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Study of Magnetohydrodynamic Pulsatile Blood Flow through an Inclined Porous Cylindrical Tube with Generalized Time-Nonlocal Shear Stress. Shah, Nehad Ali; Al-Zubaidi, A.; Saleem, S. May 18, 2021 5027
Acute Effects of Strength Training with Blood Flow Restriction on Different Cuffs on Mood Profile in Active Adults. Ruaro, Marcio Flavio; Procopio, Kedson Francisco; Gusmao, Natalia; de Franca, Elias; Doro, Marcio Ro Feb 1, 2020 3167
Pulse Waveform Analysis of the Ocular Blood Flow Using Laser Speckle Flowgraphy before and after Glaucoma Treatment. Masai, Satoko; Ishida, Kyoko; Anraku, Ayako; Takumi, Tetsuro; Tomita, Goji Oct 31, 2019 8368
Accounting for Tube Hematocrit in Modeling of Blood Flow in Cerebral Capillary Networks. Botkin, Nikolai D.; Kovtanyuk, Andrey E.; Turova, Varvara L.; Sidorenko, Irina N.; Lampe, Renee Sep 30, 2019 6245
Evaluation of Cerebral Blood Flow Alterations and Acute Neuronal Damage due to Water-Pipe Smoking. Karakayali, Onur; Utku, Uygar; Yilmaz, Serkan Report Mar 1, 2019 4910
Effects of strength training with continuous or intermittent blood flow restriction on the hypertrophy, muscular strength and endurance of men. Neto, Gabriel Rodrigues; da Silva, Julio Cesar Gomes; Freitas, Lucas; da Silva, Hidayane Goncalves; Jan 1, 2019 7628
Comparison of Direct and Remote Ischaemic Preconditioning of Renal Ischaemia Reperfusion Injury in Rats/Ratlarda Renal Iskemi Reperfuzyon Hasari Uzerine Direk ve Uzak Iskemik Onkosullamanin Karsilastirilmasi. Oral, Keziban; Akan, Mert; Ozkardesler, Sevda; Boztas, Nilay; Ergur, Bekir Ugur; Guneli, Mehmet Ensa Report Dec 1, 2018 5198
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography: A Promising Method for Blood Flow and Perfusion Evaluation in Critically Ill Patients. Wu, Jun; Chen, De-Chang Editorial Oct 1, 2018 2367
Neuromuscular Adaptations to Low-Load Blood Flow Restricted Resistance Training. Cook, Summer B.; Scott, Brendan R.; Hayes, Katherine L.; Murphy, Bethany G. Report Mar 1, 2018 6285
Influence of Blood Vessels on Temperature during High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia Based on the Thermal Wave Model of Bioheat Transfer. Tan, Qiaolai; Zou, Xiao; Dong, Hu; Ding, Yajun; Zhao, Xinmin Report Jan 1, 2018 5583
Numerical Simulation of Dispersed Particle-Blood Flow in the Stenosed Coronary Arteries. Kaewbumrung, Mongkol; Orankitjaroen, Somsak; Boonkrong, Pichit; Nuntadilok, Buraskorn; Wiwatanapatap Report Jan 1, 2018 6961
A Numerical Model of Blood Flow Velocity Measurement Based on Finger Ring. Yusheng, Fu; Wang, Qiyu; Yi, Jianbo; Song, Dan; Xiang, Xin Jan 1, 2018 5231
ShenShuai II Recipe Attenuates Apoptosis and Renal Fibrosis in Chronic Kidney Disease by Increasing Renal Blood Flow and Improving Oxygen Consumption. Wang, Meng; Yang, Jing; Zhou, Yuan; Wang, Chen Jan 1, 2018 3880
Characteristics of interstitial fluid flow along with blood flow inside a cylindrical tumor: a numerical simulation/Caracteristicas do fluxo de fluido intersticial junto com o fluxo sanguineo no interior de um tumor cilindrico: uma simulacao numerica. Zakariapour, Mostafa; Hamedi, Mohammad Hossein; Fatouraee, Nasser Jan 1, 2018 4564
Chronic Effects of Resistance Training with Blood Flow Restriction on Maximal Dynamic Strength and Flexibility at Different Phases of the Menstrual Cycle. Araujo, Carolina; Neto, Gabriel R.; Cirilo-Sousa, Maria S.; Chaves, Eduardo; Brown, Amanda; Dias, In Report Dec 1, 2017 4398
Incarcerated Inguinal Hernia: A Cause of Testicular Ischemia Without the 'Twist'. Singh, Divya; Kaur, Ladbans; Khanduja, Neha Case study Oct 1, 2017 1104
Use of Continuous Brachial Plexus Blockade for Treatment Of Accidental Intra-Arterial Injection. Tutuncu, Ayse Cigdem; Kendigelen, Pinar; Altintas, Fatis; Kaya, Guner Apr 1, 2017 1751
Evaluation of anterior mediastinal solid tumors by CT perfusion: a preliminary study. Bakan, Selim; Kandemirli, Sedat Giray; Dikici, Atilla Suleyman; Ersen, Ezel; Yildirim, Onur; Samanci Jan 1, 2017 2961
