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Ancot Gains Access To FCAccess 2000.

Ancot Corporation introduced the industry's first 2Gbit protocol analyzer for Fibre Channel systems. The 2Gbit Fibre Channel standard is a new version of the Fibre Channel interconnect and data transfer system for Storage Area Networks (SANs) and other applications.

The FCAccess 2000 continues to advance the innovations of the first FCAccess Analyzer, a new analysis system for Fibre Channel networks. The Fibre Channel analyzer introduces ChannelTrack, a system performance monitoring capability that tracks data flow and helps identify system bottlenecks and improve network performance. The analyzer captures FC traffic at 2Gbit speeds in native lOB format at rates exceeding 540MB/sec. To allow users to utilize captured data, the new product also includes WarpSearch, a hardware-assisted data search engine that searches for and finds data within seconds. FCAccess is the first network-attached analyzer for Fibre Channel, based on a host-independent Java client/server architecture. It also provides trace memory (up to 2GB) to allow users to record traffic sequences.

FCAccess clients make it easy for users to design multilevel triggers and filters to control the system and analyze trace recordings. The client can run on the local server to provide a standalone analyzer, but the power of the client/server architecture is the ability to be run from remote locations. Using FCAccess, development engineers can maintain a development environment within a single desktop workstation. Since the server is available over any IP network, multiple users (clients) can access it simultaneously, allowing for diagnosis and debugging from different geographic locations. Much more than a trace viewer, the. FCAccess client allows the user to control and operate the analyzer from any location.

The product is available in multiple configurations with system configurations starting under $35,000. Upgrades will be available to existing Ancot customers.
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Title Annotation:2Gbit protocol analyzer
Publication:Computer Technology Review
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Date:Dec 1, 1999
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