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Identifying outlier patterns of inconsistent ambulance billing in Medicare. Sanghavi, Prachi; Jena, Anupam B.; Newhouse, Joseph P.; Zaslavsky, Alan M. Report Apr 1, 2021 3252
Validity of Diagnosis Code-Based Claims to Identify Pulmonary NTM Disease in Bronchiectasis Patients. Ku, Jennifer H.; Henkle, Emily M.; Carlson, Kathleen F.; Marino, Miguel; Winthrop, Kevin L. Report Mar 1, 2021 1777
New evidence of state variation in Medicaid payment policies for dual Medicare-Medicaid enrollees. Roberts, Eric T.; Nimgaonkar, Alok; Aarons, Joshua; Tomko, Heather; Shartzer, Adele; Zuckerman, Step Report Oct 1, 2020 5192
Likelihood of hospital readmission in Medicare Advantage and Fee-For-Service within same hospital. H.Jung, Daniel; DuGoff, Eva; Smith, Maureen; Palta, Mari; Gilmore-Bykovskyi, Andrea; Mullahy, John Report Aug 1, 2020 5888
Equity-Efficiency Tradeoff: The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program And Disparities In Outcomes Among Vulnerable Medicare Heart Failure Patients In Pennsylvania. Julnes, Patria de Lancer; Choi, Sung W. Report Jun 22, 2020 12206
Generic Substitution Varies Dramatically Among Medicare Part D Plans. Feb 17, 2020 1631
Medicare Trigger. Davis, Patricia A.; Davis, Christopher M.; Garvey, Todd Report Feb 1, 2020 6378
ACP: Medicare for All Needed to Fix 'Ill' U.S. Health Care System; American College of Physicians has endorsed two proposals being discussed by Democratic presidential candidates. Jan 21, 2020 212
Hospitalizations for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Among Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries--United States, 1999-2017. Xu, Fang; Wheaton, Anne G.; Liu, Yong; Lu, Hua; Greenlund, Kurt J. Dec 13, 2019 4089
Medicare Part D: Time for Re-Modernization? Trish, Erin E. Dec 1, 2019 6156
Fix the Broken Healthcare System. Nov 6, 2019 1439
Association of Medicare's Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative with patient-reported outcomes. Trombley, Matthew J.; McClellan, Sean R.; Kahvecioglu, Daver C.; Gu, Qian; Hassol, Andrea; Creel, Al Aug 1, 2019 10164
Linkage between Utah All Payers Claims Database and Central Cancer Registry. Garvin, Jennifer Hornung; Herget, Kimberly A.; Hashibe, Mia; Kirchhoff, Anne C.; Hawley, Charles W.; Report Jun 1, 2019 4432
New Xcenda White Paper Discusses Why the International Pricing Index Model is Not the Answer to Reforming Medicare Part B. May 9, 2019 408
What You Need to Know About MIPS: This rule may be confusing, but you need to understand it. Curtin, Leah Report May 1, 2019 572
NEW PAYMENT MODELS: Medicare launches CMS Primary Cares. Twachtman, Gregory Report May 1, 2019 1038
Measuring the burden of multimorbidity among Medicare beneficiaries via condition counts and cumulative duration. Maciejewski, Matthew L.; Hammill, Bradley G. Apr 1, 2019 5800
New Data Analysis: Improved Dialysis Care Nationwide Leads to Healthier Patients, Reduced Hospital Admissions, & More Savings for Medicare. Mar 18, 2019 682
Anesthesia Staffing Models and Geographic Prevalence Post-Medicare CRNA/Physician Exemption Policy. Coomer, Nicole M.; Mills, Amy; Beadles, Christopher; Gillen, Emily; Chew, Rob; Quraishi, Jihan A. Mar 1, 2019 3130
Medicare Graduate Medical Education Payments: An Overview. Villagrana, Marco A. Feb 1, 2019 1449
Identifying high-cost episodes in lower extremity joint replacement. Philpot, Lindsey M.; Swanson, Kristi M.; Inselman, Jonathan; Schoellkopf, William J.; Naessens, Jame Report Feb 1, 2019 7374
Medication adherence, costs, and ER visits of nurse practitioner and primary care physician patients: Evidence from three cohorts of Medicare beneficiaries. Muench, Ulrike; Guo, Chaoran; Thomas, Cindy; Perloff, Jennifer Feb 1, 2019 8573
