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Investigating individual differences with qualitative research methods: Results of a meta-analysis of leading applied linguistics journals. Albert, Agnes; Csizer, Kata Jun 1, 2022 11925
If Research Agenda Were Honest. Tran, Jasper L. Jan 1, 2022 9590
The Case Against Registered Reports. Gundersen, Odd Erik Report Mar 22, 2021 2765
The Organization of a Complex Analytical Approach. Emerson, Robert Wall Nov 1, 2020 616
Research in Pairs: An Undergraduate Atmospheric Science Experience. May 1, 2020 1957
Aboriginal research methods and researcher reflections on working two-ways to investigate culturally secure birthing for Aboriginal women. Marriott, Rhonda; Reibel, Tracy; Gliddon, Janinne; Griffin, Denese; Coffin, Juli; Eades, Anne-Marie; Report Mar 22, 2020 10934
Data Collection Research Methods in Applied Linguistics. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 115
A Straightforward Approach to CJ Research Methods: Practices, Policies, and Procedures. Book review Aug 1, 2019 110
Using design-based research methods to reform teaching and learning. Baroutsis, Aspa; Woods, Annette Oct 1, 2018 1412
On Reproducible AI: Towards Reproducible Research, Open Science, and Digital Scholarship in AI Publications. Gundersen, Odd Erik; Gil, Yolanda; Aha, David W. Essay Sep 22, 2018 7569
The Role of Theoretical Breadth and Student Engagement in the Use of Case Methods in Marketing Pedagogy. Sudhir, Subin; Unnithan, Anandakuttan B. Report Sep 1, 2018 7063
The construction of authorial voice in writing research articles: A corpus-based study from an APPRAISAL theory perspective. Zhang, Weiyu; Cheung, Yin Ling Report Jul 1, 2018 8666
A pilot study using participatory, translational, social science research methods to explore stakeholder perspectives on preventing delayed diagnosis in leprosy. Kuipers, Pim; Joy, Anish; John, Annamma; Raju, Ms Report Jun 1, 2018 9211
Concept, Principles and Research Methods of African Environmental Ethics. Ibanga, Diana-Abasi Essay May 1, 2018 7833
Building the science of research management: What can research management learn from education research? Huang, Jun Song Report Mar 22, 2018 7821
Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology. Book review Mar 1, 2018 130
Research Methods in Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management. Book review Dec 1, 2017 122
Minor Questions about Research Methods. Jurs, Bethany S.; Daugherty, Timothy K.; Bowen, Mya Dec 1, 2017 2814
Developing actionable research priorities for LGBTI inclusion. Badgett, M.V. Lee; Crehan, Philip Essay Jan 1, 2017 11886
Implementing course-based research increases student aspirations for STEM degrees. Overath, R. Deborah; Zhang, Daiyuan; Hatherill, J. Robert Dec 22, 2016 5184
Classroom-oriented research from a complex systems perspective. Larsen-Freeman, Diane Report Sep 1, 2016 6202
Survey research in English-Canadian political sociology: the end of an era? Baer, Douglas Aug 1, 2016 1795
Performing Land of Smiles: dramatization as research in Thailand's antitrafficking movement. Kamler, Erin M. Report Jul 1, 2016 9324
An analysis of young children's engagement with single and group interview methods. Ey, Lesley-Anne Report Mar 1, 2016 6339
Intergenerational collaborative drawing: a research method for researching with/about young children. Knight, Linda; McArdle, Felicity; Cumming, Tamara; Bone, Jane; Li, Liang; Peterken, Corinna; Ridgway Report Dec 1, 2015 6284
GIS Research Methods. Book review Nov 1, 2015 152
GIS Research Methods. Book review Nov 1, 2015 146
Chapter 18: An introduction to research I--finding and evaluating your sources. Cadbury, Vivian C. Report Jan 1, 2015 4981
Chapter 19: An introduction to research II--using and citing your sources. Cadbury, Vivian C. Report Jan 1, 2015 7618
Lecturer of Cambridge University shares research methods with staff of Kyrgyz National Strategic Studies Institute. Sep 17, 2014 115
