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El SPREAD de las tasas de interés en Colombia para el período 2010-2020/The SPREAD of Interest Rates in Colombia for the Period 2010-2020/Le SPREAD des taux d'intérêt en Colombie pour la période 2010-2020. Galvis-Ciro, Juan Camilo; Hincapié-Vélez, Guillermo David; de Moraes, Claudio Oliveira; García-Lo Jul 1, 2022 9181
Relationship between Investor Sentiment and Price Fluctuation of SSE 50ETF Options. Wang, Yang; Zhang, Yinjie; Fu, Yuwei Jun 29, 2022 6253
Exploration of Stock Portfolio Investment Construction Using Deep Learning Neural Network. Xie, Zizheng; Wang, Yi May 10, 2022 5715
Bitcoin Isn't Any More Dangerous than the Euro - Analysis. Dec 7, 2021 1213
The Mediation Role of Interest Rate between Financial Liberalisation and Financial Stability. Arifin, Nur Afizah Muhamad; Ariffin, Noraini Mohd; Ramly, Zulkufly; Hashim, Maryam Jameelah Mohd Oct 1, 2021 5926
CSE requests a root cause analysis from the System Provider. Aug 31, 2021 165
Shilling appreciates 1.2% against US dollar as corona ease. Jun 15, 2021 430
A Portfolio Selection Model Based on the Interval Number. Hu, Jiangshan; Sui, Yunyun; Ma, Fang Report Jun 2, 2021 4648
WESM forecasts spike in summer power demand. Feb 26, 2021 412
[ANALYSIS] Will GameStop saga happen in Korea? Feb 3, 2021 1140
[ANALYSIS] Could GameStop saga happen in Korea? Feb 3, 2021 1134
Property investment in Edinburgh and Glasgow predicted to rebound after 2020 slump; Commercial property investment is expected to rebound this year after the amount of money being pumped into offices and shops in Scotland fell sharply in 2020. Scott Reid Jan 29, 2021 633
Cabraal tells P'ment rating downgrade done without evidence or objective analysis. Dec 4, 2020 444
Option Pricing Formulas in a New Uncertain Mean-Reverting Stock Model with Floating Interest Rate. Liu, Zhaopeng Nov 4, 2020 4357
Sentiment and Stock Returns: A Case for Conventional and Islamic equities in Pakistan. Tauseef, Sana Sep 1, 2020 7560
Azerbaijani MP: Global dynamics of coronavirus spread requires caution. Aug 5, 2020 190
Azerbaijani MP: Global dynamics of coronavirus spread requires caution [PHOTO]. Aug 5, 2020 187
Impact of the Adjustment of Maximum Order Volume on Pricing Efficiency of Stock Index Futures in China. Wang, Liang; Xu, Tingjia; Qin, Longhao; Xiong, Xianyan Jul 31, 2020 15395
Robust Time-Consistent Portfolio Selection for an Investor under CEV Model with Inflation Influence. Yang, Peng Jun 30, 2020 7601
Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Network and Extended Kalman Filters for Prediction of Financial Time Series. Benrhmach, Ghassane; Namir, Khalil; Namir, Abdelwahed; Bouyaghroumni, Jamal May 31, 2020 3507
Ensemble Deep Learning Models for Forecasting Cryptocurrency Time-Series. Livieris, Ioannis E.; Pintelas, Emmanuel; Stavroyiannis, Stavros; Pintelas, Panagiotis Report May 1, 2020 11890
Best's Analysis: AM Best is continuously analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on the global insurance industry, by both geography and line of business. While the global reinsurance outlook remains stable, outlooks for many countries and lines have turned negative as a result of the pandemic. May 1, 2020 413
A financial chaotic system control method based on intermittent controller. Lu, Xia Apr 30, 2020 5155
Azerbaijani government to guarantee 60 percent of new loans. Apr 5, 2020 406
Optimal Investment Strategy under the CEV Model with Stochastic Interest Rate. He, Yong; Che, Peimin Mar 31, 2020 4864
Does Gold Act as a Hedge or a Safe Haven? Evidence from Pakistan. Chang, Bisharat Hussain; Rajput, Suresh Kumar Oad; Ahmed, Pervez; Hayat, Zafar Report Mar 22, 2020 5364
Gold continuing to look 'very strong' as a hedge against coronovirus uncertainty. Feb 29, 2020 161
Gold continuing to look 'very strong' as a hedge against coronovirus uncertainty. Feb 29, 2020 161
Gold continuing to look 'very strong' as a hedge against coronovirus uncertainty. Feb 29, 2020 159
SECP concludes probe into allegations of manipulation in OGDCL shares. Feb 11, 2020 269
How Analytics Aids Compliance Efforts, a Deep Dive into Homeowners Trends: An AM Best webinar examines how life insurers use predictive model attain compliance. Also, a look at how data is helping homeowners in make better decisions. Feb 1, 2020 424
