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Development of Detection Equipment for a Polymerase Chain Reaction with a Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Reaction. Weng, Wei-Chien; Lin, Yu-Cheng Jan 1, 2021 3257
Feature Extraction of Music Signal Based on Adaptive Wave Equation Inversion. Gong, Tianzhuo; Sun, Sibing Jan 1, 2021 7014
Performance Analysis of Vibration Sensors for Closed-Loop Feedback Health Monitoring of Mechanical Equipment. Xiao, Yue; Li, Yan; Chu, Changbao Jan 1, 2021 8525
Gaussian Source Coding using a Simple Switched Quantization Algorithm and Variable Length Codewords. Peric, Zoran; Petkovic, Goran; Denic, Bojan; Stanimirovic, Aleksandar; Despotovic, Vladimir; Stoimen Report Nov 1, 2020 5148
Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing of 2D-DCT and 2D-IDCT. An, Dezhi; Zhang, Shengcai; Lu, Jun; Li, Yan Aug 31, 2020 7179
Global Mittag-Leffler Stabilization of Fractional-Order BAM Neural Networks with Linear State Feedback Controllers. Yan, Hongyun; Qiao, Yuanhua; Duan, Lijuan; Zhang, Ling Report Aug 31, 2020 4107
An ECoG-Based Binary Classification of BCI Using Optimized Extreme Learning Machine. Zhang, Xinman; Xiong, Qi; Dai, Yixuan; Xu, Xuebin; Song, Guokun Report Jul 31, 2020 8028
A Parallel Algorithm Framework for Feature Extraction of EEG Signals on MPI. Xiong, Qi; Zhang, Xinman; Wang, Wen-Feng; Gu, Yuhong Jun 30, 2020 4330
Damage Localization of Piles Based on Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform: Numerical Example and Experimental Verification. Zheng, Wenting; Wang, Sifan; Lin, Chengxu; Yu, Xianying; Liu, Jingliang Jun 30, 2020 5316
Deep Learning for the Classification of Genomic Signals. Morales, J. Alejandro; Saldana, Roman; Santana-Castolo, Manuel H.; Torres- Cerna, Carlos E.; Borrayo May 31, 2020 4910
Research on a Low-Cost, Open-Source, and Remote Monitoring Data Collector to Predict Livestock's Habits Based on Location and Auditory Information: A Case Study from Vietnam. Ngo, Ha Quang Thinh; Nguyen, Thanh Phuong; Nguyen, Hung Case study May 1, 2020 10987
A New Fault Diagnosis Method for Rotating Machinery Based on SCA-FastICA. Miao, Feng; Zhao, Rongzhen Apr 30, 2020 5071
FIR to FIR Model Reduction with Linear Group Delay in Passband by SDP Optimization. Hu, Haijiang; Song, Shaojing; Zhang, Fengdeng Mar 31, 2020 2725
Vibration Signal Analysis of Water Seal Blasting Based on Wavelet Threshold Denoising and HHT Transformation. Liu, Jiang-Chao; Gao, Wen-Xue Mar 31, 2020 7238
GA-Adaptive Template Matching for Offline Shape Motion Tracking Based on Edge Detection: IAS Estimation from the SURVISHNO 2019 Challenge Video for Machine Diagnostics Purposes. Daga, Alessandro Paolo; Garibaldi, Luigi Report Feb 1, 2020 11697
Design and Quantitative Analysis of Cancer Detection System Based on Fluorescence Immune Analysis. Shao, Lei; Zhang, Longyu; Li, Shilin; Zhang, Pengyuan Jan 1, 2020 6079
A Morphological Filtering Method Based on Particle Swarm Optimization for Railway Vehicle Bearing Fault Diagnosis. Huang, Yan; Lin, Jianhui; Liu, Zechao; Huang, Chenguang Jan 1, 2020 7469
A Highly Effective Data Preprocessing in Side-Channel Attack Using Empirical Mode Decomposition. Zhang, ShuaiWei; Yang, XiaoYuan; Chen, Lin; Zhong, Weidong Nov 30, 2019 5117