Modeling and research on research. Ioannidis, John P.A. Sep 1, 2014 1016
Review of dance research in Quebec. Harbonnier-Topin, Nicole Essay Jun 22, 2014 2172
Research Methods in Interpreting: A Practical Resource. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 112
What's the catch? Why the latest study is rarely the final answer. Liebman, Bonnie Apr 1, 2014 2705
Choosing a dissertation topic: additional pointers. Segol, Genevieve Report Mar 1, 2014 2033
Recommendations for the investigation and delivery of music programs aimed at achieving psychosocial wellbeing benefits in mainstream schools. Dale Crooke, Alexander Hew; McFerran, Katrina Skewes Report Jan 1, 2014 14461
"It's like cloning your research team many times over": high throughput research promises faster successes. Interview Jan 1, 2014 454
Observer Use of Standardized Observation Protocols in Consequential Observation Systems. Bell, Courtney A.; Yi, Qi; Jones, Nathan D.; Lewis, Jennifer M.; McLeod, Monica; Liu, Shuangshuang Report Jan 1, 2014 446
Research methods; designing and conducting research with a real-world focus. Book review Dec 1, 2013 187
Research methods for social workers; a practice-based approach, 2d ed. Book review Dec 1, 2013 114
Disorienting methods: some challenges for transnational communication research in sexuality. Sender, Katherine Essay Oct 1, 2013 5949
The community-first Land-centred theoretical framework: bringing a 'good mind' to Indigenous education research? Styres, Sandra; Zinga, Dawn Report Oct 1, 2013 7436
Harry Potter and the Millennials; research methods and the politics of the Muggle generation. Book review Oct 1, 2013 110
Research methods in information, 2d ed. Book review Oct 1, 2013 173
Considering theoptimistic/pessimistic view of decision makers in the cross-efficiency evaluation. Tohidi, G.; Jahanshahloo, G.R.; Khodadadi, M. Report Oct 1, 2013 4105
Appropriate methodology is essential for accurate conclusions/Dogru sonuclar icin uygun yontem elzemdir. Norgaz, Tugrul; Gorgulu, Sevket Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2013 941
Increased mean platelet volume in patients with familial Mediterranean fever may not be a marker of atherosclerosis risk/Ailevi Akdeniz atesli olgularda ortalama trombosit hacmindeki artis ateroskleroz riski artisinin bir belirteci olmayabilir. Beyan, Cengiz Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2013 914
The biological aesthetic. Dominiczak, Marek H. Sep 1, 2013 1081
Research methods for counseling; an introduction. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 166
Media and communication research methods; an introduction to qualitative and quantitative approaches, 3d ed. Book review Aug 1, 2013 117
Dialectical research methods in the classical Marxist tradition. Book review Aug 1, 2013 212
Theory building through research: an exposition from a classical Sanskrit text. Adhikary, Nirmala Mani Essay Jul 1, 2013 2793
Studying Political Elite in Pakistan: Power Relations in Research. Jabeen, Tahira Report Jun 30, 2013 5902
Basic/applied research dichotomy. Narayanamurti, Venkatesh "Venky"; Odumosu, Tolu Jun 22, 2013 488
Research methods for business; a skill-building approach, 6th ed. (online access included). Book review Jun 1, 2013 174
Methodological limitations to a study on interpersonal therapy. Roos, J.L.; Kruger, C.; Bohmer, M.W. Critical essay Jun 1, 2013 664
Working with political science research methods; problems and exercises, 3d ed. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 144
Antisemitism and criticism of Israel: a methodological challenge for peace research. Kempf, Wilhelm Report Dec 1, 2012 5148
The value of qualitative research methods. Ivey, Jean Report Nov 1, 2012 815
Essential research methods for social work, 3d ed. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 235