How to approach first-time Sukuk issuance. Dec 31, 2019 580
How to approach first- time Sukuk issuance. Dec 30, 2019 580
The Waterfall Theory Of Freight. FreightWaves Dec 26, 2019 638
Developing a Financial Stress Index for Pakistan. Sadia, Haleema; Bhatti, Arshad Ali; Ahmad, Eatzaz Dec 1, 2019 7015
Vodafone share hike helps FTSE 100 climb higher; ANALYSIS CITY. HOLLY WILLIAMS Nov 13, 2019 580
Sri Lanka CB maintains policy rates unchanged. LBO Oct 11, 2019 1028
Investment Attitude of Working Women: A Study of Education Sector in Punjab. Sharma, Poonam; Kaur, Navdeep Oct 1, 2019 3495
Analysis: What is an 'inverted yield curve,' and why does it matter? Aug 18, 2019 749
Market Indicators. Kazmi, S. Kamal Hayder Aug 4, 2019 1033
Bahrain Clear in push for new trading framework. Jul 24, 2019 351
Analise comparativa de estrategias de investimentos em acoes de companhias brasileiras. Siqueira, Leonardo Souza; de Camargos, Marcos Antonio Jul 1, 2019 9353
A critical assessment of Trumponomics. Jun 27, 2019 1076
Gauging Market Responses to Monetary Policy Communication. Kliesen, Kevin L.; Levine, Brian; Waller, Christopher J. Report Jun 22, 2019 10394
Market Indicators. Kazmi, S. Kamal Hayder Market overview Jun 16, 2019 1192
FTSE 100 rises after Trump eases off China in US trade dispute; ANALYSIS CITY. May 22, 2019 567
The Two-Pillar Policy for the RMB. Jermann, Urban J.; Wei, Bin; Yue, Vivian Z. Apr 8, 2019 14549
Asymptotic Exponential Arbitrage in the Schwartz Commodity Futures Model. Welemical, Tesfamariam Tadesse; Aduda, Jane Akinyi; Bidima, Martin Le Doux Mbele Mar 31, 2019 6403
The amount of compensation for troubled loans to be determined by April 15. Mar 6, 2019 162
Collateral Quality and Loan Default Risk: The Case of Vietnam. Le, Chau H.A.; Nguyen, Hieu L. Report Mar 1, 2019 6458
UAE insurers maintain earnings pace: AM Best. Feb 20, 2019 393
FTSE 100 boosted by BP and weakness of pound; ANALYSIS CITY. Feb 6, 2019 574
Can aid stimulate productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa? A dynamic panel approach. Swierczynska, Katarzyna; Kliber, Agata Jan 1, 2019 11332
What did US spy agencies know about threats on Khashoggi - and when? Oct 20, 2018 898
A GARCH-VaR Investigation on the Brazilian Sectoral Stock Indices/Uma Investigacao GARCH-VaR sobre os Indices de Acoes Setoriais Brasileiros. Bernardino, Wilton; Brito, Leonardo; Ospina, Raydonal; Melo, Silvio Ensayo Oct 1, 2018 12142
Keeping lebanese wealth alive. Sep 12, 2018 2689
FINANCIAL GLOBALIZATION AND ECONOMIC DYNAMICS. Ciurlau, Florin Cristian Report Sep 1, 2018 4189
Back to Basics: Remittances in the Keynesian Macroeconomic Framework. Conrad, Daren; Ramkissoon, Benjamin; Mohammed, Sara Report Aug 1, 2018 2217
Securities Regulation and Initial Coin Offerings: A Legal Primer. Sykes, Jay B. Aug 1, 2018 22928
Putting game theory to the test in Trump's trade war. Jul 31, 2018 1290
Analysis: Businesses await economic pain. Jul 16, 2018 1092
Mikaitis joins Darwin Realty as associate. Jul 11, 2018 147
Analysis of International ETF Tracking Error in Country-Specific Funds. Saunders, Kent T. Jun 1, 2018 4159
Fast growth and major investments. Jun 1, 2018 708
SOFAZ to continue pursuing strategy to increase long-term return on equity. May 25, 2018 422
The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve Peter Conti-Brown. Leahey, M. Cary Report Apr 1, 2018 1873
Oil prices surge as Middle East tensions spark disruption fears; ANALYSIS CITY. Mar 21, 2018 590
EBRD supports modelling of a sovereign benchmark yield curve. Mar 3, 2018 172
Candlestick Charting: Profiting from Effective Stock Chart Analysis. Book review Mar 1, 2018 134
FINANCIAL MARKETS' SHUTDOWN AND REACCESS. Agnello, Luca; Castro, Vitor; Sousa, Ricardo M. Abstract Jan 1, 2018 6282
On the Equivalence of Stochastic Fixed Point Iterations for Generalized [phi]-Contractive-Like Operators. Akewe, Hudson; Eke, Kanayo Stella; Olisama, Victoria Jan 1, 2018 4646
Optimal Trade Execution under Jump Diffusion Process: A Mean-VaR Approach. Zhou, Tianmin; Jia, Can; Li, Handong Jan 1, 2018 5712
Regime switching behavior of Indian VIX and its time dependent correlation with select developed economies. Chittineni, Jyothi Dec 15, 2017 3507