Measuring hospital-specific disparities by dual eligibility and race to reduce health inequities. Lloren, Anouk; Liu, Shuling; Herrin, Jeph; Lin, Zhenqiu; Zhou, Guohai; Wang, Yongfei; Kuang, Meng; Z Feb 1, 2019 7587
Geographic context of black-white disparities in Medicare CAHPS patient experience measures. Fenton, Anny T.; Burkhart, Q.; Weech-Maldonado, Robert; Haviland, Amelia M.; Dembosky, Jacob W.; Shi Feb 1, 2019 7557
Evaluation of Hospital-wide Readmission Risk Calculator to Predict 30-Day Readmission in Neurocritical Care Patients. von Gaudecker, Jane R. Report Feb 1, 2019 628
Committee Representation and Medicare Reimbursements--An Examination of the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale. Gao, Y. Nina Report Dec 1, 2018 6837
Impact of Medicare's Nonpayment Program on Venous Thromboembolism Following Hip and Knee Replacements. Thirukumaran, Caroline P.; Glance, Laurent G.; Rosenthal, Meredith B.; Temkin-Greener, Helena; Balki Report Dec 1, 2018 8269
The Impact of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program across Insurance Types in California. Zingmond, David S.; Liang, Li-Jung; Parikh, Punam; Escarce, Jose J. Report Dec 1, 2018 3964
Effects of Medicare Medical Reviews on Ambiguous Short-Stay Hospital Admissions. Silver, Benjamin C.; Rahman, Momotazur; Wright, Brad; Besdine, Richard; Gozalo, Pedro; Mor, Vincent Dec 1, 2018 7985
Getting What We Pay For: How Do Risk-Based Payments to Medicare Advantage Plans Compare with Alternative Measures of Beneficiary Health Risk? Jacobs, Paul D.; Kronick, Richard Dec 1, 2018 7402
Association between Continuity and Team-Based Care and Health Care Utilization: An Observational Study of Medicare-Eligible Veterans in VA Patient Aligned Care Team. Reddy, Ashok; Wong, Edwin; Canamucio, Anne; Nelson, Karin; Fihn, Stephan D.; Yoon, Jean; Werner, Rac Dec 1, 2018 6179
Medicare's bundled pay plan didn't deliver big cost savings. Bowser, Andrew D. Oct 1, 2018 641
Trends in Opioid Use and Prescribing in Medicare, 2006-2012. Axeen, Sarah Oct 1, 2018 8112
Medicare Payment Penalties and Safety Net Hospital Profitability: Minimal Impact on These Vulnerable Hospitals. Bazzoli, Gloria J.; Thompson, Michael P.; Waters, Teresa M. Oct 1, 2018 4264
Understanding Trends in Medicare Spending, 2007-2014. Keohane, Laura M.; Gambrel, Robert J.; Freed, Salama S.; Stevenson, David; Buntin, Melinda B. Oct 1, 2018 7057
Persistence of High Health Care Costs among VA Patients. Yoon, Jean; Chee, Christine Pal; Su, Pon; Almenoff, Peter; Zulman, Donna M.; Wagner, Todd H. Oct 1, 2018 6066
THE EFFECTS OF BUNDLE PAYMENT IN HEALTH CARE: A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE. Hung, Man; Nielson, Dominique; Hansen, Alec; Gu, Yushan; Bounsanga, Jerry; Voss, Maren W. Report Sep 22, 2018 7183
Hospitals Using Two Strategies to Up Quality, Lower Costs; Findings based on interviews with hospitals participating in Medicare bundled payments. Sep 6, 2018 230
Kidney Transplantation in Older Adult Recipients. Wright, Linda S. Report Sep 1, 2018 4169
Medicare Supplement Insurance Association's Website Traffic Grows 122 Percent. Aug 8, 2018 364
The Impact of Enhanced Critical Care Training and 24/7 (TeleTCU) Support on Medicare Spending and Postdischarge Utilization Patterns. Trombley, Matthew J.; Hassol, Andrea; Lloyd, Jennifer T.; Buchman, Timothy G.; Marier, Allison F.; W Aug 1, 2018 7304
Medicare Spending for Breast, Prostate, Lung, and Colorectal Cancer Patients in the Year of Diagnosis and Year of Death. Chen, Christopher T.; Li, Ling; Brooks, Gabriel; Hassett, Michael; Schrag, Deborah Aug 1, 2018 4215
Effects of Early Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plans on Health Expenditure. Zhang, Yongkang; Diana, Mark L. Aug 1, 2018 7168
Impact of In-Hospital Death on Spending for Bereaved Spouses. Ornstein, Katherine A.; Garrido, Melissa M.; Siu, Albert L.; Bollens-Lund, Evan; Langa, Kenneth M.; Aug 1, 2018 8098