Comparison of Retinal Microvessel Blood Flow Velocities Acquired with Two Different Fields of View. Zhou, Jin; Li, Min; Chen, Wan; Yang, Ye; Hu, Liang; Wang, Liang; Jiang, Hong; Wang, Jianhua Report Jan 1, 2017 4739
Effects of Wrist Posture and Fingertip Force on Median Nerve Blood Flow Velocity. Wilson, Katherine E.; Tat, Jimmy; Keir, Peter J. Report Jan 1, 2017 4724
Acute cardiovascular and hemodynamic responses to low intensity eccentric resistance exercise with blood flow restriction. Bazgir, Behzad; Valojerdi, Mojtaba Rezazadeh; Rajabi, Hamid; Fathi, Rouhollah; Ojaghi, Seyed Mojtaba Report Dec 1, 2016 5644
Acute effect of resistance exercises performed by the upper and lower limbs with blood flow restriction on hemodynamic responses. Vilaca-Alves, Jose; Neto, Gabriel R.; Morgado, Nuno M.; Saavedra, Francisco; Lemos, Rui; Moreira, Ti Report Jun 1, 2016 4985
The role of anion exchanger on pulmonary vascular response to sustained alveolar hypoxia in the isolated perfused rabbit lung. Ketabchi, Farzaneh; Mansoori, Somayeh; Moosavi, Seyed Mostafa Shid Report May 1, 2015 5070
Effects of realimentation on umbilical blood flow, fetal and placental measurements, and birth weight in nutrient restricted pregnant ewes. Vasquez, Manuel; Swanson, Kendall; Vonnahme, Kimberley Author abstract Apr 1, 2015 373
Treatment of Epilepsy with Bipolar Electro-coagulation: An Analysis of Cortical Blood Flow and Histological Change in Temporal Lobe. Cui, Zhi-Qiang; Luan, Guo-Ming; Zhou, Jian; Zhai, Feng; Guan, Yu-Guang; Bao, Min Report Feb 1, 2015 3277
On the role of the blood vessel endothelial microvilli in the blood flow in small capillaries. Makarov, Vladimir; Zueva, Lidia; Sanabria, Priscila; Wessinger, William Dave; Golubeva, Tatiana; Khm Report Jan 1, 2015 4176
The effects of nitric oxide donors on uterine artery and sub-endometrial blood flow in patients with unexplained recurrent abortion. Abdel-Razik, Mohamed; Berry, Seham El-; Mostafa, Ahmed Report Jul 1, 2014 2551
Role of colour doppler: cerebral and umbilical arterial blood flow velocity in normal and growth restricted pregnancy. Patange, R.P.; Goel, Neha Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2014 3451
Computational dynamics of arterial blood flow in the presence of magnetic field and thermal radiation therapy. Chinyoka, T.; Makinde, O.D. Report Jan 1, 2014 3943
Effect of the polydispersity of RBCs on the recovery rate of RBCs during the removal of CPAs. Qiao, Heyuan; Ding, Weiping; Ma, Yuncong; Sun, Sijie; Gao, Dayong Report Jan 1, 2014 6197
Continuous dynamic registration of microvascularization of liver tumors with contrast-enhanced ultrasound. Beyer, Lukas Philipp; Pregler, Benedikt; Wiesinger, Isabel; Stroszczynski, Christian; Wiggermann, Ph Report Jan 1, 2014 3311
Some numerical approaches to solve fluid structure interaction problems in blood flow. Tang, Aik Ying; Amin, Norsarahaida Report Jan 1, 2014 6103
Efficacy of micromobile foot compression device in increasing lower limb venous blood flow. Charles, Thomas; Mackintosh, Stephen; Fingleton, James; Braithwaite, Irene; Weatherall, Mark; Beasle Report Jan 1, 2013 4383
Impact of gas delivery systems on imaging studies of human cerebral blood flow. Cain, John R.; Parkes, Laura M.; Eadsforth, Peter; Beards, Susan C.; Jackson, Alan Report Jan 1, 2013 3523
A pilot study of laparoscopic Doppler ultrasound probe to map arterial vascular flow within the neurovascular bundle during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. Badani, Ketan K.; Shapiro, Edan Y.; Berg, William T.; Kaufman, Sarah; Bergman, Ari; Wambi, Chris; Ch Report Jan 1, 2013 4392
Non-invasive micro opto electro mechanical system adaptation to radial blood flow pulse and velocity analysis/Neinvazines mikro-opto-elektro-mechanines sistemos taikymas radialines arterijos pulso ir kraujo greicio analizei. Malinauskas, K.; Ostasevicius, V.; Dauksevicius, R.; Jurenas, V. Report Jul 1, 2012 1802

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