Cultural and Institutional Antecedents of Country Risk. Shostya, Anna; Banai, Moshe Abstract Sep 1, 2017 6133
Islamic Calendar Anomalies: Evidence from Pakistan. Syed, Fatima; Khan, Naimat U. Abstract Sep 1, 2017 6595
Measuring Technical Efficiency of the Listed Firms in Vietnam: Parametric and Non-Parametric Approaches. Vo, Duc Hong; Vu, Truong Thinh Abstract Jul 1, 2017 5434
Why do M&As fail? Hodge, Neil Apr 1, 2017 2476
The necessity for a strategic approach to monetary policy. Levy, Mickey D. Abstract Apr 1, 2017 3112
Determinants of sub-sovereign government ratings in Europe. Jannone-Bellot, Nicolas; Marti-Selva, Luisa; Garcia-Menendez, Leandro Feb 1, 2017 7742
The world economy: forecast summary. Statistical data Feb 1, 2017 617
Closed-Form Optimal Strategies of Continuous-Time Options with Stochastic Differential Equations. Yan, Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 5084
Interval Forecasting of Carbon Futures Prices Using a Novel Hybrid Approach with Exogenous Variables. Zhang, Lu; Zhang, Junbiao; Xiong, Tao; Su, Chiao Report Jan 1, 2017 7343
The Total Return Swap Pricing Model under Fuzzy Random Environments. Wu, Liang; Wang, Jun-tao; Liu, Jie-fang; Zhuang, Ya-ming Report Jan 1, 2017 6379
Antiherding in Financial Decision Increases Valuation of Return on Investment: An Event-Related Potential Study. Wang, Cuicui; Jin, Jia; Vieito, Joao Paulo; Ma, Qingguo Report Jan 1, 2017 6247
An Evolutionary Method for Financial Forecasting in Microscopic High-Speed Trading Environment. Huang, Chien-Feng; Li, Hsu-Chih Jan 1, 2017 10232
Model of customer behaviour pathologies on financial market in transitional economies. Smyczek, Slawomir; Matysiewicz, Justyna Report Dec 22, 2016 7944
Gold can be used as safe haven for extreme returns of the BM&FBovespa?/O ouro atua como hedge ou valor refugio diante de desvalorizacoes da BM&FBovespa? De Carvalho, Leonardo Oliveira Penna; Brito, Ademir Luis Teles; Moura, Malu Brandao; Conceicao, Elia Ensayo Oct 1, 2016 5094
Conditions of pure arbitrage applications: evidence from three currencies. Bin, Leo; Chen, Jianguo; Zhao, Peng Report Sep 1, 2016 6708
One pillar crumbling, the others too short: old-age provision in Germany. Werding, Martin Aug 1, 2016 6053
Cash inflows and bubbles in asset markets with constant fundamental values. Noussair, Charles N.; Tucker, Steven Jul 1, 2016 7247
Research on the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate based on data mining method. Ye, Ying; Ying, Yirong Report Jul 1, 2016 4659
From the editors. Predkiewicz, Katarzyna; Kalinowska-Beszczynska, Olga; Karsai, Judit Editorial Jul 1, 2016 964
EPFO to increase proportion of ETF investments. Jun 29, 2016 180
Implications of deferred revenue changes for future financial performance and market underreaction. Zhong, Ke; Wang, Fang; Ning, Yixi Report Jun 22, 2016 13912
On assessment of MasterCard payment system. Jun 8, 2016 124
The current account version of the Triffin dilemma. Bordo, Michael D.; McCauley, Robert N. Jun 1, 2016 5993
Structural and cyclical determinants of bank interest-rate pass-through in the Eurozone. Leroy, Aurelien; Lucotte, Yannick Report Jun 1, 2016 10439
Enhancing poor and middle class earning capacity with stock acquisition mortgage loans. Ashford, Robert; Kantarelis, Demetri Report Jun 1, 2016 5517
Policy imperatives for boosting global growth and prosperity. Lipton, David Report Apr 1, 2016 2827
Investor accounts in NSDL, CDSL recorded at 2.5 crore. Mar 9, 2016 333
The divide between strong capital flows and economic woes. DeLisle, James R. Jan 1, 2016 10362
Optimal monetary policy and imperfect financial markets: a case for negative nominal interest rates? Abo-Zaid, Salem; Garin, Julio Abstract Jan 1, 2016 10040
Markets, bodies, and rhythms: a rhythmanalysis of financial markets from open-outcry trading to high-frequency trading. Borch, Christian; Hansen, Kristian Bondo; Lange, Ann-Christina Report Dec 1, 2015 10495
Liquidity Backstops and Dynamic Debt Runs. Wei, Bin; Yue, Vivian Z. Dec 1, 2015 17295
The Knowledge Group Has Scheduled a Live Webcast on FINRA's Guidance for Securities Traders Using Algorithmic Trading Strategies: A Perspective in 2016 Live Webcast. Oct 23, 2015 469
Challenges in identifying interbank loans. Armantier, Olivier; Copeland, Adam Report Oct 1, 2015 10183