A Fault Diagnosis Method for One-Dimensional Vibration Signal Based on Multiresolution tlsDMD and Approximate Entropy. Dang, Zhang; Lv, Yong; Li, Yourong; Wei, Guoqian Nov 30, 2019 12611
Laser Doppler Signal Denoising Based on Wavelet Packet Thresholding Method. Zhang, Da; Liu, Ranglei Nov 30, 2019 4255
A Sparse Representation Method for Coherent Sources Angle Estimation with Uniform Circular Array. Su, Xiaolong; Liu, Zhen; Liu, Tianpeng; Peng, Bo; Chen, Xin; Li, Xiang Oct 31, 2019 4332
Speech Technology Progress Based on New Machine Learning Paradigm. Delic, Vlado; Peric, Zoran; Secujski, Milan; Jakovljevic, Niksa; Nikolic, Jelena; Miskovic, Dragisa; Jul 31, 2019 15326
Improving Neutron-Gamma Discrimination with Stilbene Organic Scintillation Detector Using Blind Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorization Methods. Arahmane, Hanane; Hamzaoui, El-Mehdi; Moursli, Rajaa Cherkaoui El Jun 30, 2019 4483
Analysis of Exponential Stability for Neutral Stochastic Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks with Mixed Delays. Yang, Tianqing; Xiong, Zuoliang; Yang, Cuiping Jun 30, 2019 4720
Reassigned Short Time Fourier Transform and K-means Method for Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Bar Detection in VSD-fed Induction Motors. Ojeda-Aguirre, Noe Alejandro; Garcia-Perez, Arturo; Romero-Troncoso, Rene De Jesus; Morinigo-Sotelo, May 1, 2019 6431
Enabling Noninvasive Physical Assault Monitoring in Smart School with Commercial Wi-Fi Devices. Zhou, Qizhen; Wu, Chenshu; Xing, Jianchun; Zhao, Shuo; Yang, Qiliang Apr 30, 2019 9406
Potentiostats for Protein Biosensing: Design Considerations and Analysis on Measurement Characteristics. Abdullah, Saad; Tonello, Sarah; Borghetti, Michela; Sardini, Emilio; Serpelloni, Mauro Apr 30, 2019 10170
Distribution of the Cell Under Test in Sliding Window Detection Processes. Weinberg, Graham V. Report Apr 1, 2019 2867
ECG Signal Denoising and Features Extraction Using Unbiased FIR Smoothing. Lastre-Dominguez, Carlos; Shmaliy, Yuriy S.; Ibarra-Manzano, Oscar; Munoz-Minjares, Jorge; Morales-M Mar 31, 2019 8606
Diagnosis of Bearing Outer Race Faults Using a Low-Cost Non-Contact Method with Advanced Wavelet Transforms. Barusu, Madhusudhana Reddy; Sethurajan, Umamaheswari; Deivasigamani, Meganathan Report Feb 1, 2019 6836
A Novel Approach for Activity Recognition with Down-Sampling 1D Local Binary Pattern Features. Kuncan, Fatma; Kaya, Yilmaz; Kuncan, Melih Case study Feb 1, 2019 7077
Sensing and clustering analysis of acoustic emission due to crack rubbing/clapping in fatigue-cracked thin metal sheets. Joseph, Roshan; Giurgiutiu, Victor Jan 1, 2019 3548
Noise-Assisted Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition Based Emotion Recognition. Ozel, Pmar; Akan, Aydm; Yilmaz, Bulent Dec 1, 2018 7538
Acceleration of Digital Stochastic Measurement Simulation Based on Concurrent Programming. Pjevalica, Velibor; Pjevalica, Nebojsa; Kastelan, Ivan; Petrovic, Nenad Report Dec 1, 2018 4317
Sparse Reconstruction Method for Separating Cardiac and Respiratory Components from Electrical Bioimpedance Measurements. Butsenko, Maksim; Martens, Olev; Krivosei, Andrei; Moullec, Yannick Le Report Oct 1, 2018 3625
Support Region of Semilogarithmic Quantizer for Laplacian Source. Peric, Zoran H.; Suzic, Sinisa B.; Delic, Tijana V.; Simic, Nikola Report Aug 1, 2018 3492
Performance Analysis in Wireless Powered D2D-Aided Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks. Do, Dinh-Thuan Report Aug 1, 2018 3920
