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Properties of 3D Printable Poly(lactic acid)/Poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) Blends and Nano Talc Composites. Prasong, Wattanachai; Muanchan, Paritat; Ishigami, Akira; Thumsorn, Supaphorn; Kurose, Takashi; Ito, Apr 30, 2020 8662
Experimental Study on Seepage Properties of Jointed Rock-Like Samples Based on 3D Printing Techniques. Tan, Wenhui; Wang, Pengfei Report Mar 1, 2020 5867
New 3D Printing Lab opens for DHA hospitals. Staff Report Jan 19, 2020 196
Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Porous Thermoplastic Polyurethane Obtained by 3D Printing for Protective Gear. Lee, Hyojeong; Eom, Ran-i; Lee, Yejin Dec 31, 2019 5851
Adaptation of Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment Methods for Automatic Visual Evaluation of the Surface Quality of 3D Prints. Okarma, Krzysztof; Fastowicz, Jaroslaw Oct 1, 2019 4276
Selective Laser Melting of Diamond-Containing or Postnitrided Materials Intended for Impact-Abrasive Conditions: Experimental and Analytical Study. Rahmani, Ramin; Antonov, Maksim; Kollo, Lauri Jul 31, 2019 4688
Coming soon: 3D printed house in your Dubai neighborhood. Jul 18, 2019 271
Modelling of impact-abrasive wear of ceramic, metallic, and composite materials/Keraamiliste, metalsete ja komposiitmaterjalide abrasiivkulumise modelleerimine. Rahmani, Ramin; Antonov, Maksim; Kamboj, Nikhil Report Jun 1, 2019 1472
Experimental Study of Polymeric Stent Fabrication Using Homemade 3D Printing System. Zhao, Danyang; Zhou, Ruiqi; Sun, Jianxing; Li, Hongxia; Jin, Yifei Report Jun 1, 2019 7188
Preparation and Characterization of Printed LTCC Substrates for Microwave Devices. Shi, Yanfeng; Chai, Yongqiang; Hu, Shengbo Apr 30, 2019 2499
Analysis of Microwave Passive Circuits Designed Using 3D Printing Techniques. Garcia-Martinez, Hector; Avila-Navarro, Ernesto; Rodriguez-Martinez, Alberto; de la Casa-Lillo, Migu Report Apr 1, 2019 2983
Surgical Treatment for Posterior Dislocation of Hip Combined with Acetabular Fractures Using Preoperative Virtual Simulation and Three-Dimensional Printing Model-Assisted Precontoured Plate Fixation Techniques. Li, Yuan-Ta; Hung, Chun-Chi; Chou, Yu-Ching; Chen, Jia-En; Wu, Chia-Chun; Shen, Hsain-Chung; Yeh, Ts Mar 31, 2019 5796
Force-Amplified Soft Electromagnetic Actuators. Doerger, Stanley R.; Harnett, Cindy K. Dec 1, 2018 4956
3D printing catapults R&D into the fast lane. Cormier, Ken Dec 1, 2018 871
New Molding Material Recipe Eliminates Veining. Dec 1, 2018 751
Degree of Cure of Epoxy/Acrylic Photopolymers: Characterization With Raman Spectroscopy and a Modified Phenomenological Model. Martin, Blair; Puentes, John; Wruck, Lorenz; Osswald, Tim A. Report Feb 1, 2018 5950
3D modelling is reshaping the Gulf's prefabrication sector. Jan 12, 2018 203
Researchers print lifelike 3-D organ models for surgeons to practise on; MEDICAL MARVELS. Jan 5, 2018 134
MEDICAL MARVELS; Researchers print lifelike 3-D organ models for MARVELS surgeons to practise on. Jan 5, 2018 134
Angle-Scanning Surface Plasmon Resonance System with 3D Printed Components for Biorecognition Investigation. Zhang, ChenGuang; Chen, Ching-Jung; Settu, Kalpana; Liu, Jen-Tsai Report Jan 1, 2018 3891
Ray-Tracing-Based Modeling of Clad-Removed Step-Index Plastic Optical Fiber in Smart Textiles: Effect of Curvature in Plain Weave Fabric. Moon, Sun Hee; Lee, Joon Seok; Sul, In Hwan Jan 1, 2018 5896
Ka-Band Lightweight High-Efficiency Wideband 3D Printed Reflector Antenna. Zhai, Yu; Xu, Ding; Zhang, Yan Jan 1, 2018 3102
Tailor-Made, Linear, and "Comb-Like" Polyester-Based Copolymers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Behavior of Potential 3D-Printing/Electrospinning Candidates. Redondo, Franco L.; Ninago, Mario D.; de Freitas, Augusto G.O.; Giacomelli, Cristiano; Ciolino, Andr Jan 1, 2018 9697
Efficacy of rhBMP-2 Loaded PCL/[beta]-TCP/bdECM Scaffold Fabricated by 3D Printing Technology on Bone Regeneration. Bae, Eun-Bin; Park, Keun-Ho; Shim, Jin-Hyung; Chung, Ho-Yun; Choi, Jae-Won; Lee, Jin-Ju; Kim, Chang- Jan 1, 2018 6197
The Feasibility of 3D Printing Technology on the Treatment of Pilon Fracture and Its Effect on Doctor-Patient Communication. Zheng, Wenhao; Chen, Chunhui; Zhang, Chuanxu; Tao, Zhenyu; Cai, Leyi Jan 1, 2018 6176