High-frequency trading. Van Doren, Peter Sep 22, 2015 496
Formal Specification and Verification of Real-Time Multi-Agent Systems using Timed-Arc Petri Nets. Qasim, Awais; Kazmi, Syed Asad Raza; Fakhir, Ilyas Aug 1, 2015 4509
Mixed signals on financial stability. Cortes, Kristle Romero; Millington, Sara Jun 25, 2015 1055
Are insider trading profits due to contrarian trading or private information? Gangopadhyay, Partha; Yook, Ken C. Report Jun 22, 2015 12087
Mutual funds efficiency comparison between U.S. and Europe. Foo, Jennifer; Witkowska, Dorota Report Mar 22, 2015 6299
Face-to-face vs computer-mediated-communication team decision performance in StockTrak investment simulations. Bin, Feng-shun "Leo"; Branson, Leonard; He, Fang Report Mar 22, 2015 6456
Tradeoffs between internal and external governance: evidence from exogenous regulatory shocks. Guo, Lixiong; Lach, Patrick; Mobbs, Shawn Report Mar 22, 2015 16179
Upping the anti. Holmes, Lawrie Feb 1, 2015 1607
Should monetary policy monitor risk premiums in financial markets? Doh, Taeyoung; Cao, Guangye; Moiling, Daniel Jan 1, 2015 6840
Impact of opening up of the Taiwan futures market to foreign investors : price effects of foreign investment liberalization: empirical analysis. Chiang, Minhsien; Kuo, Wen-Hsiu Report Jan 1, 2015 7051
China's approach to currency internationalization: strategy, constraints and prospects for success. Dixon, Chris Report Jan 1, 2015 8611
The financial crisis: toward an explanation and policy response. Steelman, Aaron; Weinberg, John A. Jan 1, 2015 6236
Systemic risk and the pursuit of efficiency. Athreya, Kartik B. Jan 1, 2015 10319
The state of young adults' balance sheets: evidence from the survey of consumer finances. Dettling, Lisa J.; Hsu, Joanne W. Dec 22, 2014 7938
Financial market regulation. Van Doren, Peter Dec 22, 2014 686
Structural breaks and financial volatility: lessons from the BRIC countries. Morales, Lucia; Gassie-Falzone, Esmeralda Report Dec 1, 2014 11603
Danger ahead for African bonds? Evans, Frankie Dec 1, 2014 1362
Determinants of the capital structure of listed Vietnamese companies. Nguyen, Dung Thuy Thi; Diaz-Rainey, Ivan; Gregoriou, Andros Report Dec 1, 2014 9627
Measuring currency pressure and contagion risks in countries under monetary unions: the case of euro. Canofari, Paolo; Piersanti, Giancarlo Marini Giovanni Dec 1, 2014 6833
Effects of lending interest rates and loan balance on investment in the Iranian economy (1991-2012). Ostadi, Hossein; Mirzaee, Hamid Report Nov 1, 2014 1946
Market outlook for the 4th quarter and beyond. Connolly, Mark Oct 31, 2014 775
OECD WARNS ON GROWTH; Analysis Forecasts scaled back, but UK given hope. Sep 18, 2014 513
Financial markets (re) segmentation in the euro area. De Souza, Lucio Vinhas Report Sep 1, 2014 548
Integration of Central and Eastern European and the euro-area financial markets: repercussions from the global financial crisis. Orlowski, Lucjan T.; Tsibulina, Anna Report Sep 1, 2014 6773
The ECB's experience of monetary policy in a financially fragmented euro area. Durre, Alain; Maddaloni, Angela; Mongelli, Francesco Paolo Report Sep 1, 2014 10663
An application of hedonic regression to evaluate prices of polish paintings. Witkowska, Dorota Report Aug 1, 2014 5530
Check of the relationship between financing methods and the changes in investment in listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchanges. Tamoradi, Fazel; Moohamadmosaee, Jaber Report Jul 23, 2014 2909
Financial literacy of women: a review of literature. Kaur, Mandeep; Vohra, Tina Jul 1, 2014 7314
Does corporate governance matter? A comparison of public-to-private transactions pre and post the economic crisis. Valenti, Alix; Schneider, Marguerite Statistical table Jun 22, 2014 7838
Exchange rate implications of reserve changes: how non-EZ European countries fared during the Great Recession. Dominguez, Kathryn Report Jun 1, 2014 6897
Tete-a-Tete with Arhtiyas. May 31, 2014 2318
Managing complexity. Spencer, Robin W. May 1, 2014 1896
CLOs: covered by Volcker rule or not? Barlas, Stephen May 1, 2014 419
Equity analyst recommendations: a case for affirmative disclosure? Baker, William; Dumont, Gregory Report Mar 22, 2014 10952