Meta-analysis of ESP studies, 1987-2010: assessing the success of the forced-choice design in parapsychology/Eine metaanalyse von asw-studien 1987-2010: zur beurteilung des erfolgs der versuchsplanung mit begrenzter wahl in der parapsychologie/Meta-analisis de estudios pes, 1987-2010: evaluacion del diseno de eleccion forzada en parapsicologia/Meta-analyse des etudes de pes, 1987-2010: evaluer le succes... Storm, Lance; Tressoldi, Patrizio E.; Risio, Lorenzo Di Report Sep 22, 2012 11661
The content-source problem in modern mediumship research/Das problem der herkunftsquelle in der modernen medialitatsforschung/El problema de origen-contenido en la investigacion moderna de la mediumnidad/Le probleme contenu-source dans la recherche mediumnique moderne. Cunningham, Paul F. Report Sep 22, 2012 9508
An approach to group decision making based on 2-dimension uncertain linguistic information. Liu, Peide Report Sep 1, 2012 6643
The Avatar as a methodological tool for the embodied exploration of virtual environments. Pint, Kris Essay Sep 1, 2012 6292
The scholarship of Cedric J. Robinson: methodological considerations for Africana Studies. Myers, Joshua Critical essay Jun 15, 2012 17369
HEC-BC hold international resource person course on research methods. May 27, 2012 499
HEC-BC hold International Resource Person Course on Research Methods. May 27, 2012 499
Investigating the appropriateness of the theory of organisational knowledge creation as a management model for practice-led research/Die gepastheid van die teorie van organisatoriese kennisskepping as bestuursmodel vir praktykgeleide navorsing. Marley, Ian R. Report Apr 1, 2012 8674
Does that program really work? Six questions to ask about research. Coulson, Andrew R. Mar 1, 2012 339
Innovative classification of technology foresight methods/Nauja technologiju prognozavimo metodu klasifikacija. Magruk, Andrzej Report Dec 1, 2011 6903
Assessing student perception of practice evaluation knowledge in introductory research methods. Baker, Lisa R.; Pollio, David E.; Hudson, Ashley Sep 22, 2011 4123
Introduction to the discussion forum on using experiments in supply chain management research. Eckerd, Stephanie; Bendoly, Elliot Report Jul 1, 2011 1106
Rigor in behavioral experiments: a basic primer for supply chain management researchers. Bachrach, Daniel G.; Bendoly, Elliot Report Jul 1, 2011 2402
The vignette in a scenario-based role-playing experiment. Rungtusanatham, M.; Wallin, Cynthia; Eckerd, Stephanie Report Jul 1, 2011 5376
Validity Research on Teacher Evaluation Systems Based on the Framework for Teaching. Milanowski, Anthony T. Author abstract Apr 8, 2011 326
The actuarial turn in the science of learning disabilities. Danforth, Scot Report Mar 22, 2011 10097
An unfortunate divorce. Stone, C. Addison Mar 22, 2011 2195
Valuing a plurality of research methodologies and instructional ideologies in classroom research. Poplin, Mary Report Mar 22, 2011 1893
Complicating, not explicating: taking up philosophy in learning disability research. Allan, Julie Report Mar 22, 2011 7385
Complicating and explicating: taking up reason in learning disabilities research. Bursuck, Wiliam Report Mar 22, 2011 1801
Right or wrong about the probability of being wrong? McCulloch, T.J. Mar 1, 2011 1524
How many scientific methods exist? Lawson, Anton E. Editorial Aug 1, 2010 2390
Factors causing transformations of urban functions and their research issues/Urbanistiniu funkciju kaita lemiantys veiksniai ir ju tyrimo klausimai. Mozuriunaite, Skirmante Report Jun 1, 2010 3078
Using land cover data to characterize living environments of geocoded addresses: Estes et al. respond. Estes, Maurice G., Jr.; Al-Hamdan, Mohammad Z.; Crosson, William; Estes, Sue M.; Quattrochi, Dale; K Mar 1, 2010 331
Traditional research methods can assess complementary therapies. Jan 1, 2010 231
