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Anchors aweigh.

Q I've just bought a new express, and I'm looking for ward to overnighting with my family. I'm fine staying at a marina, but I'd like the option of anchoring out, too, and I'm concerned about safety. Which anchor do I buy?

Can you recommend a good all-around anchor?

Paul Waver, Louisville, KY

If you carry both a Danforth or Danforth-style anchor and a plow anchor, you should be able to anchor safely in most areas. The Danforth has two large flukes that dig into the bottom and offer good holding power for relatively little weight. This makes them easy to handle and stow by hand. While it holds best in soft bottoms such as mud or sand, it loses some effectiveness in rocky areas. The plow anchor, so-called because of its shape, is a heavier anchor that holds well in rocks and grassy bottoms. Because it's heavy, you may need a bow roller or power windlass to handle it.

Steve Knauth Knauth is a three-time Boating Writers Int'l award winner and contributor to multiple publications. He was a marina yard foreman for 12 years before becoming a full-time writer.

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