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Anatomy of an Award: IES illumination Award of Merit.

Travelers at Jacksonville International Airport can catch a glimpse of the friendly skies even before boarding a plane--they just have to look up. Running through the center of the new concourses A & C, an 8-ft-wide skylight provides ambient light for walkways and boarding areas. For client Jacksonville Aviation Authority, David Laffi tte and Carl Baehner from Reynolds, Smith & Hills designed the skylight to maximize daylight and improve visual comfort. Tinted, insulated, laminated glass allows a 72 percent visible light transmittance, while the custom metal armature below blocks low-level sunlight to reduce glare. An emergency sprinkler system and supplemental electric lighting are integrated into the armature so that "they don't impede the structure," says Laffitte. "We wanted to let the daylight come in as unobstructed as possible."



Jacksonville International Airport Concourses

1 HID downlights mounted 10-ft on center between shading panels light the walkway below, while indirect T5 fluorescents above the panels uplight the ceiling. Both sources are controlled by an astronomical time clock.

2 Linear fluorescent sconces punctuate the rhythm of structural columns.

3 In between columns, suspended indirect fluorescent uminaires are tilted to revea curved fabric ceiling panels.

4 Concealed cove lighting defines the perimeter. All sources are 3,500K to complement natural light.
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Date:Apr 1, 2011
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