Anatomical Thin Titanium Mesh Plate Structural Optimization for Zygomatic-Maxillary Complex Fracture under Fatigue Testing. Wang, Yu-Tzu; Huang, Shao-Fu; Fang, Yu-Ting; Huang, Shou-Chieh; Cheng, Hwei-Fang; Chen, Chih-Hao; Wa Jan 1, 2018 3946
A Lightweight Surface Reconstruction Method for Online 3D Scanning Point Cloud Data Oriented toward 3D Printing. Sheng, Buyun; Zhao, Feiyu; Yin, Xiyan; Zhang, Chenglei; Wang, Hui; Huang, Peide Jan 1, 2018 8541
Development of Technology for Improving Productivity and Quality of Injection molding. Park, Hong-Seok; Dang, Xuan-Phuong Report Jan 1, 2018 3005
Evaluation of Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing of Maraging Steel. Zetkova, Ivana; Kucerova, Ludmila; Zetek, Miroslav; Cesanek, Jiri; Hanzl, Pavel; Dana, Milan; Nozar, Report Jan 1, 2018 2152
Accuracy of Holes created by 3D printing (DMLS). Milan, Dana; Ivana, Zetkova; Pavel, Hanzl; Ondrej, Hronek Report Jan 1, 2018 2696
A Comparison of Lattice Structures in Metal Additive manufacturing. Hanzl, Pavel; Zetkova, Ivana; Dana, Milan Report Jan 1, 2018 1893
Three-dimensional tactile images: a model for tactile translation from two-dimensional static images/Imagens tateis tridimensionais: um modelo para a traducao tatil a partir de imagens estaticas bidimensionais. Sanches, Emilia Christie Picelli; Bueno, Juliana; de Macedo, Claudia Mara Scudelari May 1, 2017 5682
With 3D printing in the VA healthcare system, everybody wins: How patients, providers, and hospital leadership can all benefit. Ripley, Beth May 1, 2017 924
New 3-D Printing Method Creates Shape-Shifting Objects. Apr 15, 2017 638
SSC Pacific Shows Off 3-D Printing Skills. Jackson, Krishna M. Apr 1, 2017 844
Implementing a 3D printing service in a biomedical library. Walker, Verma Jan 1, 2017 3287
Dielectric Properties of 3D Printed Polylactic Acid. Dichtl, Claudius; Sippel, Pit; Krohns, Stephan Jan 1, 2017 6816
Bioactive Potential of 3D-Printed Oleo-Gum-Resin Disks: B. papyrifera, C. myrrha, and S. benzoin Loading Nanooxides--Ti[O.sub.2], P25, [Cu.sub.2]O, and Mo[O.sub.3]. Horst, Diogo Jose; Tebcherani, Sergio Mazurek; Kubaski, Evaldo Toniolo; de Almeida Vieira, Rogerio Report Jan 1, 2017 10184
Online Detection of Peroxidase Using 3D Printing, Active Magnetic Mixing, and Spectra Analysis. Bai, Shanshan; Gan, Chengqi; Cai, Gaozhe; Wang, Lei; Chen, Mingyong; Han, Qingan; Lin, Jianhan Report Jan 1, 2017 4957
Microstructure of MS1 Maraging Steel in 3D-Printed Products after Semi-Solid Processing. Rubesova, Katerina; Jenicek, Stepan; Kana, Josef; Zetkova, Ivana Report Jan 1, 2017 1898
Mechanical properties of 3D scaffolds for bone regeneration/3D karkasu, skirtu kaulu regeneracijai, mechaniniu savybiu tyrimas. Mizeras, Deividas; Sesok, Andzela; Valiulis, Algirdas Vaclovas; Gargasas, Justinas; Gedzevicius, Irm Dec 1, 2016 2193
Technology breakthroughs: helping the construction industry build smarter. Boudreau, Tom Nov 1, 2016 1048
Changing the design space. Euchner, Jim Editorial Jul 1, 2016 1288
3D Impressions, New Technology that Supports Anatomical Teaching/Impresiones 3D, Nueva Tecnologia que Apoya la Docencia Anatomica. Inzunza, Oscar; Caro, Ivan; Mondragon, German; Baeza, Felipe; Burdiles, Alvaro; Salgado, Guillermo Sep 1, 2015 3765
Water-based coatings for 3D printed parts. Zhu, Jiayi; Chen, Julia L.; Lade, Robert K., Jr.; Suszynski, Wieslaw J.; Francis, Lorraine F. Report Sep 1, 2015 4788
Characterization of the auto-curing behavior of rapid prototyping materials for three-dimensional printing using dielectric analysis. Steinhaus, Johannes; Hausnerova, Berenika; Moeginger, Bernhard; Harrach, Mohamed; Guenther, Daniel; Report Jul 1, 2015 6497
From the editor. Editorial Jul 1, 2015 482
Relevance of 3D bioprinting in tissue engineering application: concept and perspectives. Vignesh, G.; Raghavan, R. Narasimha; Sivaraman, D.; Mohana, N.; Selvaraj, R. Report Apr 1, 2015 4935
New dimensions: museums provide creative opportunities with 3-D printing. Mascioni, Michael Sep 22, 2014 902
Automation Devices Embraces 3D Printing. Jun 18, 2014 236
3-D printing: a world full of plastics engineers? Mar 1, 2014 1268

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