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Analyzer ensures controlled atmosphere for storage.

Analyzer Ensures Controlled Atmosphere for Storage

To monitor carbon dioxide levels in controlled atmosphere fruit and vegetable stores, The Analytical Development Co has developed the SB200 gas analy.

Controlled atmosphere systems are now widely used to retard the ripening of fruit and vegetables in storage or during transportation, especially for applications where refrigeration is impractical or insufficient to prevent product deterioration.

By ensuring the correct proportion of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the storage area, producers and distributors can ensure that market garden produce reaches the marketplace with maximum shelf life.

For accurate carbon dioxide measurements, the SB200 incorporates a dual detection range, calibrated to individual requirements. Suitable for continuous or spot sampling, the unit is available in portable, rack and 19in. industrial versions and weighs only 17kg.

PHOTO : ADC's SB200 carbon dioxide analyzer
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:May 1, 1990
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