Geography, informal information flows and mutual fund portfolios. Fu, Richard; Gupta-Mukherjee, Swasti Mar 22, 2014 18561
How should financial markets be regulated? Dowd, Kevin; Hutchinson, Martin Column Mar 22, 2014 13588
Debt and incomplete financial markets: a case for nominal GDP targeting. Sheedy, Kevin D. Report Mar 22, 2014 17282
Debt and incomplete financial markets: a case for nominal GDP targeting. Sheedy, Kevin D. Report Mar 22, 2014 11732
An AHP-based approach to credit risk evaluation of mortgage loans. Ferreira, Fernando A.F.; Santos, Sergio P.; Dias, Vitor M.C. Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 10050
6 things 2013 should have taught us, but didn't. Brueckner, Thomas Feb 21, 2014 711
Lawmakers: SEC Failed to Analyze Volcker Rule, Broke Federal Law. Jan 15, 2014 714
A business cycle analysis of debt and equity financing. Karabarbounis, Marios; Macnamara, Patrick; McCord, Roisin Jan 1, 2014 13303
Stop the unethical merry-go-round. Connolly, Mark; Disalvo, Mark Dec 27, 2013 646
Foreign exchange exposure elasticity and financial distress. Wei, Kelsey D.; Starks, Laura T. Dec 22, 2013 14419
Corporate payout policy, cash savings, and the cost of consistency: evidence from a structural estimation. Mahmudi, Hamed; Pavlin, Michael Dec 22, 2013 17784
The financial market effect of FOMC minutes. Rosa, Carlo Abstract Dec 1, 2013 5216
Impact of the dynamics of stock price cycle on the sustainable development of an investment portfolio/Akciju kainu ciklu dinamikos itaka tvariam portfelio vystymuisi. Lukasevicius, Alfredas; Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas; Salengaite, Julija Report Dec 1, 2013 5524
The dollar-pound exchange rate during the first nine months of World War II. Kanago, Bryce; McCormick, Ken Dec 1, 2013 10246
Financial innovation and flexible regulation: destabilizing the regulatory state. Ford, Cristie Nov 1, 2013 4578
A debate framed by fallacies. Jenkins, Robert Nov 1, 2013 2162
Relationship between the market deviation from the interest rate parity and the net working capital decision of the U.S. multinational corporations. Jung, Minje Sep 22, 2013 4247
Readjusting trade-offs among criteria in internal ratings of credit-scoring: an empirical essay of risk analysis in mortgage loans. Ferreira, Fernando A.F.; Spahr, Ronald W.; Gavancha, Irina F.M.D.; Cipi, Amali Sep 1, 2013 8428
Government should not overregulate the HFT market. Bell, Holly A. Essay Sep 1, 2013 4224
The role of time-critical liquidity in financial markets. Marshall, David; Steigerwald, Robert Report Jun 22, 2013 12300
Turkish capital outflows started before the protests-Analysis. Jun 7, 2013 324
The social construction of legitimacy through signaling social capital: exploring the conditional value of alliances and underwriters at IPO. Khoury, Theodore A.; Junkunc, Marc; Deeds, David L. Statistical data May 1, 2013 17335
Financial market prediction system with Evolino neural network and Delphi method. Maknickiene, Nijole; Maknickas, Algirdas Apr 1, 2013 4247
Earnings response coefficients in the Greek market. Maditinos, Dimitrios I.; Sevic, Zeljko; Stankeviciene, Jelena; Karakoltsidis, Nikolaos Apr 1, 2013 7539
Swedish financial policies during the global financial meltdown. Popescu, Gheorghe H. Report Apr 1, 2013 2302
ForexMinute Brings Forex Glossary Section for Traders' Knowledge Enhancement. Glossary Mar 27, 2013 384
Expectations of large-scale asset purchases. Foerster, Andrew; Cao, Guangye Report Mar 22, 2013 7625
Developments in New Zealand's overnight indexed swaps market. Shareef, Raiko Mar 1, 2013 4733
Testing calendar effect on Nigerian stock market returns: methodological approach. Ogieva, Osazee Frank; Osamwonyi, I.O.; Idolor, Eseoghene Joseph Statistical data Jan 1, 2013 12536
Financial development and wage inequality: theory and evidence. Jerzmanowski, Michal; Nabar, Malhar Jan 1, 2013 16401
Financial outlook for 2013. Masson, D.J.; Neal, Robert S.; Trzcinka, Charles Dec 22, 2012 1365
Remarks on the economic crisis affecting the European states at the end of 2011. Ionescu, Eduard Essay Dec 1, 2012 3000
Research on futures trend trading strategy based on short term chart pattern. Masteika, Saulius; Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas Report Nov 1, 2012 6344
