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Ancestry unveiled AncestryHealth.

* Ancestry unveiled AncestryHealth, an initiative to provide actionable insights so that people can "take proactive steps--in collaboration with their healthcare provider--to address potential health risks identified in their genes and family health history." It is composed of two services at launch: AncestryHealth Core ("a onetime, array-based service" that "covers a set of curated, common 'need to know' health conditions and includes printable family health history and lab reports people can share with their healthcare provider") and AncestryHealth Plus ("a membership service using next generation sequencing" tech to offer "more comprehensive screening data, providing both greater coverage of DNA differences for each condition and more risk categories"). Source:[R]-actionable-health-insights-you -and-your-family

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Title Annotation:Product News
Publication:Information Today
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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