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Analyzer features three gas inlet valves.

Pfeiffer Vacuum's Sputter Process Monitor SPM 220 and High Pressure Analyzer HPA 220 systems are based on the mass spectrometer PrismaPlus in combination with a dry compressing HiPace turbo pumping station. Both systems are used to monitor and document vacuum processes, such as coating architectural glass or thin-film solar cells, and are available in mass ranges of 1 to 100 and 1 to 200 amu. The HPA 220 is available, depending on application conditions, with three different gas inlet valves, both manually and electropneumatically operable. Its modular design results in a versatile vacuum solution for gas analysis in the pressure range from high vacuum to 50 mbar. The SPM 220 is characterized by a specially developed ion source, which enables a direct connection between the analyzer and the process chamber. This allows the vacuum conditions of sputter processes and similar applications to be monitored at the precise moment up to a pressure of 10 mbar. An additional orifice system allows the pressure range to be expanded up to 10 mbar. Both models are equipped with a number of digital and analog inlets and outlets that enable simple connection to control systems. Pfeiffer Vacuum, +49 6441 802 0


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Title Annotation:Gas Generators
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:May 1, 2012
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