Evaluation of the Present-on-Admission Indicator among Hospitalized Fee-for-Service Medicare Patients with a Pressure Ulcer Diagnosis: Coding Patterns and Impact on Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Rates. Squitieri, Lee; Waxman, Daniel A.; Mangione, Carol M.; Saliba, Debra; Ko, Clifford Y.; Needleman, Ja Aug 1, 2018 6925
Financial Incentives and Physician Practice Participation in Medicare's Value-Based Reforms. Markovitzfa, Adam A.; Ramsay, Patricia P.; Shortell, Stephen M.; Ryan, Andrew M. Aug 1, 2018 6313
Estimating Costs of Care Attributable to Cancer: Does the Choice of Comparison Group Matter? Chen, Aileen B.; Li, Ling; Cronin, Angel M.; Brooks, Gabriel A.; Kavanagh, Brian D.; Schrag, Deborah Report Aug 1, 2018 5128
Study: 'Medicare for all' projected to cost $32.6 trillion. Jul 31, 2018 805
Analyzing Medicare payments to otologists. Imbery, T. Edward; Nicholas, Brian D.; Goyal, Parul Jul 1, 2018 2924
Malpractice Claim Fears and the Costs of Treating Medicare Patients: A New Approach to Estimating the Costs of Defensive Medicine. Reschovsky, James D.; Saiontz-Martinez, Cynthia B. Survey Jun 1, 2018 6521
Does Identification of Previously Undiagnosed Conditions Change Care-Seeking Behavior? Myerson, Rebecca M.; Colantonio, Lisandro D.; Safford, Monika M.; Huang, Elbert S. Jun 1, 2018 7850
Medicare's Acute Care Episode Demonstration: Effects of Bundled Payments on Costs and Quality of Surgical Care. Chen, Lena M.; Ryan, Andrew M.; Shih, Terry; Thumma, Jyothi R.; Dimick, Justin B. Apr 1, 2018 5823
Home Health Care: Nurse--Physician Communication, Patient Severity, and Hospital Readmission. Pesko, Michael F.; Gerber, Linda M.; Peng, Timothy R.; Press, Matthew J. Apr 1, 2018 6721
Cost Effectiveness of Anesthesia Providers and Implications of Scope of Practice in a Medicare Population. Cintina, Inna; Hogan, Paul F.; Schroeder, Caryl; Simonson, Brian E.; Quraishi, Jihan A. Report Mar 1, 2018 3901
Hospital PFP didn't significantly boost Medicare outcomes. Twachtman, Gregory Feb 1, 2018 533
Impact of Insurance Coverage on Outcomes in Primary Breast Sarcoma. Koenig, Julie L.; Tsai, C. Jillian; Sborov, Katherine; Horst, Kathleen C.; Pollom, Erqi L. Report Jan 1, 2018 7489
Public Health Spending and Medicare Resource Use: A Longitudinal Analysis of U.S. Communities. Mays, Glen P.; Mamaril, Cezar B. Dec 1, 2017 8100
Hospital Postacute Care Referral Networks: Is Referral Concentration Associated with Medicare-Style Bundled Payments? Kaur, Ramandeep; Perloff, Jennifer N.; Tompkins, Christopher; Bishop, Christine E. Dec 1, 2017 7717
Supplemental Insurance and Racial Health Disparities under Medicare Part B. Brunt, Christopher S. Dec 1, 2017 8109
Access to Care for Medicare-Medicaid Dually Eligible Beneficiaries: The Role of State Medicaid Payment Policies. Zheng, Nan Tracy; Haber, Susan; Hoover, Sonja; Feng, Zhanlian Dec 1, 2017 6501
Government's First Year Performance Results Confirm Success of Coordinated Care Models in Kidney Care for Improved Patient Outcomes, Medicare Savings. Nov 7, 2017 404
Implications of variation in the relationships between beneficiary characteristics and medicare advantage CAHPS measures. Hatfield, Laura A.; Zaslavsky, Alan M. Aug 1, 2017 6633
Meaningful use of electronic health records and medicare expenditures: Evidence from a panel data analysis of U.S. health care markets, 2010-2013. Lammers, Eric J.; McLaughlin, Catherine G. Aug 1, 2017 8229
The impact of nursing home pay-for-performance on quality and medicare spending: Results from the nursing home value-based purchasing demonstration. Grabowski, David C.; Stevenson, David G.; Caudry, Daryl J.; O'Malley, A. James; Green, Lisa H.; Dohe Aug 1, 2017 8482
Trends in medicare service volume for cataract surgery and the impact of the medicare physician fee schedule. Gong, Dan; jun, Lin; Tsai, James C. Aug 1, 2017 6363
