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Analyze of quotations about predictions of Mehdi (p) coning and its related evidence in Salim Ibn Qais Book.


Introduction of (91st) quotation of Solim book about Mehdi (p) coming and related events,

In term of (91st) quotation of Solim book there is point to think and said it refers to end of our world and starting other world here is text:

Solim said Salman Farsi told: prophet (p) said: people won't I inform you about Mehdi (p) they said: yes, prophet said: you should know god create a fair king in my society which create peace and fair as world is fall brutality. He is the 9th of imam Hossain sons his name is mine and the article is the same and you have no good after him and his government end is about 40 days before, world ends (same 958) as this quotation has lost of con and pro in sonnet and Shiite in this paper we try to judge about it and compare ideas and analyze documents about this quotation.

Analyze of shares and differences of Mehdi (p) coming in Solim book and other sources:

Believe in imam Mehdi (p) is one of our religions and based on prophet (p) informations most of branches of Islam accept it with focusing on quotations about imam Mehdi in Shiite and sonnet books we could see there is lots of shares between then about imam coming and we talk about them in rest.

Analyzing the share between Solim quotations with other about predictions of imam Mehdi (P) coming and related events,With comparing this book with other books in Shiite and sonnet sources we could name shares as: Certainty of coming and rise of Mehdi (p)

Mehdi family, his one of prophet family

In term of fields and signs: sofyani quraell , surrounding world with black flags and brutality.

In term of ima actions and pre coming events: surrounding world it fair, consuming the sofyani it ropes by earth , entering Kaba and getting ready for war

The place of coming, in Solim and the quotation is kaba.

For this shares: get to [27,38,34,23,19,3,24,]

Analyze the differences of Solim book quotations and others in prediction of imam Mehdi coming and related event:

In this term the noticeable points is in 91st quotation which we see: there no good in living after him and at end of his government (40 days) we have other world this quotation talks about world after Mehdi (p) but in analyzing sonnet and Shiite books we have 5 things after imam Mehdi (p) as below:

Jesus governing

Governing of 12 Mehdi

5 years unruly

Imam Hossain (p) governing

Creating other world

And Solim quotation is like those talked about other world this five mentioned situations could be aggregated it means if we want to see 12 Mehdi governing then we could see Jesus (p) governing or imam Hossain (p) governing or the other world so just one of this 5 situation happened. If we want know which one of 5 situations happens we should analyze documents.

Analyze of shares differences of Solim quotation by other in term of Jesus governing after Mehdi coming:

One of the situations after Mehdi (p) in quotation is Jesus governing us has some sonnet and Shiite quotations which mentioned below:

Mohammad Ibrahim hashemi by abujafar amir al momanin abdul ibn mohammad by his father ibn abbas said prophet (p) said: how my people extinctions two while I'm the beginning at Jesus is in last and Mehdi is in middle omran ibn yaghoub by his father yaghoub ibn Abdullah by abu yahya ibn jaede ibn habire by Hossain ibn Ali (p) said: a person asked about imams number by prophet and prophet said it's just as bani Israel leaders (then imam Hossain said) 9 of the army sons and the last one is Mehdi and her prophet said: how a society which me and 12 of well,known and genus people are the first and Jesus (p) is the last of them will die? [13] ameli nabati in his book (serat mostaghim ela mostahghi altaghdim) about this quotation said (these two quotation mentioned a government after imam Mehdi) [24].

It seems this quotation as ameli nabati believes talks about Jesus governing after Mehdi (p) coming and it come across with his death. So the Solim quotation: you should know there is no good after Mehdi) is against with previous talks because if we have Jesus governing we couldn't talk about any good and it happens when before 40 days to other world.

But the problem is her claim of Jesus governing after Mehdi (p) we could use mentioned quotations. Because in this quotation no point refers to Jesus governing after Mehdi (p) another point about Jesus governing after Mehdi (p) in other religion means Jesus is the Imam of our prophet and prophet nation turn to Jesus nation and it doesn't mentioned before but these up take of quotations and it may the result of our quotation is:

Qatibe ibn Saeed said: layth by saeed ibn abbas and by ara ibn mina abu harire said prophet (p) said: swear to god. Jesus will come to you as fair give zakat of young cancel and jealousy will broke but no one accept it [33]

This quotation firmly confirms Jesus governing but this quotation has wrong with other quotation of Shiite and sonnet which said: when Jesus coming is the beginning of Mehdi (p) undouble the king of world is Mehdi (p) and Jesus pray behind and Mehdi (p) is imam at that time for example below quotation:

Sofyan suri bu Mansour by rabye by hazife said prophet (p) and when it ends they will follow Mehdi and live for 40 years.