Market risk estimation via levy models and time horizon/ Odhad trzniho rizika na bazi levyho modelu a Casovy horizont. Kresta, Ales; Tichy, Tomas Oct 1, 2012 4741
The role of financial liberalization in Nigeria: a review of key policy issues. Owusu, Erasmus L.; Odhiambo, Nicholas M. Report Sep 1, 2012 7503
The monetary approach to the exchange rate determination for a "petrocurrency": the case of Norwegian Krone. Papadamou, Stephanos; Markopoulos, Thomas Report Aug 1, 2012 6976
Q2 Cat Bond Issuance at Highest Level Since 2010; Analytics Driving Capital-Markets Interest. Jul 24, 2012 474
Problems encountered when using high frequency financial market data: suggested solutions. Gwilym, Owain ap; Sutcliffe, Charles Abstract Jul 1, 2012 10478
Impact of business cycles on retail and wholesale firms' asset values leverage ratios and cash flows: evidence from U.S. listed firms. Kaya, Halil D.; Banerjee, Gaurango Abstract Jul 1, 2012 6931
Relevance of Discretionary Accruals Information (DAI) in Ohlson model: the case of Mexico. Duran-Vazquez, Rocio; Lorenzo-Valdes, Arturo; San Martin-Reyna, Juan Manuel Jul 1, 2012 5646
Impact of reduced tick sizes on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Gerace, Dionigi; Smark, Ciorstan; Freestone, Timothy Jul 1, 2012 10952
The profit rate in the presence of financial markets: a necessary correction. Freeman, Alan Report Jun 22, 2012 8031
Fiscal and monetary policy interaction in a simple accelerator model. Karpetis, Christos; Varelas, Erotokritos Report May 1, 2012 7485
Emerging market countries' access to international financial markets. Ozdemir, Nilufer Report May 1, 2012 5020
Dynamic correlation analysis of Asian stock markets. Hwang, Jae-Kwang Report May 1, 2012 4414
Prospects for the UK economy. Kirby, Simon; Lisenkova, Katerina Apr 1, 2012 14969
Price to earnings versus price to sales: a comparative study for Indian capital market. Pandey, Asheesh Apr 1, 2012 4118
Using operational assessments to enhance strategic interrogations. Trent, Stoney; Meyer, Gregory, Jr.; Degnan, Kevin Apr 1, 2012 2982
The influence of a different accounting system on informative value of selected financial ratios. Malikova, Olga; Brabec, Zdenek Report Mar 1, 2012 7300
BACK TO WORK. Jan 9, 2012 700
Temporary stabilization: a Frechet-Weibull extreme value distribution approach. Venegas-Martinez, Francisco; Ortiz-Arango, Francisco; Ortiz-Ramirez, Ambrosio Jan 1, 2012 5602
Financial development and the economies of oil-dependent African economies: the case of Nigeria. Ezirim, Chinedu B.; 'Noi, Ben; Amuzie, Edith Azuka; Muoghalu, Michael Report Dec 22, 2011 6376
Financing real estate development using bonds in Asia/Nekilnojamojo turto statybu finansavimas obligacijomis azijoje. Lam, Patrick T.I.; Chiang, Yat Hung; Chan, Stephen H. Abstract Dec 1, 2011 7929
U.S. decapitalization, easy money, and asset price cycles. Dowd, Kevin; Hutchinson, Martin Essay Sep 22, 2011 5674
Speaker Boehner: No U.S. Default on My Watch. Jul 19, 2011 437
CPPI method with a conditional floor. Ameur, Hachmi Ben; Prigent, Jean-Luc Jun 22, 2011 4165
Value versus growth: time-varying expected stock returns. Gulen, Huseyin; Xing, Yuhang; Zhang, Lu Jun 22, 2011 12665
Fear and the Fama-French factors. Durand, Robert B.; Lim, Dominic; Zumwalt, J. Kenton Jun 22, 2011 9733
Microfranchising in base-of-the-pyramid markets: institutional challenges and adaptations to the franchise model. Kistruck, Geoffrey M.; Webb, Justin W.; Sutter, Christopher J.; Ireland, R. Duane May 1, 2011 13771
Technology as a key for survival as well as competitiveness: FEAS continues to play an instrumental role in helping members to look toward the global and regional challenges by working together to develop common underlying strategies and approaches to widespread issues and problems. May 1, 2011 260
Monetary and exchange rate policy under remittance fluctuations. Mandelman, Federico S. Mar 22, 2011 14470
Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami: economic effects and implications for the United States. Nanto, Dick K.; Cooper, William H.; Donnelly, J. Michael Report Mar 1, 2011 5782
What explains the growth in commodity derivatives? Basu, Parantap; Gavin, William T. Jan 1, 2011 4532
Equity characteristics and factors affecting stock return forecasting for listed firms in South Korea. Jarrett, Jeffrey E. Jan 1, 2011 5274