Medicare Supplement Insurance Association Boosts Media Exposure by 26 Percent. Jun 3, 2017 296
How low-income subsidy recipients respond to medicare Part D cost sharing. Stuart, Bruce; Hendrick, Franklin B.Xu, Jing; Dougherty, J. Samantha Jun 1, 2017 8637
Redaction of substance abuse claims in medicare research files affects spending outcomes for nearly one in five beneficiaries with serious mental illness. Roberto, Pamela; Brandt, Nicole; Onukwugha, Eberechukwu; Stuart, Bruce Jun 1, 2017 3423
Smart steps for labs and hospital outreach as CMS prepares to cut Medicare fees. Myers, Jeffrey H. Apr 1, 2017 1318
Are we to become serfs of the drug monopoly? Faldon, William Brief article Mar 1, 2017 245
HIV patients 65 years or older face higher rates of serious non-HIV illnesses. Mar 1, 2017 1386
Physician engagement strategies in care coordination: Findings from the centers for medicare & medicaid services' health care innovation awards program. Skillman, Megan; Cross-Barnet, Caitlin; Singer, Rachel Friedman; Ruiz, Sarah; Rotondo, Christina; Ah Feb 1, 2017 7426
Effects of Medicare Coverage of a "Welcome-to-Medicare" Visit on Use of Preventive Services among New Medicare Enrollees. Ng, Boon Peng; Jensen, Gail A.; Fritz, Heather Jan 1, 2017 7841
Predictors of gaps in patient safety and quality in U.S. hospitals. Unruh, Lynn; Hojler, Richard Dec 1, 2016 8963
Medicare access and CHIP Reauthorization Act: what the MACRA rule means for providers-in 2018 and beyond. Cragun, Eric Nov 1, 2016 629
Vital signs: disparities in antihypertensive medication nonadherence among medicare part D beneficiaries--United States, 2014. Ritchey, Matthew; Chang, Anping; Powers, Christopher; Loustalot, Fleetwood; Schieb, Linda; Ketcham, Sep 16, 2016 7914
Embracing the next-gen model: four lessons learned from the road less traveled. Gilder, Thomas J. Van Sep 1, 2016 875
Medicare payment and hospital provision of outpatient care to the uninsured. He, Daifeng; Mellor, Jennifer M. Aug 1, 2016 6629
Dartmouth Atlas area-level estimates of end-of-life expenditures: how well do they reflect expenditures for prospectively identified advanced lung cancer patients? Keating, Nancy L.; Landrum, Mary Beth; Huskamp, Haiden A.; Kouri, Elena M.; Prigerson, Holly G.; Sch Aug 1, 2016 3690
Accountability across the continuum: the participation of postacute care providers in accountable care organizations. Colla, Carrie H.; Lewis, Valerie A.; Bergquist, Savannah L.; Shortell, Stephen M. Aug 1, 2016 5858
Costs of depression from claims data for medicare recipients in a population-based sample. Alexandre, Pierre K.; Hwang, Seungyoung; Roth, Kimberly B.; Gallo, Joseph J.; Eaton, William W. Report Jun 22, 2016 5653
To opt out or not to opt out, that is the question--an ophthalmologist's perspective. Held, Kristin S. Jun 22, 2016 1313
Study looks at cost of death for Medicare enrollees. Jun 17, 2016 345
Impact of Medicare age eligibility on health spending among U.S. and foreign-born adults. Tarraf, Wassim; Jensen, Gail A.; Gonzalez, Hector M. Jun 1, 2016 9454
Improving Medicare's Hospital Compare mortality model. Silber, Jeffrey H.; Satopaa, Ville A.; Mukherjee, Nabanita; Rockova, Veronika; Wang, Wei; Hill, Alex Jun 1, 2016 6721
Making a dent in undiagnosed and untreated depression among older West Virginians. Lynch, Janet R.; Berg, Sven T.; Manna, Jill; Schade, Charles P. Report May 1, 2016 4183
Reforming access: trends in Medicaid enrollment for new Medicare beneficiaries, 2008-2011. Keohane, Laura M.; Rahman, Momotazur; Mor, Vincent Apr 1, 2016 6991
The Comprehensive Care Joint Replacement Model. Villagrana, Marco A. Mar 1, 2016 1720
Estimating true resource costs of outpatient care for Medicare beneficiaries: standardized costs versus Medicare payments and charges. Schousboe, John T.; Paudel, Misti L.; Taylor, Brent C.; Kats, Allyson M.; Virnig, Beth A.; Ensrud, K Feb 1, 2016 4817
