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Ancient Sfax city ... fitting venue for Arab cultural capital '16.

(Photo Feature by Khaled Jabbar)

TUNIS, Oct 7 (KUNA) -- Ancient Sfax city, chosen as the Arab cultural capital 2016 by Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALESCO), is considered by intellectuals in Tunisia as a perfect venue for such event. Speaking to KUNA on the occasion, head of the executive organizing committee of the event Sameer El-Salami said the Arab cultural capital event in the ancient city's historical venues were ready to host visitors to Sfax. Sfax, founded in AD 849, was considered throughout history as a commercial and economic hub linking the Middle East, north Africa and Mediterranean regions, said El-Salami, affirming that the historical significance of the city will provide the perfect set piece for the Arab cultural capital celebrations. The 2,000 meter long wall of the old city in Sfax is one the main attractions. Other sites include the 12 centuries old grand mosque and the old markets. Sfax was founded by the Aghlabids dynasty which ruled some parts of northern African and southern Italy between AD 800-909. In addition to its economic, commercial, and cultural significant, people of Sfax city play a pivotal role in their struggle for independence against their French colonialists. (end) ksj.gta

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Publication:Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
Date:Oct 7, 2015
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