VOFI: a more realistic method for investment appraisal. Schuster, Peter Abstract Jan 1, 2011 4694
The macroeconomics of financial crises for undergraduates. Gartner, Manfred; Jung, Florian Nov 1, 2010 427
My money makeover: what you can learn from expert makeovers of real-life investment portfolios. Korn, Donald Jay Oct 1, 2010 2199
Entry cost, financial friction, and cross-country differences in income and TFP. Fang, Lei Sep 15, 2010 8230
Financial leverage usage for active management of the investment portfolio/Finansinio sverto naudojimas aktyviai valdant investiciju portfeli. Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas; Zilinskij, Grigorij Report Sep 1, 2010 5133
The financial crisis: miss-diagnosis and reactionary responses. Eisenbeis, Robert A. Sep 1, 2010 4091
The mortgage and financial crises: the role of credit risk management and corporate governance. Lang, William W.; Jagtiani, Julapa A. Sep 1, 2010 9603
Hedge fund returns, Kalman filter, and errors-in-variables. Racicot, Francois-Eric; Theoret, Raymond Sep 1, 2010 691
Local governments look for ways to shore up pension plans during a down economy: higher employee contributions and hybrid plans are among steps that some have taken. Dyson, Gregory Jun 21, 2010 680
IMA 2009 salary survey. Schroeder, David L.; Schiffel, Lee; Smith, Kenneth A. Survey Jun 1, 2010 12202
The mortgage and financial crises: the role of credit risk management and corporate governance. Lang, William W.; Jagtiani, Julapa A. Jun 1, 2010 9621
Financial system outlook improved but fragile: date 19 May 2010. Jun 1, 2010 491
Analysis shows depositors are shifting money to accounts for quick withdrawal. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 154
Securities and Exchange Commission. Apr 1, 2010 107
Abstracts of selected recent NBER working papers. Apr 1, 2010 1616
Assessing the financial market damage. Melloan, George Mar 22, 2010 2351
Ethics is imperative to effective fair value reporting: weaving ethics into fair value. Cortese-Danile, Teresa M.; Mautz, R. David, Jr.; McCarthy, Irene M. Mar 22, 2010 4894
Relationship between financial crisis and foreign direct investment in developing countries using semiparametric regression approach/Finansu krizes ir tiesioginiu uzsienio investiciju rysio besivystanciose salyse nustatymas taikant semiparametrinf regresijos modeli. Ucal, Meltem; Ozcan, Kivilcim Metin; Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin; Mungo, Julius Report Mar 1, 2010 5968
The state of competition of the Turkish banking industry: an application of the Panzar-Rosse model/Konkurencija turkijos bankininkystes sektoriuje: Panzar-Rosse modelio taikymas. Aktan, Bora; Masood, Omar Report Mar 1, 2010 6717
The impact of exchange rate volatility on sectoral exports: (1973-2004). Serenis, Dimitrios Mar 1, 2010 641
Financial and commodities stocks lead Dow higher. Brief article Feb 16, 2010 339
Is moderate market performance in the U.S. a sufficient condition for abnormal returns on CEFs? Alexakis, Christos; Mavrakis, Emmanouil Report Feb 1, 2010 7923
China markets still weighed down by tightening as US, Europe rebound. Brief article Jan 13, 2010 233
The blame game; BookSHELF. Jan 8, 2010 153
Where to invest in 2010: expert market-watchers offer their outlook for the year ahead. Anderson, James A. Jan 1, 2010 2253
Bequest receipt and family size effects. Grawe, Nathan D. Jan 1, 2010 4539
Coordination of expectations in the recent crisis: private actions and policy responses. Cooper, Russell; Willis, Jonathan L. Jan 1, 2010 11818
Financial stability reports: how useful during a financial crisis? Wilkinson, Jim; Spong, Kenneth; Christensson, Jon Jan 1, 2010 9926
A new competitive advantage for annuities. Lakenbach, Cary Dec 7, 2009 880
The rise and, hopefully, the fall of economic neo-liberalism in theory and practice. Harcourt, G.C. Column Dec 1, 2009 2827
Financial markets and the instability of general equilibrium. Gehrels, Franz Dec 1, 2009 3036
Financial liberalization and banking fragility within Tunisian financial sector. Sami, Ben Ali Mohamed; Bechir, Changuel Mohamed Dec 1, 2009 7178
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Monetary policy decision. Nov 1, 2009 1029