Automatic Classification of Motor Impairment Neural Disorders from EEG Signals Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Vrbancic, Grega; Podgorelec, Vili Report Aug 1, 2018 3663
Capacity Enhancement of Multiuser Wireless Communication System through Adaptive Non-Linear Pre coding. Kaur, Dalveer; Kumar, Neeraj Report Apr 1, 2018 7561
Hardware Efficient Reciprocal Using Second Order Harmonized Parabolic Synthesis and Squaring Shrunk Method. Luo, Jun; Luo, Hongwei; Zhi, Yue; Wang, Xiaoqiang; Lv, Hongfeng; Dang, Ming Report Apr 1, 2018 5188
Fuzzy Integral and Cuckoo Search Based Classifier Fusion for Human Action Recognition. Aydin, Ilhan Report Feb 1, 2018 6180
Formation of Equivalent Models of Structured Multirate Systems in the Form of Signal Graph. Kramar, Vadim Report Jan 1, 2018 2710
30 - Detection and identification of low-amplitude Acoustic Emissions during plastic deformation under indentation and scratch testing. Danyuk, A.; Merson, D.; Vinogradov, A. Jan 1, 2018 2818
A ROF Access Network for Simultaneous Generation and Transmission Multiband Signals Based on Frequency Octupling and FWM Techniques. Zhou, Hui; Shen, Yunlong; Chen, Ming; Cheng, Jun; Zeng, Yuting Report Jan 1, 2018 3524
Unusual Operation of the Junction Transistor Based on Dynamical Behavior of Impurities. Arroyo, Roberto Baca Report Jan 1, 2018 6773
60GHz Reverse Modulation Fiber-Wireless System with Two Jointed DSP Algorithms. Chen, Long; He, Ziwei; Zhao, Lv; Zhong, Bin Report Jan 1, 2018 2943
Measuring the Phase of an Optical Field from Two Intensity Measurements: Analysis of a Simple Theoretical Model. Kelly, Damien P. Jan 1, 2018 8234
Deep Learning Methods for Underwater Target Feature Extraction and Recognition. Hu, Gang; Wang, Kejun; Peng, Yuan; Qiu, Mengran; Shi, Jianfei; Liu, Liangliang Report Jan 1, 2018 5883
A Machine Learning Approach to the Detection of Pilot's Reaction to Unexpected Events Based on EEG Signals. Binias, Bartosz; Myszor, Dariusz; Cyran, Krzysztof A. Report Jan 1, 2018 7044
Using Black Hole Algorithm to Improve EEG-Based Emotion Recognition. Munoz, Roberto; Olivares, Rodrigo; Taramasco, Carla; Villarroel, Rodolfo; Soto, Ricardo; Barcelos, T Report Jan 1, 2018 16849
A New Fuzzy Logic-Based Similarity Measure Applied to Large Gap Imputation for Uncorrelated Multivariate Time Series. Phan, Thi-Thu-Hong; Bigand, Andre; Caillault, Emilie Poisson Report Jan 1, 2018 11554
Joint DOA and DOD Estimation Based on Tensor Subspace with Partially Calibrated Bistatic MIMO Radar. Wang, Junxiang; Huang, Ping; Xu, Dingjie Jan 1, 2018 4096
Sample Entropy Analysis of Noisy Atrial Electrograms during Atrial Fibrillation. Cirugeda-Roldan, Eva Maria; Pico, Antonio Molina; Novak, Daniel; Cuesta-Frau, David; Kremen, Vaclav Jan 1, 2018 5540
Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Fractional Nonsteady Heat Transfer Model Based on the Second Kind Chebyshev Wavelet. Zhao, Fuqiang; Xie, Jiaquan; Huang, Qingxue Jan 1, 2018 4275
Sampling Adaptive Learning Algorithm for Mobile Blind Source Separation. Huang, Jingwen; Sun, Jianshan Jan 1, 2018 3279
Weak Target Detection Method of Passive Bistatic Radar Based on Probability Histogram. Hu, Panhe; Bao, Qinglong; Chen, Zengping Jan 1, 2018 3392
