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And it's kick-off... for some rioting.

Byline: Patrick Hill

VIOLENT protests broke out in Brazil yesterday - a week before England's World Cup kick-off.

Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to quell the massive uprising of tube train workers demanding better pay.

The scenes in capital Sao Paulo sparked fears for the safety of the 10,000 England fans due to head to Brazil.

The city - which will host the opening ceremony on Thursday - was brought to a standstill by the strike.

But President Dilma Rousseff said: "These demonstrations will not be allowed to disrupt the tournament." Yesterday it emerged that 1,376 fans have been sent emails telling them to exchange their tickets for different seats as building delays have meant stadium seating plans are being hastily redrawn.

And the opening Brazil v Croatia match will be watched by fans in a temporary stand after safety fears.


ACTION STATIONS: Riot cops charge in to striking workers as they break up the protests

STAND-OFF: Striking tube train workers link arms on their picket line as riot police watch
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Geographic Code:3BRAZ
Date:Jun 8, 2014
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