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Stocks soar 5.23% on vaccine news, shrug off GDP plunge. Nov 10, 2020 405
Stock Return Uncertainty and Life Insurance. Dong, Yang; Wang, Hao; Zhang, Lihong Report Jul 31, 2020 7392
Improving Forecasts of the EGARCH Model Using Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Inference System. Mohammed, Geleta T.; Aduda, Jane A.; Kube, Ananda O. Jul 31, 2020 8324
Financial instability and oil price fluctuations: evidence from oil exporting developing countries. Gaies, Brahim; Guesmi, Khaled; Porcher, Thomas; Boroumand, Raphael Jun 1, 2020 8359
An Anecdote of Investor Anxiety and Momentum in China. Lin, Hung-Wen; Lin, Kun-Ben; Huang, Jing-Bo; Cao, Xia-Ping May 31, 2020 15116
The Nonlinear Relationship between Investor Sentiment, Stock Return, and Volatility. He, Gang; Zhu, Shuzhen; Gu, Haifeng Apr 30, 2020 10316
Disseminating the History of the Major Financial Crises and Their Multidimensional Implications. Naeem, Muhammad Zahid; Spulbar, Cristi; Birau, Ramona; Ejaz, Abdullah; Minea, Elena Loredana; Imran, Dec 1, 2019 11552
Stock Watch. Jul 21, 2019 821
The impact of transaction costs in portfolio optimization: A comparative analysis between the cost of trading in Peru and the United States. Chavalle, Luc; Chavez-Bedoya, Luis Jul 1, 2019 10339
Use of the DEA-Sharpe technique in the analysis of the portfolio investment behavior/Uso da tecnica DEA-Sharpe na analise do comportamento de carteiras de investimento. Longaray, Andre Andrade; Sa, Alisson Fabras; Machado, Catia Maria dos Santos; Munhoz, Paulo Roberto; Jul 1, 2019 6152
Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Pakistan Stock Market. Naseem, Sobia; Rizwan, Faisal; Abbas, Zaheer; Mohsin, Muhammad; Zia-Ur-Rehman, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2019 2960
Is creation of stock market support fund a prudent approach? Kazmi, Shabbir Report Jun 2, 2019 1050
'Brokers model' on the anvil. Mar 31, 2019 427
Do Brands Matter in Unlisted Firms? An Empirical Study of the Association between Brand Equity and Financial Performance. Schmitz, Anne; Villasenor-Roman, Nieves Dec 1, 2018 6786
Calculating the Efficient Frontier for the Portuguese Stock Market. Garcia, Maria Teresa Medeiros; dos Santos Borrego, Daniel Alexandre Bourdain Report Nov 1, 2018 5631
A Statistical Factor Asset Pricing Model Versus the 4-Factor Model/Modelo Estatistico de Aprecamento de Ativos Versus o Modelo de Quatro Fatores. Santana, Veronica de Fatima; Rathke, Alex Augusto Timm Ensayo Oct 1, 2018 9973
Stock Market Short-Termism. Report Sep 22, 2018 660
TRENDS AND CALENDAR EFFECTS IN MALAYSIA'S STOCK MARKET. smadi, Ayman Abdalmajeed Ahmad Al-smadi; Almsafir, Mahmoud Khalid; Husni, Nur Hanis Hazwani Binti Report Jun 22, 2018 3814
When Replacing an Audit Committee Member, Does Financial Expertise Matter to Investors? Schneider, Arnold Report Jun 22, 2018 4509
Return Volatility and Macroeconomic Factors: A Comparison of US and Pakistani Firms. Jan, Sharif Ullah; Khan, Hashim; Khan, Faisal Abstract Jun 1, 2018 11859
20 Years of Real Plan: an analysis of the relationship between exchange rate, inflation, interest rate and the Ibovespa/20 Anos de Plano Real: uma analise da relacao entre cambio, inflacao, taxa de juros e o Ibovespa/20 Anos de Real: un analisis de la relacion entre cambio, inflacion, tasa de interes y el Ibovespa. Santana, Henrique Nogueira; de Lima e Silva, Sabrina Amelia; Ferreira, Bruno Perez May 1, 2018 7837
Industry Standards. Moritz, Gwen Editorial Apr 9, 2018 788
THE INFORMATION CONTENT OF SHARE REPURCHASES--EVIDENCE FROM POLAND. Wronska-Bukalska, Elzbieta; Kazmierska-Jozwiak, Bogna; Rozkovec, Jiri Abstract Apr 1, 2018 7444