Moreover lots of quotation by prophet and imam in Shiite and sonnet sources which said till other world we have 12 king after prophet for example below quotations: imam sajad (p) by his father of their insisters prophet said: we have 12 imams after me the first one is Ali (p) and the lost one is Mehdi and another quotation by Amir Al momenin then Jesus dies and Mehdi (p) remains and live (some of jurators, 177).

This quotations said Jesus don't be king after Mehdi (p) so the Solim quotation is correct because the quotation of Jesus we couldn't get remain 40 days so Mehdi governing before other world and Jesus won't be king analyze of differences and shares of 12 Mehdi (p) governing after Mehdi (p) and Solim quotations:

In Solim quotation and 91 of his book we could get after Mehdi (p) we have no government but against this quotation we see some more quotations which said 12 other Mehdi's.

First quotation:

Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Mohammad ibn omran albaghagh said: Mohammad ibn abi Abdullah kofi said: Musa ibn omran nakhayie from his uncle Hossain ibn Yazid nofeli by ali ibn hamze from abu basir said I told imam sadegh (p): prophet son I heard your father said: after Mehdi, we have 12 Mehdi's imam said my father said 12 persons not 12 imams and they are groups of our Shiite's which invite people to peace and right we couldn't use this document because in it we have ali ibn hamze whom is in chrge and and of leaders of vaghefiye and this quotation doesn't refer to 12 Mehdi and it reformed and said they are followers of imam and quotation advertise them.

Second quotation:

From Ali ibn Hossain by Ahmad ibn Mohammad ibn Khalil by jafar ibn Ahmad mesri from his uncle Hassan ibn alii from his father from imam sadegh (p) from Ali (p) said prophet (p) said: Ali, after me have 12 imams and after them 12 Mehdi's when he die Mehdi comes and give the governing to his child first Mehdi.

This quotation confirm the governing of 12 Mehdi of imam Mehdi (p) sons but in document we see some like Ahmad Mohammad ibn Khalil and jafar ibn Ahmad mesri and they are unknown, beside Shiite believes imam Mehdi (p) is the last sign of god on the earth and after him we have no imam and we don't use them.

Third quotation:

Mohammad ibn Abdullah ibn jafar hamiri from his father Mohammad ibn Abdul hamid and Mohammad ibn iesa from Mohammad ibn fazli Abu hamze from imam sadegh (p) [23].

The value of this document is low cause of Mohammad ibn fazli sand he is weak person and Mohammad ibn iesa is weak too [12] and we could use and expect 12 Mehdi we see 11 Mehdi's of imam Hossain son and is not in relation with others and talk about 11 Mehdi.

Fourth quotation:

Abu saleh by ibn Abbas said prophet (p) said after Mehdi (p) 12 comes and 6 of them are Imam Hassan (p) sons and 5 are Hossain sons and the last one after it we have 11 persons to govern world and after the death last one world ends.

This quotation is against other quotations which prophet limit the governing to 12 of this quotation is unreliable all ahtastari in (saverm almherghe) confirm that this quotation is unreliable (tastari 1387--940 ayat allah ahsafi golpaygani wrote: it may be kind of Israeliat.

So base on what said we couldn't confirm the governing of 12 of his family beside noor allahtastari in (saverm alm herghe) confirm that this quotation is unreliable ayat allah safi golpayegani wrote: it may be kind of israilat).

So based on what said we couldn't confirm the governing of 12 person so till know the 91 quotation of Solim is correct.

The analyze different quotations about 50 years unruly after Mehdi (p) and Solim quotation another situation based on quotation.

Another situation based on quotations about the imam Mehdi (p) governing said a 50 years period with unruly happens this quotations are disagree with Solim one because in Solim quotation we see after end of Mehdi (p) governing we have 40 days left we mentioned some of them below:

First quotation: amro ibn abet from jabber jafi said that I said: hear that imam bagher (p) said (swear to god imam of our family will govern about 309 years, I said his governing is when? He said when Mehdi (p) dies, I said: how many years Mehdi govern? Said from rising day to death about 19 years, said: after Mehdi (p) is there a struggle? Said: yes 50 years and montaser dies and request his blood and flowers and kills and innocent other till people said if he is prophet son won't kill others so back and white people gathered and rise against him till he get back to mecca and montaser dies and safah gets back to life to get revenge of montaer and kill all enemies. Jabber do you know who are safah and montaser? Montaser is Hossain ibn Ali and safah is Ali (p) (mofid Alektelas).

