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Analyst at IGS Writes Book on Requirements Documentation.

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 14, 1999--

Benjamin L. Kovitz, a system analyst with Information + Graphics Systems, Inc. (IGS), has written a book on requirements documentation titled "Practical Software Requirements: A Manual of Content and Style."

Building upon the theoretical work of Michael Jackson, the book focuses requirements documents on a single, practical goal: giving programmers, UI designers, testers, and technical writers the information they need to do their jobs, and presenting it in a form that the customer can verify.

Rather than propounding any single methodology, the book examines a variety of problems that software solves, spelling out different information needed to define different problem types. Kovitz shows how to recognize different problem types solved by a software system and document each one separately, systematically, and completely.

The many real-life examples in the book draw heavily on practical experience at IGS. The last two chapters include an actual requirements document from a project at IGS, together with excerpts from the user-interface design document.

Practical Software Requirements: A Manual of Content & Style By Benjamin L. Kovitz Softcover, 426 pages Published by Manning Publications, Greenwich, Connecticut ISBN 1884777597

The book is available on A reader from Toronto, Canada writes, "If you have to write a requirements document, read this! Kovitz's book is one of the best works I've ever seen on writing software requirements."

About Information + Graphics Systems, Inc.

Information + Graphics Systems, Inc. specializes in Data Integration Solutions. We focus within the telecommunications industry and other competitive companies requiring "time-to-market" urgency for mission critical software projects. We emphasize small teams of senior level Java and C++ technologists to deliver solutions and to validate, implement and integrate "best of class" products. We provide solution consulting, process methodologies, and Rapid Application Development, with experience in Enterprise Application Integration(EAI), Service Level Agreements (SLA's) and Operational Support Systems (OSS) Infrastructure. IGS is a member of TeleManagement Forum (TMF), and Object Management Group(OMG). Additional information is available on IGS's website at, or you can contact the company at IGS, 5777 Central Ave. Suite 200, Boulder, CO, 80301, Tel: 303-444-6085, Fax: 303-444-6143.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 14, 1999
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