Clear Signals or Ambiguity? How Long-Buyers and Short-Sellers React Differently to Competitive Actions. Hughes-Morgan, Margaret; Ferrier, Walter J.; Morgan, Fred W. Abstract Mar 22, 2018 8664
What is the Point of (the Hundreds of Thousands of Billions of) Stock Transactions? Capelle-Blancard, Gunther Report Mar 1, 2018 8415
Analysis: Stocks are at an all-time high. Is it too late to get in on the action? Jan 14, 2018 829
Capitalizing on a growing global economy: Four reasons you may want to invest in this expanding marketplace. Bonfiglio, Bob Viewpoint essay Jan 5, 2018 561
Measuring Liquidity Through Time Series Factor Analysis/ Medindo Liquidez Atraves da Analise Fatorial de Series Temporais. da Silveira, Vinicius Girardi; Vieira, Kelmara Mendes; Righi, Marcelo Brutti Jan 1, 2018 5866
Robust and Adaptive Online Time Series Prediction with Long Short-Term Memory. Yang, Haimin; Pan, Zhisong; Tao, Qing Jan 1, 2018 3833
Determinantes y pronostico de la actividad bursatil del mercado accionario colombiano. Agudelo, David; Agudelo, Diego A.; Pelaez, Julian Jan 1, 2018 11101
Investor Sentiment and the Basis of CSI300 Stock Index Futures: An Empirical Study Based on QVAR Model and Quantile Regression. Liu, Chen; An, Yi Jan 1, 2018 10660
The Dynamic Cross-Correlations between Mass Media News, New Media News, and Stock Returns. Zhang, Zuochao; Zhang, Yongjie; Shen, Dehua; Zhang, Wei Jan 1, 2018 6953
Dynamic Evolution Analysis of Stock Price Fluctuation and Its Control. Xu, Yuhua; Ke, Zhongyi; Xie, Chengrong; Zhou, Wuneng Jan 1, 2018 4445
DO TERRORIST ATTACKS IMPACT EXCHANGE RATE BEHAVIOR? NEW INTERNATIONAL EVIDENCE. Narayan, Paresh Kumar; Narayan, Seema; Khademalomoom, Siroos; Phan, Dinh Hoang Bach Abstract Jan 1, 2018 11816
Dragon's Entry in South Asia and Its Impact on Financial Markets. Fraz, Ahmad; Hassan, Arshad Report Dec 22, 2017 4555
A VECM Approach of Statistical Arbitrage/ Arbitragem Estatistica: Uma Abordagem por VECM. Soto, Paula Andrea; Teran, Juan Carlos Ruilova Oct 1, 2017 9760
Matters of scale: sociology in and for a complex world. Pyyhtinen, Olli Essay Aug 1, 2017 5057
Stock buy recommendations and their impact: evidence from Indian capital markets. Ahluwalia, Namrita Singh; Gupta, Mohit; Aggarwal, Navdeep Report Jul 1, 2017 6825
On the relationship between financial systems and economic growth. Prats, Maria A.; Sandoval, Beatriz Report Feb 1, 2017 825
Yes, the world is messy. Jaffe, Marshall Jan 1, 2017 1341
A Network-Based Dynamic Analysis in an Equity Stock Market. Eberhard, Juan; Lavin, Jaime F.; Montecinos-Pearce, Alejandro Report Jan 1, 2017 12828
Dynamic Evolution of Securities Market Network Structure under Acute Fluctuation Circumstances. Liu, Haifei; Chen, Tingqiang; Hu, Zuhan Report Jan 1, 2017 5348
New JLS-Factor Model versus the Standard JLS Model: A Case Study on Chinese Stock Bubbles. Hu, Zongyi; Li, Chao Case study Jan 1, 2017 12418
Wall Street traders working on algorithm based on Trump's tweets. Dec 14, 2016 196
China's volatile stock market in the summer of 2015 and policy (in)effectiveness. Hsu, Sara Report Oct 1, 2016 3297
Resumption of Single Stock Futures (SSFs) with stringent regulations and their impact on the risk characteristics of the underlying stocks. Malik, Imran Riaz; Shah, Attaullah Abstract Oct 1, 2016 10406
Failure prediction from the investors' view by using financial ratios. Lesson from Romania. Achim, Monica Violeta; Borlea, Sorin Nicolae; Gaban, Lucian Vasile Oct 1, 2016 9681
Minimal spanning tree analysis of topological structures: the case of Hang Seng index. Zhang, Wei; Wen, Jianbo; Zhu, Yanchun Sep 1, 2016 3511
On the time varying relationship between oil price and G7 equity index: a multivariate approach. Guesmi, Khaled; Fiti, Zied; Abid, Ilyes; Uddin, Gazi Salah Report Jul 1, 2016 4351