There are 3 wrong options with this:

The value is low because a part of document will omit and just two person tell it amro ibn sabet and jabber and as the result we couldn't use it to confirm unruly but this quotation with some differences talk about imam Hossain (p) government but not talk about 50 years unruly

Earth couldn't be empty of god messenger about 50 years and it's against Shiite believes.

309 years governing of imam Hossain (p) after Mehdi (p) and doesn't agree with 50 years unruly and killing that imam--because if 309 years begin after Mehdi (p) the 50 years unruly is meaningless and if it take 50 years the meaning of governing after Mehdi moreover killing of that imam against of governing about 309 years because if he kill how could be king else the killing happens after governing and it's against appearance of quotation.

Till there the Solim quotation 91 is correct:

Analyze of differences of imam Hossain (p) governing after Mehdi (p) will govern. Based on this quotations imam Hossain will govern the world after Mehdi (p) and govern a long time we mention this quotations below:

First quotation:

Ayoub ibn nooh and Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abdullah ibn moghayre by Abbas ibn Amer ghasbani by Saeed from davood ibn rashed by homram be ayen from imam bagher said: the first person whom get back is your heigh bour imam Hossain and govern till his eye brows cover his eyes.

Davood ibn rasged said this quotation is valueless by a median of imam bagher (p) and quotation is weak while tellers are valuable.

Second quotation:

By amr ibn abulfazl aziz of jombal ibn doraj by mali ibn khanis and zaid shaham said: I hear imam sadegh (p) said: the first person gets back is Hossain ibn Ali and remain about 40 years till get old (same 91).

One of teller of this quotation is rajol is unknown and for this the document is valueless while others are strong , another problem with this is that doesn't mentioned the governing of imam Hossain (p) expect we accept some terms that its hard.

Third quotation:

Fazel ibn shazan by Hassan ibn mahbub from amro ibn abi al maghdam by jabber ali jafi said I heard imam bagher (p) said: "swear to god one of our family govern after his death about 360 year and earn 9 years I said: when? Said: after Mehdi (p). asked how many years he will be governor? Said: 19 years.

This quotation given of whole text of book and is valid and confirm imam Hossain governing after Mehdi (p). but this quotation was mentioned weakly in and and we couldn't accept it and valid document is in (alghaybat tousi) which the tellers are Hassan ibn mahbub amro ibn abi al moghdam and jabber jafi and all of them are famous in telling quotations.

This quotation is against Solim one and 91 quotation which claim that there is nothing we couldn't talk about life without goof items and here Solim quotation also in term of time about Mehdi (p) government we have 40 years but in this quotation we have 309 year of imam Hossain (p) governing analyze of differences and shares of other world creation after imam Mehdi (p) and Solim quotation.

In term of imam Hossain governing in end of Mehdi (p) government we discuss based on valid quotations and Solim in 91 quotations has wrong item as said there is nothing good after Mehdi (p). This part we try to measure the validity of Solim quotation that said after 40 days other world created.

Some Shiite researchers like: Sheikh mofid Ali ibn iesa arbeli and ameli in abati like Solim mentioned quotations and said: we have no government after Mehdi (p) and after 40 days by unruly the other world created. For example sheikh mofid said: after Mehdi (p) government for so the Mehdi (p) government is nothing without god willing and mentioned quotation is not fully correct.

This quotation is similar to Solim quotation as said: know! There is no good after Mehdi (p) and end of his government is 40 days before other world.

But allame majlesi wrote: what mentioned 40 days after Mehdi (p) other world created is unique with analyze of sources we could fully confirm majlesi talk, quotations which believes in 40 days period has documents and text: (Mohammad ibn yahya Ahmad ibn Mohammad by Ali ibn Alhokm by rabiye ibn Mohammad al salsali from Abdullah ibn solayman al Ameri by imam Sadegh (p) [6,29,38,27,5,9,32].

This quotation said just by Abdullah ibn Solayman ameri from imam sadegh and based on this we couldn't discuss about validity of Solim quotation end between above quotations kolini and nomani omit 40 days to other world) and said it [29] as this possibility is weak we try to bring and analyze some.


First quotation:

Abdullah ibn solayman ameri said: imam sadegh (p) said: always god messenger is on the earth which knows halal and haram and invite to good and it happens expect 40 days before other world and infidel people have no benefits it to be Muslim that time they the best of people and other world happens for them.