Mean-Square Exponential Input-to-State Stability of Stochastic Fuzzy Recurrent Neural Networks with Multiproportional Delays and Distributed Delays. Wang, Tianyu; Zhu, Quanxin; Cai, Jingwei Jan 1, 2018 3913
An adaptive sparse algorithm for synthesizing note specific atoms by spectrum analysis, applied to music signal separation. Azamian, Mohammadali; Kabir, Ehsanollah; Seyedin, Sanaz; Masehian, Ellips Report May 1, 2017 7766
8-bit kogge stone adder design for FIR filter applications. Jayakumar, S.; Sumathi, A.; Saranraj, S. Report Apr 30, 2017 1674
A duck power aerial speed multipliers. Radha, N.; Abinaya, A. Report Mar 1, 2017 2699
Mars Atmospheric Entry Integrated Navigation with Partial Intermittent Measurements. Lou, Tai-shan; Wang, Yan; Ding, Guo-qiang; Zhao, Liang-yu Report Jan 1, 2017 7530
Assessment Method of Multipath Mitigation Performance for GNSS Antenna with Receiver Algorithms. Yuan, Muzi; Li, Du; Li, Baiyu; Chen, Huaming; Ou, Gang Report Jan 1, 2017 6315
Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Coprime Array Using Compressive Sensing Based Array Interpolation. Liu, Aihua; Yang, Qiang; Zhang, Xin; Deng, Weibo Report Jan 1, 2017 7091
The Channel Compressive Sensing Estimation for Power Line Based on OMP Algorithm. Zhang, Yiying; Liang, Kun; He, Yeshen; Wu, Yannian; Hu, Xin; Sun, Lili Jan 1, 2017 3850
Method for Detecting the Inside of Coke Drum Using Acoustic Signals. Guo, Qian; Tong, Xinglin; Zhang, Cui; Deng, Chengwei; Zhang, Baolin; Xiong, Qiao; Zhou, Chaoran Jan 1, 2017 4006
Robust Nearfield Wideband Beamforming Design Based on Adaptive-Weighted Convex Optimization. Ye-Cai, Guo; Chao, Wang; Ning, Zhang Report Jan 1, 2017 4732
Impact Localization Method for Composite Plate Based on Low Sampling Rate Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors. Pang, Zhuo; Yuan, Mei; Song, Hao; Jiao, Zongxia Report Jan 1, 2017 5299
Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks and Applications. Cobos, Maximo; Antonacci, Fabio; Mouchtaris, Athanasios; Lee, Bowon Report Jan 1, 2017 1867
The Role of Sports Participation in Hemispheric Dominance: Assessment by Electrodermal Activity Signals. Aladag, Serhat; Guven, Aysegul; Dolu, Nazan; Ozbek, Hatice Report Jan 1, 2017 3448
Area PEc Neurons Use a Multiphasic Pattern of Activity to Signal the Spatial Properties of Optic Flow. Raffi, Milena; Piras, Alessandro; Calzavara, Roberta; Squatrito, Salvatore Report Jan 1, 2017 5377
Optimizing High-Performance CUDA DSP Filter for ECG Signals. Domazet, Ervin; Gusev, Marjan; Ristov, Sasko Report Jan 1, 2017 4420
Modified BTC Algorithm for Audio Signal Coding. Tomic, Stefan; Peric, Zoran; Nikolic, Jelena Nov 1, 2016 6781
A Novel Non-Iterative Method for Real-Time Parameter Estimation of the Fricke-Morse Model. Simic, Mitar; Babic, Zdenka; Risojevic, Vladimir; Stojanovic, Goran M. Nov 1, 2016 5865
Differential second-order voltage-mode all-pass filter using current conveyors. Koton, Jaroslav; Herencsar, Norbert; Horng, Jiun-Wei Report Oct 1, 2016 3802
Robustness of the prediction filter in differential pulse code modulation system. Dankovic, Nikola B.; Peric, Zoran H.; Antic, Dragan S.; Peric, Stanisa Lj.; Nikolic, Sasa S. Report Oct 1, 2016 3707
FOPA pump phase modulation and polarization impact on generation of idler components. Olonkins, Sergejs; Bobrovs, Vjaceslavs; Ivanovs, Girts Report Aug 1, 2016 3286
