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Analysis of an Active Superconducting Current Controller Considering the Protective Coordination and Voltage Compensation in Power Systems. Ghafari, Ahmad; Saniei, Mohsen; Razaz, Morteza; Saffarian, Alireza Report Nov 1, 2020 4973
Friction-Free Permanent Magnet Bearings for Rotating Shafts: A Comprehensive Review. Bekinal, Siddappa I.; Doddamani, Mrityunjay Report Jul 1, 2020 7259
Tuning Electromagnetically Induced Transparency of Superconducting Metamaterial Analyzed with Equivalent Circuit Approach. Zhang, Yonggang; Li, Chun; Tu, Xuecou Apr 1, 2020 3412
Analytical Study of the Holographic Superconductor from Higher Derivative Theory. Wang, Chunyan; Zhang, Dan; Fu, Guoyang; Wu, Jian-Pin Report Jan 1, 2020 6607
Master-Slave Synchronization of Chaotic [[PHI].sup.6] Duffing Oscillators by Linear State Error Feedback Control. Ding, Ke Nov 30, 2019 5636
Computer-Aided Design of Superconducting Equilateral Triangular Patch on Anisotropic Substrates. Gadda, Abdelkarim; Bedra, Sami; Agaba, Chahinez; Benkouda, Siham; Bedra, Randa; Fortaki, Tarek Report Nov 1, 2019 3791
Vortices in a Generalized Maxwell-Higgs Model with Visible and Hidden Sectors. Bazeia, D.; Losano, L.; Marques, M.A.; Menezes, R. May 31, 2019 6807
Induced Representation Method in the Theory of Electron Structure and Superconductivity. Yarzhemsky, V.G. Apr 30, 2019 9221
Revisiting Low-Frequency Susceptibility Data in Superconducting Materials. Szeftel, Jacob; Ghantous, Michel Abou; Sandeau, Nicolas Report Jan 1, 2019 3751
Levitating Micro-Actuators: A Review. Poletkin, Kirill V.; Asadollahbaik, Asa; Kampmann, Ronald; Korvink, Jan G. Jun 1, 2018 8938
Effects of Gd211 Particles Characteristic in the Precursor Pellets on the Levitation Force of Single-Domain GdBCO Bulks Prepared by the Gd + 011 TSIG Method. Yuan, Xiaochun; Yang, Wanmin Jan 1, 2018 4418
Vortex Structures inside Spherical Mesoscopic Superconductor Plus Magnetic Dipole. Ludu, A. Report Jan 1, 2018 12707
Influence of Bifurcation Structures Revealed by Refinement of a Nonlinear Conductance in Josephson Junction Element. Miino, Yuu; Ueta, Tetsushi Jan 1, 2018 4885
Numerical Simulation of a No-Insulation BSCCO Toroidal Magnet Applied in Magnetic Confinement Fusion. Zhang, Yi; Tang, Yuejin; Xu, Ying; Xia, Zhong; Ren, Li Jan 1, 2018 5893
Experimental and Simulation Research of AC Ripple Losses in a High Temperature Superconductor Tape. Liu, Hongwei; Song, Guosheng; Chuanhui, Zhang; Tan, Jinwen; Feng, Wengang Report Jan 1, 2018 2160
Effect of Background Magnetic Field on Type-II Superconductor under Oscillating Magnetic Field Simulated Using Ginzburg-Landau Model. Jafri, Hasnain Mehdi; Zhao, Congpeng; Huang, Houbing; Ma, Xingqiao Report Jan 1, 2018 4806
Physicists Find Evidence of an Exotic State of Matter. Dec 24, 2017 426
Effect of Strong Magnetic Field on Competing Order Parameters in Two-Flavor Dense Quark Matter. Mandal, Tanumoy; Jaikumar, Prashanth Jan 1, 2017 8806
Analysis of microcomposite Cu-Nb conductors characteristics and possibility of their joining/Mikrokompozitiniu Cu-Nb laidininku ypatumu ir ju sujungimo galimybiu analize. Mikalauskas, Gediminas; Visniakov, Nikolaj; Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Skamat, Jelena Dec 1, 2016 2886
Mixed ion-electron conductivity and superconductivity in ceramic electrolytes. Tosto, Sebastiano Report Jan 1, 2015 14438
Composite operator method analysis of the underdoped cuprates puzzle. Avella, Adolfo Report Jan 1, 2014 19809
Superconductivity in nanowires. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 151
The field of a magnetic dipole and the polarizability of a superconducting object embedded in the interface between magnetic materials. Mohamed, Mohamed A.; Kuester, Edward F.; Yagoub, Mustapha C.E. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 6147
A model third order phase transition in fe--pnictide superconductors. Ekuma, Chinedu E.; Chukwuocha, Ephraim O. Apr 1, 2012 2023
Electromagnetic analysis. Dec 1, 2007 121

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