Stock market development, liberalization and financial development in the selected sub-Saharan African countries. Balogun, Wakilat; Dahalan, Jauhari; Hassan, Sallahuddm Report Jun 22, 2016 6470
Competition in NYSE-listed stocks: do investors benefit from highly competitive markets? Yang, Hsiao-Fen; Krueger, Thomas M. Report Jun 1, 2016 14051
Financial development and economic growth in the MENA region. Hamadi, Hassan; Bassil, Charbel Report Dec 1, 2015 10590
Robust Estimation of Nonstationary, Fractionally Integrated, Autoregressive, Stochastic Volatility. Jensen, Mark J. Nov 15, 2015 11905
Taking stock: study rates shares of NH companies among the best. Sanders, Rob Oct 30, 2015 405
The failure of timing: planning works because there is so much out of our control. Sedoric, Tom Column Oct 16, 2015 785
REITs fare better than major indices during August decline. Brief article Sep 30, 2015 342
Can investors profit by following analysts' recommendations? An investigation of Chinese analysts' trading recommendations on industry. Cai, Rongchang; Cen, Zilan Report Sep 1, 2015 7416
Stock Markets Rattle Around the World. Aug 29, 2015 557
State and local pensions show improved funded status. Aug 1, 2015 206
Idiosyncratic risk, investor base, and returns. Chichernea, Doina C.; Ferguson, Michael F.; Kassa, Haimanot Report Jun 22, 2015 15396
High idiosyncratic volatility and low returns: a prospect theory explanation. Bhootra, Ajay; Hur, Jungshik Report Jun 22, 2015 14961
The behavior of option's implied volatility index: a case of India VIX. Shaikh, Imlak; Padhi, Puja Report Jun 1, 2015 7437
Analysing existence of herding behaviour in various stock markets--a theoretical framework. Purohit, Harsh; Satija, Vibha Dua; Saxena, Sakshi Report Apr 1, 2015 5128
A study of day of the week effect in Karachi Stock Exchange during different political regimes in Pakistan. Shah, Syed Muhammad Majid; Abdullah, Fahad Abstract Apr 1, 2015 9865
Dynamic effects of U.S. budget deficit and labor productivity-real wage gap on US stock market performance. Rahman, Matiur; Mustafa, Muhammad Report Mar 22, 2015 5070
Good News For Apple! Mar 15, 2015 548
Short-term momentum effect: a case of middle east stock markets. Ejaz, Abdullah; Polak, Petr Report Mar 1, 2015 6942
Which stock is more suitable--Google or GE? Cohen, Daniel Feb 6, 2015 693
Market outlook for the 4th quarter and beyond. Connolly, Mark Oct 31, 2014 775
Identify and prioritize the factors affecting the stock portfolio using Fuzzy AHP technique (Fuzzy AHP). Rvanpaknoodezh, Hamid; Salemi, Eshaq Report Oct 1, 2014 3905
The effect of inter-partner relatedness on stock market reactions to joint venture announcements: differences between manufacturing and marketing deals. Ortiz, Daniel A. Cernas; Miles, Grant E. Sep 22, 2014 9170
Distribution of ownership, short sale constraints, and market efficiency: evidence from cross-listed stocks. Gagnon, Louis; Witmer, Jonathan Report Sep 22, 2014 22977
Spillover effects of the 2008 financial crisis in latin America stock markets. Hwang, Jae-Kwang Report Aug 1, 2014 5368
Blocparty. Amini, Maren Aug 1, 2014 1499
Does economic interventionism help strategic industries? Evidence from Europe. Macek, Anita; Ovin, Rasto Jul 1, 2014 5896
Extending the analysis of spontaneous market order to governance. Stringham, Edward Peter Report Jun 1, 2014 5586
Examining mean-volatility spillovers across national stock markets/Examinando derrames de media volatilidad en los mercados de valores nacionales. Natarajan, Vinodh Kesavaraj; Singh, Azariah Robert Raja; Priya, Nagarajan Chidham Jun 1, 2014 7071
