next 75 years, it will no doubt continue to greatly serve the professionals who are involved with high school athletics. Our programs and athletes are the real beneficiaries.


Dr. David Hoch, CMAA

Baltimore County, MD

Congratulations to editor Herman Masin, publisher Bruce Weber, and all staff members at Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director magazine for 75 wonderful years of dedicated service to the athletics coaching and administrative professions. We all appreciate how this publication provides a platform for coaches and professionals at every level to share ideas, game plans and plays, and even good humor--a must in our work!

Continued success, and as always, we look forward to the next issue.


Jody Conradt

Head Women's Basketball Coach

University of Texas

Congratulations Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director on your 75th anniversary! Your magazine has been so faithful in serving athletics in such a marvelous way. This is why the coaching profession is the best it has ever been. You all have provided great expertise, ideas, and encouragement. I just want to take this opportunity to salute Herb McCracken's idea of Coach and Athletic Director Magazine and to Herman Masin for the tremendous job he has done for so many years. Bruce Weber is the best ambassador any company could have. He has done so much for the coaching profession and has been such a special friend to all the coaching profession.

Thanks to Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director for their support of all sports, but particularly for the unbelievable job they have done in the promotion of intercollegiate football. There are a lot of ideas that we have gotten from the magazine that we continue to use in our program here at the Academy. Again, sincere congratulations on your anniversary! We know the next 75 will be even better. Enjoy!

Fisher DeBerry

Head Football Coach

U.S. Air Force Academy

Congratulations on a landmark anniversary! I've enjoyed reading your magazine for many years, and I look forward to more outstanding issues. Best wishes to you!

Sylvia Hatchell

Women's Basketball Coach

University of North Carolina

Congratulations on your 75th anniversary! It has been nearly 30 years since I first talked to Bruce Weber about soccer and its role in scholastics sports. During the ensuing years, your publication has done an outstanding job of providing timely and useful articles concerning the teaching and coaching of soccer in the scholastic environment.


From all of us who work with soccer and have passion for the sport--"thanks for a job well done!"

Jerry Yeagley

Mens's Soccer Coach (Retired)

Indiana University

Congratulations to all the team members at Coach and A.D. for delivering championship caliber information to the coaching community for the past 75 glorious years!

All of the Michigan State Spartans want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved with this stellar publication for the many decades of education and inspiration it has provided, in addition to being one of the nation's great ambassadors for athletics.

And the best part is that we know Coach will keep the winning formula going for many more decades to come!

Tom Izzo

Head Basketball Coach

Michigan State Spartans

It may be said that the long and solid relationship between Wilson and Coach & AD is based on one mutual premise: we both strive to equip all levels of athletic administration with the right tools to form successful programs.

The constant and inevitable changes in the athletic marketplace require that athletic administrators get their information from a trusted source. For 75 years, and the entire duration of my 27-year career in the sporting goods business, Coach & AD has been the very best source for industry information.

This magazine is the perfect balance of between timely, substantive, focused, and enjoyable information. I look forward to keeping Coach & AD at the forefront of my reading list for many years to come.

Thanks for everything, Dennis Grapentin

Football General Manager, Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

Congratulations to the entire staff of Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director on reaching the tremendous milestone of 75 years of service to the athletic community in our nation's schools, colleges, and universities. For 60 years, Schutt has been fortunate to be associated with this outstanding publication. Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director has lead the way in providing athletic directors and coaches with information to help them lead successful programs and to develop student athletes. Their dedication to excellence throughout the publication resonates to all regardless of whether you are a coach, athletic director, or corporate partner. Thank you, Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director team!

Julie Nimmons, CEO

Schutt Sports
"My congratulations to Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director Magazine for
75 years of excellent coverage and great information on our profession.
Keep up the good work!"
--Bobby Cox
Manager, Atlanta Braves

"The magazine is a leader in its filed and provides significant insight
and advice on a regular basis."
--Bruce Arena, Manager, U.S. Men's National Team

"I want to thank everyone associated with the magazine for your past
contributions and wish you the best in the future."
--Bob Knight, Texas Tech Basketball Coach

"I would like to congratulate Scholastic Coach on its 75th birthday, and
express my gratitude for the quality and depth of its content. I believe
it is the ultimate tool for the coach, athlete, and administrator and
represents the perfect starting point for both the academician and
practicing athlete library."
Sincerely, Al Davis, Owner and Managing Partner, Oakland Raiders

"Absolutely remarkable!! The greatest test of any endeavor is the test
of time and Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director have more than past
that test."
--Vince J. Dooley, Former Head Football Coach and Athletic Director

"The members of the American Football Coaches Association join me and
the AFCA Trustees in saluting you for the last 75 years of providing
education and inspiration to coaches and leaders in all sports on all
--Grant Teaff, Executive Director, AFCA

"I hope you have 75 more great years."
--Mel Rosen, Head Track Coach

"Scholastic Coach has always been a great source of information and
ideas for my career and would be for any coach on any level."
--LaVell Edwards, Head Football Coach (Retired)

"I pass on my personal regards to Herman, and congratulations to all of
you on an amazing 75 years."
--Dean E. Smith, The University of North Carolina
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