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We've e-mailed back and forth over the years and here I am again because you have done it again! I just read your article "A Marauding But Civilized Gang of .32s" and you really got me thinking. So, I stepped into the depths of my safe and it appears I have the same affliction you do. From the .32 ACP's to the Ruger Blackhawk Convertible in .32 H&R/.32WCF, to my custom Single Six to the Marlin 1894, I pretty well have the .32s covered!

I then started to reminisce about my first .32, which was the NAA Guardian I sent to their custom shop to have them give it the carry treatment. I believe my .32 affliction really kicked off when I found my first secondhand Single Six .32 H&R Magnum. This trend continued until I picked up a Single Six Hunter and sent it to Jim Stroh for conversion from rimfire to .32 H&R and .327 Federal. I've never give the "why" of .32 much thought, other than I am simply drawn to them (or them to me). Maybe because they are civilized?

I have likewise shot .32 ACP loads in my revolvers and gotten better groups than I would have ever thought possible. To the opposite end of the spectrum, where I get 1,700 fps velocities (over an Oheler chrono) from Federal's American Eagle 100-gr. JSP factory loads in my Jim Stroh revolver.

I must admit I believe I still have the affliction, as a S&W K-32 Masterpiece would look really good in this menagerie.

Michael G Sant

Riverton, Utah

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Title Annotation:SPEAKOUT
Author:Utah, Michael G.
Publication:American Handgunner
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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