Speech signal coding using forward adaptive quantization and simple transform coding. Tancic, Milan Z.; Peric, Zoran H.; Tomic, Stefan; Simic, Nikola Report Jun 1, 2016 3147
Application of hybrid wavelet neural network in one-dimensional signal denoising using multiple wavelet functions. Arora, Jasmineet Kaur; Murthy, Somanchi K.; Deodhar, R.S. Apr 1, 2016 2821
Ultrasonic system models for pulse trains excitation tuning. Svilainis, Linas; Rodriguez, Alberto; Aleksandrovas, Arturas Report Apr 1, 2016 2272
A problem analysis of RSOA-based optical access. Tervydis, Paulius; Jankuniene, Ruta Report Apr 1, 2016 4882
Remote health information system of soldiers using lab view. Ponmalathi, B.; Shenbagapriya, M. Report Mar 1, 2016 2113
Switched scalar optimal [mu]-law quantization with adaptation performed to both the variance and the distribution of speech signal. Petkovic, Goran M.; Peric, Zoran H.; Stoimenov, Leonid V. Report Feb 1, 2016 2753
Detection of Periodic Leg Movements by Machine Learning Methods Using Polysomnography Parameters Other Than Leg Electromyography. Umut, Ilhan; Centik, Guven Jan 1, 2016 5028
A Fetal Electrocardiogram Signal Extraction Algorithm Based on the Temporal Structure and the Non-Gaussianity. Li, Yibing; Nie, Wei; Ye, Fang; Li, Ao Jan 1, 2016 4900
Statistical Properties of SNR for Compressed Measurements. Gao, Yulong; Chen, Yanping; Su, Linxiao Jan 1, 2016 3108
An Efficient Algorithm for Overcomplete Sparsifying Transform Learning with Signal Denoising. Hou, Beiping; Zhu, Zhihui; Li, Gang; Yu, Aihua Jan 1, 2016 8873
Neural Gas Clustering Adapted for Given Size of Clusters. Luptakova, Iveta Dirgova; Simon, Marek; Huraj, Ladislav; Pospichal, Jiri Jan 1, 2016 4092
High sensitivity detection of ae events in noisy environment using stream recording and parallel computation. Ito, Kaita; Enoki, Manabu Report Jan 1, 2016 2494
An effective pre-processing technique for robust ESPRIT-based single-tone frequency estimation against an I/Q mismatch. Kim, Sangdong; Kim, Bong-seok; Oh, Daegun; Lee, Jonghun Report Dec 1, 2015 3657
BoostEMD: an extension of EMD method and its application for denoising of EMG signals. Damasevicius, Robertas; Vasiljevas, Mindaugas; Martisius, Ignas; Jusas, Vacius; Birvinskas, Darius; Report Dec 1, 2015 3318
Consistency Analysis of Ultrasound Echoes within a Dual Symmetric Path Inspection Framework. Vasile, Costin; Stamatescu, Grigore; Sgarciu, Valentin; Ioana, Cornel May 1, 2015 3914
Software augments instruments for 5G research. Nelson, Rick Mar 1, 2015 1576
All-optical NRZ-to-PRZ format conversion limitations using notch filters. Ozolins, Oskars; Trifonovs, Ilja; Parts, Rolands; Bobrovs, Vjaceslavs Report Feb 1, 2015 2134
Efficient multi-standard software defined radio receivers implementation using frequency response masking. Naveena, P.; Nithya, S. Report Nov 1, 2014 1957
Kohonen Neural Network Stress Detection Using Only Electrodermal Activity Features. Bornoiu, Ionut-Vlad; Grigore, Ovidiu Aug 1, 2014 4768
Analysis of LTE Physical Hybrid ARQ Control Channel. Milos, Jiri; Hanus, Stanislav May 1, 2014 2878
Global Stability, Bifurcation, and Chaos Control in a Delayed Neural Network Model. Kundu, Amitava; Das, Pritha Jan 1, 2014 3253
Efficient time-frequency localization of a signal. Chand, Satish Report Jan 1, 2014 6065
Fast method for DOA estimation with circular and noncircular signals mixed together. Zeng, Yaoping; Yang, Yixin; Lu, Guangyue; Huang, Qiongdan Technical report Jan 1, 2014 4063