VaR and the cross-section of expected stock returns: an emerging market evidence. Chen, Dar-Hsin; Chen, Chun-Da; Wu, Su-Chen Jun 1, 2014 9529
The perils of historical delusion. Sedoric, Tom Column May 16, 2014 657
Wall Street, donors feeling better, fueling revenue for many groups. Sullivan, Patrick May 1, 2014 1596
Return on recent VC investment and long-run IPO returns. Michel, Jean-Sebastien May 1, 2014 13430
US and domestic market gains and Asian investors' overconfident trading behavior. Chuang, Wen-I.; Lee, Bong-Soo; Wang, Kai-Li Mar 22, 2014 24824
Who is the investment big daddy in Africa. Walker, Richard Mar 1, 2014 1473
Configuring artificial neural networks for stock market predictions. Ruxanda, Gheorghe; Badea, Laura Maria Report Mar 1, 2014 7424
Effects of business and consumer confidence on stock market returns: cross-sectional evidence. Sum, Vichet Report Mar 1, 2014 1413
Modelling tail behavior of returns using the generalized extreme value distribution. Makhwiting, Monnye Rhoda; Sigauke, Caston; Lesaoana, Maseka Report Mar 1, 2014 2450
Intrinsic value of stocks: does market appreciate it? A study on three major private banks in India. Bihari, Suresh Chandra; Charde, Sumit Kumar Report Mar 1, 2014 7778
Wavelet analysis of stock return energy decomposition and return comovement--a case of some central European and developed European stock markets. Dajcman, Silvo; Kavkler, Alenka Report Jan 1, 2014 8388
Contribution of co-skewness and co-kurtosis of the higher moment CAPM for finding the technical efficiency. Hasan, Zobaer; Kamil, Anton Abdulbasah Report Jan 1, 2014 6706
A complex dynamical analysis of the Indian stock market. Sasikumar, Anoop; Kamaiah, Bandi Report Jan 1, 2014 3404
On volatility swaps for stock market forecast: application example CAC 40 French Index. Zeghdoudi, Halim; Lallouche, Abdellah; Remita, Mohamed Riad Report Jan 1, 2014 3620
CONVENTIONAL AND ISLAMIC ANOMALIES IN KARACHI STOCK EXCHANGE. Iqbal, Muhammad Shahid; Kouser, Rehana; Azeem, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2013 7672
Do private placements turn around firms? Evidence from Taiwan. Shiu, Cheng-Yi; Wei, Hui-Shan Dec 22, 2013 12929
A multiobjective model for passive portfolio management: an application on the S&P 100 Index. Garcia, Fernando; Guijarro, Francisco; Moya, Ismael Sep 1, 2013 7308
Does financial development hamper economic growth: empirical evidence from Bangladesh. Hye, Qazi Muhammad Adnan; Islam, Faridul Jun 1, 2013 10176
A re-examination of the performance of value strategies in the Athens Stock Exchange. Kyriazis, Dimitrios; Christou, Christina Report May 1, 2013 11258
Weekend effect and short sales: international evidence. Cai, Jinghan; Kazemi, Hossein S.; He, Jibao; Zhai, Weili Report May 1, 2013 962
TBA trading and liquidity in the agency MBS market. Vickery, James; Wright, Joshua Report May 1, 2013 12062
The impact of resumption of former top executives on stock prices: an event study approach. Yang, Tai-Ning Apr 1, 2013 4455
The impact of the financial crisis on insider trading profitability in Belgium. Van Geyt, Debby; Van Cauwenberge, Philippe; Vander Bauwhede, Heidi Apr 1, 2013 9357
Financial market prediction system with Evolino neural network and Delphi method. Maknickiene, Nijole; Maknickas, Algirdas Apr 1, 2013 4247
Earnings response coefficients in the Greek market. Maditinos, Dimitrios I.; Sevic, Zeljko; Stankeviciene, Jelena; Karakoltsidis, Nikolaos Apr 1, 2013 7539
Conditional heteroscedasticity in time series of stock returns: a revisit. Yildirim, Sinan Mar 22, 2013 4761
Analysts' forecast reputations and stock market reactions. Yang, Xiaolou; Chen, Huaiyu "Peter" Mar 22, 2013 5964
