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Analyzer advances Disk R&D. (Electronics).

The X-9 Magnetic Properties Analysis System was developed to support advancements in giant magneto-resistive and tunnel magneto-resistive magnetic head materials. Produced by William Van Drent, Erik Samwel, and Ferenc Vajda at ADE Technologies Inc., Newton, Mass., the X-9 improves upon three measurement technologies--magnetic moment, magneto-resistance, and sheet resistance characterization--in one system. The tool can perform both high (up to 2T) and low field measurements (<0.02T) with a dynamic repeatability 10 times that of its next competitor. In addition, the X-9's high performance vector system allows for the determination of the magnetization vectors with an accuracy of + 1.5%. Write In 2021

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Publication:R & D
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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