Penetrating adolescents' mental models of mp3 with ZMET. Ling, I-Ling; Yang, Chun-Ming; Liu, Yi-Fen; Tsai, Yu-Hsuan Dec 22, 2009 4589
Factor Structure and Reliability of the 2008 and 2009 SERU/UCUES Questionnaire Core. SERU Project Technical Report. Chatman, Steve Author abstract Oct 1, 2009 304
A Survey Data Quality Strategy: The Institutional Research Perspective. Liu, Qin Author abstract May 3, 2009 249
Overview of Measuring Effect Sizes: The Effect of Measurement Error. Brief 2. Boyd, Don; Grossman, Pam; Lankford, Hamp; Loeb, Susanna; Wyckoff, Jim Report Nov 1, 2008 228
New and current microbiological tools for ecosystem ecologists: towards a goal of linking structure and function. Drenovsky, Rebecca E.; Feris, Kevin P.; Batten, Katharine M.; Hristova, Krassimira Report Jul 1, 2008 7742
Closing and enriching the loop comment on the paper by Kopainsky and Luna-Reyes. Rios, Jose Perez Critical essay Jul 1, 2008 3203
Gifted education research 1994--2003: a disconnect between priorities and practice. Jolly, Jennifer L.; Kettler, Todd Report Jun 22, 2008 5799
Narcissism, entitlement, and questionable research practices in counseling: a pilot study. Davis, Mark S.; Wester, Kelly L.; King, Bridgett Report Mar 22, 2008 8502
From Monet's paintings to Margaret's ducks: divagations on phenomenological research. Sousa, Daniel Report Jan 1, 2008 5007
Semantic Support Environment for Research Activity. Ismail, Maizatul Akmar; Yaacob, Mashkuri; Kareem, Sameem Abdul Report Jan 1, 2008 288
De-westernising research methodologies: alternative approaches to research for higher education curricula in developing countries. Papoutsaki, Evangelia Report May 1, 2007 6298
Critical Narrative Research (CNR): conceptualizing and furthering the validity of an emerging methodology. Iannacci, Luigi Jan 1, 2007 9460
Complementarism versus pluralism: are they different and does it matter? Zhu, Zhichang Nov 1, 2006 8297
Mixed methods in international business research: a value-added perspective. Hurmerinta-Peltomaki, Leila; Nummela, Niina Oct 1, 2006 8783
Ask the doctors. Francis, Gary S.; Bhatt, Deepak L. Sep 1, 2006 604
Research methods in school counseling: a summary for the practitioner. Brigman, Greg Jun 1, 2006 3371
Scholarly communities in entrepreneurship research: a co-citation analysis. Schildt, Henri A.; Zahra, Shaker A.; Sillanpaa, Antti May 1, 2006 6846
Anxiety in Undergraduate Research Methods Courses: Its Nature and Implications. Papanastasiou, Elena C.; Zembylas, Michalinos Apr 1, 2006 186
Tallahassee-Leon County, Florida Topographic Partnering Group/LIDAR Project (2003--single process). Hartsfield, Lee Jan 1, 2006 2721
Revolutions in qualitative research: from just experience to experiencing justice. Lincoln, Yvonna S. Dec 22, 2005 6330
Collaborative action research and school counselors. Rowell, Lonnie L. Oct 1, 2005 6932
Policy Recommendations for Community Colleges in Vietnam. Harvey, David, J. Abstract Apr 29, 2005 387
The nominal group technique: a useful consensus methodology in physiotherapy research. Potter, Margaret; Gordon, Sandy; Hamer, Peter Nov 1, 2004 3868
Two cognitive DMILS studies in Bali. Edge, Hoyt; Suryani, Luh Ketut; Tiliopoulos, Niko; Morris, Robert Sep 22, 2004 13266
A study of telepathy by classical conditioning. Vassy, Zoltan Sep 22, 2004 8992
Physiological correlates of ESP: heart rate differences between targets and nontargets. Sartori, Luisa; Massacessi, Stefano; Martinelli, Massimiliano; Tressoldi, Patrizio E. Sep 22, 2004 2601
Interpersonal psi: exploring the role of the sender in ganzfeld GESP tasks. Roe, Chris A.; Sherwood, Simon J.; Holt, Nicola J. Sep 22, 2004 7535
Permutation-based methods for examining confusion data in ESP experiments. Stahl, Stephanie Sep 22, 2004 8457
Differences in paranormal beliefs across fields of study from a Spanish adaptation of Tobacyk's RPBS. Diaz-Vilela, Luis; Alvarez-Gonzalez, Carlos J. Sep 22, 2004 6687