Multiscale test of CAPM for three Central and Eastern European stock markets. Dajcman, Silvo; Festic, Mejra; Kavkler, Alenka Report Feb 1, 2013 12018
Testing calendar effect on Nigerian stock market returns: methodological approach. Ogieva, Osazee Frank; Osamwonyi, I.O.; Idolor, Eseoghene Joseph Statistical data Jan 1, 2013 12536
Forecasting OMX Vilnius stock index--a neural network approach/OMX Vilnius akciju indekso prognozavimas naudojant dirbtinius neuronu tinklus. Dzikevicius, Audrius; Stabuzyte, Neringa Report Dec 1, 2012 5180
Systemic risk in Taiwan stock market. Sheu, Her-Jiun; Cheng, Chien-Ling Report Nov 1, 2012 8946
Day of the week effect in central European stock markets/Efekt dne tydnu na kapitalovych trzich ve stredni Evrope. Stavarek, Daniel; Heryan, Tomas Oct 1, 2012 6446
Relationship between stock prices, exchange rate and the demand for Money in India. Kumari, Jyoti; Mahakud, Jitendra Report Sep 1, 2012 8345
The role of financial liberalization in Nigeria: a review of key policy issues. Owusu, Erasmus L.; Odhiambo, Nicholas M. Report Sep 1, 2012 7503
Weekly Roundup: Asian Markets Fall As Growth Concerns Persist. Jul 14, 2012 587
Fed FOMC Minutes Squash Hopes For Imminent QE3, Stocks Turn Down. Jul 11, 2012 746
Testando a hipotese de eficiencia de mercado por meio de redes neurais artificiais: um estudo de caso com as dez principais acoes do Ibovespa do primeiro quadrimestre de 2011. Herling, Luiz Henrique Debei; de Lima, Marcus Vinicius Andrade; de Oliveira Moritz, Gilberto; Marang Jul 1, 2012 6945
Innovation and CSR impact on financial performance of selected companies in Mexico. Duran-Vazquez, Rocio; Lorenzo-Valdes, Arturo; Moreno-Quezada, G. Einar Jul 1, 2012 5918
Asian Markets Likely To Maintain Gains Next Week. Jun 9, 2012 485
Keep Your Bailout! Why Spain Doesn't Want Help (For Now). Jun 6, 2012 732
Biz's slice of the pie. Lisanti, Joseph Brief article May 7, 2012 261
Dynamic correlation analysis of Asian stock markets. Hwang, Jae-Kwang Report May 1, 2012 4414
An empirical study of the financial characteristics of firms showing positive price movements during declining markets. Bahhouth, Victor; Maysami, Ramin; Shi, Xinyan Report Mar 22, 2012 4247
Stock market analysis through business cycle approach/Akciju rinkos analize verslo ciklo aspektu. Dzikevicius, Audrius; Vetrov, Jaroslav Report Mar 1, 2012 4399
La medicion del riesgo en eventos extremos. Una revision metodologica en contexto. Uribe, Jorge; Ulloa, Ines Jan 1, 2012 8842
An Application of GARCH while investigating volatility in stock returns of the World. Report Dec 31, 2011 5911
Modelos de precios de los activos: un ejercicio comparativo basado en redes neuronales aplicado al mercadode valores colombiano. Londono, Charle; Cuan, Yaneth Jul 1, 2011 10399
Understanding investor sentiment: the case of soccer. Bernile, Gennaro; Lyandres, Evgeny Jun 22, 2011 12691
Are Gulf Cooperation Council stock markets special? Turk Ariss, Rima; Rezvanian, Rasoul; Mehdian, Seyed M. Jun 22, 2011 4152
Efficiency assessment of listed real estate companies: an empirical study of China/Nekilnojamojo turto kompaniju kuriu vertybiniai popieriai itraukti i birzoz sarasus, efektyvumo vertinimas: empirinis kinijos tyrimas. Zheng, Xian; Chau, Kwong-Wing; Hui, Eddie C.M. Abstract Jun 1, 2011 6691
Two crises, two remedies & two consequences: impacts on Korean labour market. Moon, Woosik Apr 1, 2011 4687
Understanding the 'flash crash': a perspective for CPAs advising investors. Betancourt, Luis; VanDenburgh, William M.; Harmelink, Philip J. Jan 1, 2011 3448
Risk-return trade-off in Indian capital market during last two decades with special emphasis on crisis period. Narang, Sunita; Bhalla, V.K. Report Jan 1, 2011 7375
