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Adjusting to the Pivot Point: "People usually are not big on slow changes, even those that accompany miracles. Take baby steps, friends advise one another sympathetically during difficult life passages, but no one enjoys those halting, faltering, falling-down baby steps. Wobbling and stumbling are less cute when you are not a toddler.". Puterbaugh, Dolores T. May 1, 2020 1113
AMERICAN CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY: Vol. 93, No. 1, Winter 2019. Author abstract Mar 1, 2019 1150
CHANGEABLE. Jimenez, Jesus Brief article Sep 22, 2018 166
From "Resolute" to "Dissolved": Tracking Faustus's Decision. Hargitai, Marta Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 6646
HOW NOT TO IMPROVE THE ESTATE: LOPPING & CROPPING JANE AUSTEN. Miller, Sydney Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 10934
Are real changes now possible: where next for Corbyn and Labour? How do we build on the hopes raised in the June election? Rustin, Michael Essay Jun 22, 2017 6080
Phronesis: Vol. 62, No. 2, 2017. Abstract Jun 1, 2017 414
Is Care Enough? Thiyagarajan, Nandini Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2017 1069
Transition: A Fugue. Pero, Allan Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2017 1799
Seeking comfort in past media: Modeling media nostalgia as a way of coping with media change. Menke, Manuel Report Feb 1, 2017 9293
Managing ourselves and helping others through transitions. Ulrich, Beth Editorial Nov 1, 2016 643
Be the change. Todd, Mary Mar 22, 2016 617
I might be fundamentally mistaken. Ridge, Michael Oct 1, 2015 11581
Chrysopoeia: metaphysical reflections on transformation in James Dickey's "The Owl King". Norman, Benjamin Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 2163
Emerson, modern literature, and the question of Goethe. Robinson, David M. Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 6070
President's message. Vallejos, Vicki Essay Mar 22, 2013 799
Andre Gide's quest for authenticity. Petcu, Carmen Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 2323
The power of the personal. Priesnitz, Wendy Editorial May 1, 2011 631
Thomas S. Kuhn's institutional theory of stability and change. Vogel, Rick Essay Jan 1, 2011 9157
Beyond Repair. Brostoff, Marissa Sep 3, 2010 1271
The SOP model of change as a new way of looking at causality. Glassop, Linda Irene Report May 1, 2010 3059
Back from the future: the impact of change on airpower in the decades ahead. Clodfelter, Mark Essay Sep 22, 2009 8593
Progressive change in Emerson's 'the Conservative'. Savage, Daniel M. Essay Mar 22, 2009 7787
Pushing the boundaries on mentoring: can mentoring be a knowledge tool? Henriques, Paulo Lopes; Curado, Carla Report Mar 1, 2009 8731
For both universe and life, only constant is change. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Feb 14, 2009 436
A new reconstruction of Zeno's Flying Arrow. Arsenijevic, Milos; Scepanovic, Sandra; Massey, Gerald J. Critical essay Mar 1, 2008 17227
What's This If? Wier, Dara Essay May 1, 2007 3005
Change: friend or foe? Christenson, James Jan 1, 2007 1282
Human nature, cosmic evolution and modernity in Holderlin. Cummins, Neil Paul Jan 1, 2007 7113
Changing conventions. Kreyche, Gerald F. Jul 1, 2006 1006
The limits of complexity and change. Modis, Theodore May 1, 2003 3078
Growth in hard times: surviving--and thriving--amidst chaos isn't impossible. The secret lies in corporate culture, a contrarian attitude, the art of anticipation, and change strategies. (Perspectives: Strategy). Peters, Diane McFerrin Aug 1, 2002 1355
The spur of crisis & the pain of change: We are neither optimists nor pessimists but people of hope. (word alive). Siverns, Ted Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 847
What is your association becoming? Fabian, Nelson Jul 1, 1999 1380
Changing the theory of theory change: towards a computational approach. Tennant, Neil Sep 1, 1994 12415
Misoneism ... say what? Barry, John M. Column Mar 1, 1994 479
How to become changehardy, part 2. Harmon, Shirley Aug 1, 1993 3216
What's past is prologue: on change and mourning in the American theatre. London, Todd Jul 1, 1992 4743

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