Vagal tone may predict ADHD in LBW boys: ADHD looked for at 30 months. Walsh, Nancy Sep 1, 2003 445
Mild obesity raises early hypertension risk: males at greater risk than females. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 381
Selective interest and psychological practice: a new interpretation of the Burt affair. Joynson, R.B. Aug 1, 2003 10428
David Vs. Goliath revisited: Examining the possibility of conducting comparator studies on nutraceutical products. (Proprietary Perspectives). Almada, Anthony L. Column Jul 1, 2003 823
University Students' Orientation to Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods. Murtonen, Mari Apr 21, 2003 212
Using declarative knowledge to improve information search performance. Roberts, Michael L.; Ashton, Robert H. Mar 22, 2003 10074
Research strategies for enhancing conceptual development and replicability. Stanford, Rex G. Mar 22, 2003 15816
Collection and culture techniques for gelatinous zooplankton. Raskoff, Kevin A.; Sommer, Freya A.; Hamner, William M.; Cross, Katrina M. Feb 1, 2003 10521
The science of Unitary Human Beings: analysis of qualitative research approaches. Fawcett, Jacqueline; Alligood, Martha Raile Jan 1, 2003 5580
Two-component direct fluorescent-antibody assay for rapid identification of Bacillus anthracis. (Bioterrorism-Related Anthrax). Popovic, Tanja Oct 1, 2002 4312
Effect of autocorrelated data on composite panel production monitoring and control: A comparison of SPC techniques. (Processes). Noffsinger, John R.; Anderson, R. Bruce Mar 1, 2002 5293
Public Administration Research from a Practitioner Perspective. Streib, Gregory; Slotkin, Bert J.; Rivera, Mark Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 6976
Issues of Research Design and Construct Measurement in Entrepreneurship Research: The Past Decade. Chandler, Gaylen N.; Lyon, Douglas W. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 6038
Constructivism and the Role of the Teacher: Misconstructing Constructivism. Chrenka, Lynn May 1, 2001 1587
Introduction: Varieties of Comparative Criminology. NEWMAN, GRAEME; HOWARD, GREGORY J. Feb 1, 2001 4004
Stars Aren't Stupid, But Our Methodological Training Is: A Commentary on Jeff Gill and Ken Meier's Article "Public Administration Research and Practice: A Methodological Manifesto". DeLorenzo, Lisa Jan 1, 2001 2591
How Personality Makes a Difference. Plummer, Joseph T. Nov 1, 2000 4407
Should System Dynamics be Described as a `Hard' or `Deterministic' Systems Approach? Lane, David C. Jan 1, 2000 11350
Complex Societal Problem Solving: A Possible Set of Methodological Criteria. Murthy, P.N. Jan 1, 2000 17638
Net Discount Rate and Below-Market Discount Rate: Two Methods in Forensic Economics. Pelaez, Rolando F. Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 1999 5570
Solving the Diet-and-Disease Puzzle. LIEBMAN, BONNIE May 1, 1999 4215
The method of philosophy: making distinctions. Sokolowski, Robert Mar 1, 1998 7635
An integrative attributional perspective of empowerment and learned helplessness: a multimethod field study. Campbell, Constance R.; Martinko, Mark J. Mar 1, 1998 11176
Crystallizing the processes of the unitary field pattern portrait research method. Butcher, Howard K. Jan 1, 1998 6837
Survey methodology issues in manufacturing strategy and practice research. Collins, Robert S.; Cordon, Carlos Jul 1, 1997 4156
The three Ms. Metz, Jerry Apr 1, 1997 2541
Paul Weiss's method(s) and system(s). Kennedy, Kevin Sep 1, 1996 11318
When to use qualitative methods: a new approach. Cahill, Dennis J. Jun 1, 1996 2944
Heidegger's method: philosophical concepts as formal indications. Dahlstrom, Daniel O. Jun 1, 1994 8552
A practitioner's guide to research methods. Goubil-Gambrell, Patricia Nov 1, 1992 5716
Conducting research in technical communication: the application of true experimental designs. Spyridakis, Jan H. Nov 1, 1992 8552

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