The asset-backed securities markets, the crisis, and TALF. Agarwal, Sumit; Barrett, Jacqueline; Cun, Crystal; De Nardi, Mariacristina Dec 22, 2010 6968
Private capital flows to low-income countries: the role of domestic financial sector/Privataus kapitalo srautu itaka mazas pajamas gaunancioms salims: finansinio vidaus sektoriaus vaidmuo. Choong, Chee-Keong; Lam, Siew-Yong; Yusop, Zulkornain Report Dec 1, 2010 6791
Biotechnology industry-physician interaction and OIG guidelines: evidence from the stock market. Jambulingam, Thani; Ghani, WaQar; Sharma, Rajneesh Report Oct 1, 2010 10172
Forte capital's selected Statistics. Statistical table Aug 1, 2010 547
Comparacion de modelos de prediccion de retornos accionarios en el Mercado Accionario Chileno: CAPM, Fama y French y Reward Beta. Kristjanpoller Rodriguez, Werner; Liberona Maturana, Carolina Jul 1, 2010 7157
SEB repeats "buy" on Maersk, lifts price target. Brief article Jun 28, 2010 133
Stock market: rise & fall after inaugural years. Table Apr 1, 2010 187
U.S. stock indices mixed despite cheerful news. Mar 4, 2010 369
Stock market falls on weakened economic outlook. Feb 23, 2010 433
Stock futures dip on bearish euro news. Brief article Feb 23, 2010 228
Stocks rally for third day on tech and basic materials sectors. Feb 18, 2010 341
Stocks rise on earnings, upgrades, rising commodities prices. Feb 16, 2010 444
Stocks rally on possible loan guarantee for Greece. Feb 9, 2010 377
Stocks rise on speculation of Greece support. Feb 9, 2010 362
Stock market falls on mixed economic data. Feb 3, 2010 500
Dollar decline stalls on Volcker comments and subdued Asian stocks. Feb 2, 2010 468
Dow rises on retailers, upgrades, and Travelers earnings. Brief article Jan 26, 2010 292
Stocks rise on reassurance that Bernanke will be confirmed. Jan 25, 2010 362
Pre-Market Report: Asian markets end down, Europe and US trading mostly higher. Brief article Jan 13, 2010 274
Stock market edges up on Monday ahead of earnings data. Brief article Jan 11, 2010 329
Building an artificial stock market populated by reinforcement-learning agents. Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas; Ramanauskas, Tomas Report Dec 1, 2009 8358
Lithuanian stock market analysis using a set of Garch models. Teresiene, Deimante Report Dec 1, 2009 7283
Should, or can, central banks target asset prices? Twenty experts offer their views. Sep 22, 2009 7042
Markets: Investors revved up the stock market's rally Friday after analyst upgrades boosted their optimism about the economy. Sep 21, 2009 359
Presidential Approval and the Dow: No Clear Relationship; History suggests no clear pattern. Newport, Frank; Jones, Jeffrey M.; Saad, Lydia Aug 28, 2009 1895
Ichimoku. Aug 25, 2009 803
Prepared by : Global Investment House "Global". Aug 9, 2009 1655
IPO Sector: Looking outside U.S. and European markets, drugmaker Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co.'s initial public offering, China's first in 10 months, was 584 times over-subscribed for the key retail portion, the lead underwriter said last week. Brief article Jul 6, 2009 247
Information use and transference among legally separated share markets--an experimental approach. Qi, Li; Ochs, Jack Jul 1, 2009 14591
FSC allows CSRC-approved QDII funds for launch in Taiwan. Brief article Jun 19, 2009 224
"Ombro-Cabeca-Ombro": testando a lucratividade do padrao grafico de analise tecnica no mercado de acoes brasileiro. Boainain, Pedro Gabriel; Pereira, Pedro L. Valls Report Jun 1, 2009 14339
Aspects and facilities of financial and real estate investment portfolio formation/Finansiniu ir nekilnojamojo turto investiciju portfelio formavimo aspektai ir galimybes. Bikas, Egidijus; Laurinavicius, Algimantas Report Jun 1, 2009 5729