Urban and indoor weak signal tracking using an array tracker with MVA and nonlinear filtering. Ding, Jicheng; Zhang, Guoli; Zhao, Lin Report Jan 1, 2014 4747
A fast independent component analysis algorithm for geochemical anomaly detection and its application to soil geochemistry data processing. Liu, Bin; Guo, Si; Wei, Youhua; Zhan, Zedong Report Jan 1, 2014 5416
A joint Doppler frequency shift and DOA estimation algorithm based on sparse representations for colocated TDM-MIMO radar. Chen, Tao; Wu, Huanxin; Liu, Lutao Report Jan 1, 2014 5350
Local fractional Z-transforms with applications to signals on Cantor sets. Liu, Kai; Hu, Ren-Jie; Cattani, Carlo; Xie, Gong-Nan; Yang, Xiao-Jun; Zhao, Yang Report Jan 1, 2014 3421
Melnikov's criteria and Chaos analysis in the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with Kerr law nonlinearity. Yin, Jiuli; Zhao, Liuwei; Tian, Lixin Report Jan 1, 2014 4934
Signal processing for nondifferentiable data defined on cantor sets: a local fractional Fourier series approach. Chen, Zhi-Yong; Cattani, Carlo; Zhong, Wei-Ping Editorial Jan 1, 2014 2562
Aspects of synchronization. Lecklider, Tom Dec 1, 2013 2995
Direction estimation of correlated/coherent signals by sparsely representing the signal-subspace eigenvectors. Sha, Zhi-Chao; Liu, Zhang-Meng; Huang, Zhi-Tao; Zhou, Yi-Yu Jul 1, 2013 5038
A novel compressed sensing based method for space time signal processing for airborne radars. Liu, Jing; Han, Chongzhao; Yao, Xianghua; Lian, Feng Jul 1, 2013 9000
Complex permittivity logging tool excited by transient signal for MWD/LWD. Wang, Bin; Li, Kang; Kong, Fan Min; Sheng, Shi Wei May 1, 2013 5222
Absolute adaptive CS model and modified strong tracking unscented filter for high maneuvering target tracking. Zhou, Zheng; Liu, Jinmang; Liu, Changyun Abstract Apr 1, 2013 4190
Rotational micro-motion modulated jamming for countering ISAR based on intermittent sampling repeater. Pan, Xiaoyi; Wang, Wei; Feng, Dejun; Huang, Jing; Fu, Qixiang; Wang, Guoyu Abstract Mar 1, 2013 4434
Tree-based backtracking orthogonal matching pursuit for sparse signal reconstruction. Cen, Yigang; Wang, Fangfei; Zhao, Ruizhen; Cui, Lihong; Cen, Lihui; Miao, Zhenjiang; Cen, Yanming Report Jan 1, 2013 4615
Incomplete phase space reconstruction method based on subspace adaptive evolution approximation. Li, Tai-fu; Jia, Wei; Zhou, Wei; Ge, Ji-ke; Liu, Yu-cheng; Yao, Li-zhong Report Jan 1, 2013 4760
From testing ADCS to detecting donkeys. Nelson, Rick; Lecklider, Tom Technical report Jul 1, 2012 3054
Data all strung out. Lecklider, Tom Technical report Sep 1, 2011 3500
Good switching maintains good signals. Lecklider, Tom Technical report May 1, 2011 3141
Stimulating the pulse of today's electronics. Lecklider, Tom May 1, 2007 3465
Self-adaptive software for signal processing: evolving systems in changing environments without growing pains. Sztipanovits, Janos; Karsai, Gabor; Bapty, Ted May 1, 1998 5217
Digital data signal spectral side lobe regrowth in soft saturating amplifiers. Amoroso, Frank; Monzingo, Robert A. Feb 1, 1998 2625
Data-based load-pull simulation for large-signal transistor model validation. Sevic, John F.; McGuire, Chuck; Simpson, Gary M.; Pla, Jaime Mar 1, 1997 1107

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