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And how was your day? Get outta dodge!

My crush and I were on opposite teams during a game of dodgeball in gym. He tried to hit me with the ball, so I ran in the other direction as fast as I could. Not looking where I was going, I ran right into the wall and shot backward. I got a bloody nose, so the game ended on account of my bloodshed. How humiliating!

I was trick-or-treating with friends, and we went to a house with a statue that held a bowl of candy on the porch. There was a note instructing us to only take one piece. Instead, I grabbed a handful and playfully punched the statue. Suddenly, the "statue" yelped and dropped the bowl. We quickly ran away.

I saw my BF hanging with another girl at a party. I was so hurt that I went around telling everyone what a jerk he was. I was ready to confront him--not so nicely, I might add--when my friend told me the other girl was his cousin. I felt so stupid.

My friends and I were trick-or-treating, and an old lady answered the door at one house and told us we could take two pieces of candy, As we left, she told me I could have another piece since I had only taken one. As I turned around, she tossed a tiny box of candy at me. Confused, I thought she was throwing something else at me so I screamed and ran off.

I wanted to look great for the school dance, so I bought a really pretty dress. But, I was showing off my dance moves when--rrriippp!--my dress split halfway up the back. Suddenly, I was getting tons of attention ... for all the wrong reasons.

My friend sits in front of me in English class. She turned around while I was reading aloud and whispered something funny. I laughed, and a huge booger-bubble came from my nose. The whole class was grossed out.

My BF and I were in line for a movie with my BFF and her crush. As we waited, my BFF and I played Truth or Dare. She dared me to kiss my BF. When I went to kiss him, he bent down to tie his shoe so I accidentally kissed my friend's crush. She didn't speak to me for a month.

I was walking past my favorite store at the mall, staring into the window, and ran straight into a 4-foot-tall sign. As it fell over, half the shoppers stopped and looked at me for what seemed like forever. My friends have not let me live it down.

I was playing tetherball with my friend in gym. My crush was nearby, and I wanted to hit the ball really hard to impress him. Instead, I flung my arm way back in the air, missed the ball and fell flat on my butt. Real impressive.

Last Halloween, I screamed, "Trick or treat!" just as my crush opened his door. He said, "Aren't you a little old to trick-or-treat?" I was so embarrassed that I tripped on his welcome mat and spilled my candy all over his porch.

My crush walked by at lunch, so I flashed him a big smile ... not knowing a piece of pickle was stuck between my two front teeth. Ugh.
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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