Trust is dead. Long live trust: do you have what it takes to survive in a "Trust Economy"? Kempner, Michael W. Survey May 1, 2009 823
Stock check: representing a basket of stocks from N.H.-based companies or those doing a significant amount of business in the state. Statistical table Apr 24, 2009 649
Stocks rally as signs of stability appear. Brief article Apr 15, 2009 247
Stock rally could be new bull market: Odey. Brief article Apr 15, 2009 125
Profitability of insider trades in extremely volatile markets: evidence from the stock market crash and recovery of 2000-2003. Gangopadhyay, Partha; Yook, Ken C.; Sarwar, Ghulam Mar 22, 2009 9338
The influence of seasonal depression on equity returns: further evidence from real estate investment trusts. Pyles, Mark K. Mar 22, 2009 9840
Markets: a stunning reversal in bank shares handed the stock market its best week since November. Market share report Mar 16, 2009 367
Stock indexes dip to 12-year lows. Mar 6, 2009 606
Application of logistic models for stock market bubbles analysis. Girdzijauskas, Stasys; Streimikiene, Dalia Report Mar 1, 2009 4668
Addressing 401(k) match suspensions: advisors can help sponsors with outreach efforts to affected employees. Bell, Allison Feb 16, 2009 984
Schooled in home economics: the industry and consumers are learning some hard lessons from home-price declines. Stiff, David Report Jan 1, 2009 3127
Weekly stock performance (as of December 12, 2008). Statistical table Dec 15, 2008 456
A spin off story: Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) spun off its mortgage industry holdings this summer, and the new entity has bright prospects--even in the midst of a deep industry slump. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Editorial Dec 1, 2008 3941
Investors and Consumers: Don't Panic; Two esteemed economists and a Nobel Prize-winning psychologist argue that cooler heads should -- and must -- prevail. Sep 23, 2008 1199
Weekly stock performance (as of September 5, 2008). Brief article Sep 8, 2008 450
U.S. stocks rallied Friday, sending the Standard & Poor's 500 Index to the largest weekly gain since April, as retailers, manufacturers and transportation companies rallied on speculation lower commodity prices will boost profits. Brief article Aug 11, 2008 318
Size Effects in Indian Stock Market. Dhameja, Nand Jul 1, 2008 525
The supply of 'phantom shares'. Galper, Josh; Gulp, Christopher L.; Heaton, J.B. Jun 22, 2008 381
The effect of China's reform policies on stock market information transmission. Lin, Anchor Y.; Swanson, Peggy E. Jun 22, 2008 13764
Effects of exchange rate fluctuations on equity market volatility and correlations: evidence from the Asian financial crisis. Mun, Kyung-Chun Jun 22, 2008 9985
Weekly stock performance (as of June 6, 2008). Statistical table Jun 9, 2008 357
Middle East Market Overview. Statistical data Apr 7, 2008 1889
The relationship of stock returns, interest rates, economic activity and inflation: evidence from Latin America/Relacoes entre retornos acionarios, juros, atividade economica e inflacao: evidencias para a America Latina. Araujo, Eurilton; Bastos, Felipe Augusto da Silva Jan 1, 2008 15373
The empirical relationship between stock returns, return volatility and trading volume in the Brazilian stock market/A relacao empirica entre dividendos, volatilidade de retornos e volume de negocios no mercado de acoes brasileiro. de Medeiros, Otavio Ribeiro; Van Doornik, Bernardus Ferdinandus Nazar Jan 1, 2008 12650
U.S. stocks tumbled Friday on evidence that losses in the mortgage market may slow the economy and reduce bank profits, sending the Standard & Poor's 500 Index to its worst three-week retreat since 2003. Brief article Aug 6, 2007 225