This quotation approve necessity of messenger before 40 days to other world and it's not about imam Mehdi (p) coming because messenger is not an adjective just for Mehdi (p) and means god messenger and has different examples so all imams are god meesengers so the mokhtarsar albaser) writer after, mentioning quotation by Mohammad by karam from imam sadegh (p). said: the last man dies is imam (p): wrote: in this quotation meaning of imam refers to imam Hossain (p) which scare and direct people not Mehdi (p) moreover based on imam quotation: imam Hossain (p) abolish Mehdi (p) and govern as god wants (same) result said the mentioned quotation is about god messenger 40 days before other world but which one of messenger not clear.

And by other possibility we couldn't use it to approve other world after Mehdi (p) also in jabber jafi quotation by valid document we see imam Hossain government is about 1300 years and related to Solim quotation.

Second quotation:

By amro ibn sabet from abujafar by imam bagher (p) said that prophet said: me and 12 of my family start with Ali (p) are mountains of earth which god prophet people by us, when 12 people secured earth eat peoples immediately.

Sonnet bring similar quotation that prophet said: Islam depends on 12 of quraysh people and when they went earth will destroy this quotations talk about imam's situation on earth and said they are the reasons of our safety and when they gone unruly come to earth and other world reated and this quotation doesn't mentioned it but has nothing in against other in term of our safety or denary that Shiite created in their logic about imam which starts with Ali (p) and last with imam Mehdi (p) cause to know Mehdi (p) as the last messenger while being last imam doesn't means mean being last messenger and the last messenger could be the first or second imam based on different quotations other quotations said talks about struggle against Solim quotation which talks about destroying earth in quotation number 91 and this quotations like before mentioned the safety situation of imams (p) we mentioned two of them Ahmad ibn Hassan alghatam said: Abu Mohammad abdul Rahman ibn Ali haram said fazl ibn yaghoub said: by sam ibn kamil said: zahir by zaid ibn khy same from saeed ibn ghays al hamdani by jabber ibn samer said that prophet (p) said I have 12 in qoreysh when prophet get back to home I asked what happens after it prophet said: unruly [18] tellers of this like jabber ibn samara, said ibn khamis and hysam ibn kami (are soni and unknown and quotation is weak.

Abu same by ibn mobarak from a person whom heard by vahab ibn manab said prophet said that: after me 12 person are then struggle and soon and continuing the document of this quotation is weak too vahab is in charge of creating quotations and the name of hearer doesn't mentioned also we don't see prophet name eat beginning.

Third quotation:

Abu harire said that prophet said: Mehdi (p) act for 7,8 or 9 years and there is nothing good after him (ibn hanbal , 3 , 37).

The meaning of living without goods is similar with unruly but it refers to Mehdi (p) coming and its document is weak and teller is not Shiite and it's against of jafi quotation so it's not valid moreover its accepted by sonnet which disagree with returning of imams after Mehdi (p).

Solim quotation (91st) is really similar to this the error is disagreement with Shiite ideas in returning after Mehdi (p) which Solim confirm it fourth quotation

Along quotation about returning and coming said by imam sadegh and in the end mafzal ibn omar ask about Mehdi governing period and imam answer and we use them swear to confirm other world after Mehdi (p) this quotation mentioned by khasibi in book and safar bring it with some differences in book and the text has two differences in "behar al anvar" but there is no difference in documents and its weak and unconfident.

Conclusion based on other world creation quotation after Mehdi (p) government and Solim quotation:

With analyzing text and document of quotations about of Mehdi (p) government it's clarify that 12 Mehdi government and 50 years unruly and Jesus (p) governing was weak but about other world creation (Solim) and imam Hossain government which are against and the famously of imam Hossain (p) and disagreement of sonnet based on Mehdi (p) rise and said governing has priority against other world creating, because it may crate situation to ghiye and disagree talks are more valid, so quotation which said world after Mehdi (p) continue by imam Hossain (p) government is more valid. So the Solim quotation (end of 91 quotation) as has lots of quotation to talk against it and it's without valid document.


Article history:

Received 25 September 2014

Received in revised form 26 October 2014

Accepted 25 November 2014

Available online 31 December 2014


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(1) Majid Maref, (2) Sayedeh fatemeh hashemi and (3) Mozhgan Khan Baba

(1) Professor, PhD. Department of Sciences of Qur'an and Hadith, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

(2) PhD. Department of Sciences of Qur'an and Hadith ,Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

(3) PhD. Department of Sciences of Qur'an and Hadith Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Corresponding Author: Majid Maref, Professor, PhD.Department of Sciences of Qur'an and Hadith, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran E-mail:
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