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Cash forecasting more challenging: accurately forecasting cash to meet a firm's demands in this economic climate--while keeping both investors and analysts at bay--has become challenging for many treasurers. Bierck, Richard May 1, 2009 1693
Stock rally could be new bull market: Odey. Brief article Apr 15, 2009 125
Economic capital meets the real world: managing risk and capital with new methods may need to become more compatible with the existing framework for public reporting and regulation. Stein, Robert Apr 1, 2009 520
Many investors in holding pattern, settlement managers say. Thomas, Trevor Jan 19, 2009 793
Lessons learned: the many people implicated in the meltdown of the financial markets have work to do. Stein, Robert Jan 1, 2009 562
Taking cover: analytics initiatives can help insurers weather the financial storm. Saporito, Patricia Jan 1, 2009 547
Trustee spotlight Mary Jo Green. Jan 1, 2009 413
Market perceptions of EPA actions under different political regimes. Graddy, Duane B.; Strickland, Thomas H. Jan 1, 2009 6461
Washington addresses the credit crisis: in addition to creating the Troubled Asset Relife Program, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 also contains tax and other provisions of interest to state and local governments. Berger, Barrie Tabin; Gaffney, Susan Dec 1, 2008 2094
Boom time in Southern Sudan: Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan, enjoying peace after a bitter 22-year civil war, is now considered the fastest-growing city in the world as traders and investors flock in to take advantage of the new opportunities the semi-autonomous region represents. Rachel Zedeck reports. Zedeck, Rachel Dec 1, 2008 1261
Are we having fun yet? Slavin, Randy Dec 1, 2008 1492
Federal government to purchase bank stakes. Nov 1, 2008 571
Street sweeping: getting the American economy back on solid ground will require new financial regulations. Goldman Sachs alums aren't the men for the job. Fingleton, Eamonn Oct 20, 2008 3376
Financial turmoil causes industry surplus to slide again: 100 companies show composite decline of 4.7% for 6 months. Townsend, Frederick; Dallaire, Laurie Statistical table Oct 20, 2008 4076
Keep a cool head despite the crisis. Oct 8, 2008 411
Crash test: is it 1929 all over again--or worse? Von Hoffman, Nicholas Oct 6, 2008 1659
Kenya leads but Ethiopia is pressing. Oct 1, 2008 1223
We've met the enemy: we're it: when the market turns downward, underwriting discipline can mean the difference between profit and loss. Egan, Michael P. Oct 1, 2008 580
Current economic and financial conditions: extraordinary times have required extraordinary measures. Bernanke, Ben S. Oct 1, 2008 3712
The bursting of China's political bubble. Sep 22, 2008 412
Power law versus exponential law in characterizing stock market returns. Barari, Mahua; Mitra, Saibal Sep 1, 2008 897
Adjusting to new realities; commercial and multifamily real estate is working through a market transition against the backdrop of a wobbly economy, rising inflation and a global credit crunch. All in all, the asset class is holding up pretty well despite challenging conditions. Riggs, Kenneth P. Report Jul 1, 2008 2891
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Credit risk issues 2008. Maloney, Stephen Mar 1, 2008 1921
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Recessive traits. Steidtmann, Carl Jan 1, 2008 642
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Report to the Congress on credit scoring and its effects on the availability and affordability of credit: the following is an excerpt from the Federal Reserve Board's report to Congress on the effect of credit scoring on credit. This overview of the report provides background on credit history technologies and the scope of the Board's analysis. Excerpt Dec 22, 2007 2345
New Zealand's financial system resilient. Dec 1, 2007 349
Light at the end of the tunnel: after the sound of fury of Turkey's European Union woes last year, the partial suspension of the country's membership talks has in fact caused little upset to its financial markets and economic performance, as Jon Gorvett reports from Istanbul. Gorvett, Jon Dec 1, 2007 1105
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