The U.S. stock market rebounded Friday, ending a three-day slide, after bond yields retreated from the highest levels in five years and oil prices fell. Brief article Jun 11, 2007 180
Rates of return analysis: examples from the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Kompa, Krzysztof; Matuszewska, Aleksandra Maria Feb 1, 2007 405
Analysis of the relationship between the share market performance and exchange rates in New Zealand: a cointegrating Var approach. Obben, James; Pech, Andrew; Shakur, Shamim Dec 1, 2006 11534
Are daily stock price indices in the major European equity markets cointegrated? Tests and evidence. Kasibhatla, Krishna M.; Stewart, David; Sen, Swapan; Malindretos, John Author abstract Sep 22, 2006 6271
The effect of annual earnings announcements on the Chinese stock markets. Kong, Shuhong; Taghavi, Majid Aug 1, 2006 4990
What drives stock prices? Identifying the determinants of stock price movements. Wohar, Mark E. Jul 1, 2006 10979
A reexamination of the wealth effect and uncertainty effect. He, Ling T.; McGarrity, Joseph P. Nov 1, 2005 9726
The value of market positioning: Anthony Epps selects companies poised to grow in the face of market uncertainty. Lewis, Nicole Oct 1, 2005 692
Markets: investors told to focus on threat from Asia. Heffes, Ellen M. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 273
Over the past decade the United States has experienced widening current account deficits and a steady deterioration of its net foreign asset position. Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 248
Easy money. Jones, Forrest Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 283
One bad apple: Theodore Parrish's portfolio of A-rated companies had a minor flaw. Reynolds, Rhonda Dec 1, 2004 587
Major shareholders enjoy generally good returns this year. Taulbee, Chip Nov 22, 2004 695
Economy engenders pessimism: if US economy stumbles, a perfect emerging market storm could develop. Moody, John Column Aug 1, 2004 1078
Monetary policy and the U.S. stock market. Hayford, Marc D.; Malliaris, A.G. Jul 1, 2004 9712
Bubble finally bursts: after record high, the Bolsa tumbles on interest-rate fears. Baratti, Gianluca Jun 1, 2004 1030
Emotion, fear and superstition in the New Zealand stockmarket. Boyle, Glenn; Hagan, Andrew; O'Connor, R. Seini; Whitwell, Nick Jun 1, 2004 9198
Market profile: desiccators. May 15, 2004 409
Winter blues and time variation in the price of risk. Garrett, Ian; Kamstra, Mark; Kramer, Lisa Apr 12, 2004 11844
Dynamic relationships among GCC stock markets and NYMEX oil futures. Hammoudeh, Shawkat; Aleisa, Eisa Apr 1, 2004 13014
Tick size, order handling rules, and trading costs. Chung, Kee H.; Chuwonganant, Chairat Mar 22, 2004 9658
Comments and discussion. Brooks, Robin; Lamont, Owen Mar 22, 2004 5919
African stocks beat the world: while the rest of the world may wish to ignore African stock markets because of their relatively small sizes, there is no getting away from the fact that Africa has indeed outperformed all others. Frank Senyo Dewotor of the DATABANK GROUP makes the point. Dewotor, Frank Senyo Mar 1, 2004 1586
Instrument stocks lead market rebound in 2003. Dec 31, 2003 4987
Can we reduce some of the booms and busts in companies? Suter, Keith Dec 1, 2003 3049
Turning market pain into prosperity: Louis A. Holland of Holland Capital Management picks a slate of winners. Scott, Matthew S. Oct 1, 2003 525
Lower fees, higher returns: increase your portfolio performance by choosing among these 80 top-performing funds with the lowest expense ratios. Korn, Donald Jay Oct 1, 2003 4677
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