Predicting disability among community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries using claims-based indicators. Ben-Shalom, Yonatan; Stapleton, David C. Feb 1, 2016 7678
The impact of Green House adoption on Medicare spending and utilization. Grabowski, David C.; Afendulis, Christopher C.; Caudry, Daryl J.; O'Malley, A. James; Kemper, Peter Feb 1, 2016 8015
Stark law: new year brings more flexibility. Gallegos, Alicia Report Jan 1, 2016 1009
Do racial/ethnic disparities in quality and patient experience within Medicare plans generalize across measures and racial/ethnic groups? Weech-Maldonado, Robert; Elliott, Marc N.; Adams, John L.; Haviland, Amelia M.; Klein, David J.; Ham Dec 1, 2015 7600
Past present & future Medicare: despite tremendous cost overruns and investments of time and effort by congresses, Medicare stands virtually no chance of meeting Americans' medical demands. Tennant, Michael Nov 9, 2015 3890
Ambient coarse particulate matter and hospital admissions in the Medicare Cohort Air Pollution Study, 1999-2010. Powell, Helen; Krall, Jenna R.; Wang, Yun; Bell, Michelle L.; Peng, Roger D. Report Nov 1, 2015 7094
Regional growth in medicare spending, 1992-2010. Chicklis, Camille; MaCurdy, Thomas; Bhattacharya, Jay; Shafrin, Jason; Zaidi, Sajid; Rogers, Daniel Oct 1, 2015 5096
Do experiences with medicare managed care vary according to the proportion of same-race/ethnicity/language individuals enrolled in one's contract? Price, Rebecca Anhang; Haviland, Amelia M.; Hambarsoomian, Katrin; Dembosky, Jacob W.; Gaillot, Sara Oct 1, 2015 11735
Hospice of Saddleback Valley Selected to Participate in the Medicare Care Choices Model. Aug 11, 2015 604
A simple method for evaluating within sample prognostic balance achieved by published comorbidity summary measures. Egleston, Brian L.; Uzzo, Robert G.; Beck, J. Robert; Wong, Yu-Ning Aug 1, 2015 5035
The relationship between commercial health care prices and Medicare spending and utilization. Romley, John A.; Axeen, Sarah; Lakdawalla, Darius N.; Chernew, Michael E.; Bhattacharya, Jay; Goldma Statistical data Jun 1, 2015 4830
Associations between long-term exposure to chemical constituents of fine particulate matter (P[M.sub.2.5]) and mortality in Medicare enrollees in the eastern United States. Chung, Yeonseung; Dominici, Francesca; Wang, Yun; Coull, Brent A.; Bell, Michelle L. Report May 1, 2015 6858
Cumulative expenditures under the DI, SSI, Medicare, and Medicaid programs for a cohort of disabled working-age adults. Riley, Gerald F.; Rupp, Kalman Report Apr 1, 2015 8066
Medicare myths and facts: what the government doesn't want you to know. Huntoon, Lawrence R. Mar 22, 2015 3673
What is the value of adding Medicare data in estimating VA hospital readmission rates? O'Brien, William J.; Chen, Qi; Mull, Hillary J.; Shwartz, Michael; Borzecki, Ann M.; Hanchate, Amres Feb 1, 2015 6252
New Year's Considerations for Retirement Planners. Jan 12, 2015 942
Designed to fail: the Medicare auction for durable medical equipment. Cramton, Peter; Ellermeyer, Sean; Katzman, Brett Jan 1, 2015 11782
Use of statins by Medicare beneficiaries post myocardial infarction: Poor physician quality or patient-centered care? Schroeder, Mary C.; Robinson, Jennifer G.; Chapman, Cole G.; Brooks, John M. Statistical data Jan 1, 2015 3543
Payment rates for personal care assistants and the use of long-term services and supports among those dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Ko, Michelle; Newcomer, Robert; Kang, Taewoon; Hulett, Denis; Chu, Philip; Bindman, Andrew B. Dec 1, 2014 7083
Cutting Medicare hospital prices leads to a spillover reduction in hospital discharges for the nonelderly. White, Chapin Oct 1, 2014 6282
Physician-led ACOs showing impressive results. White, Greg Report Aug 1, 2014 421
The Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program: potential unintended consequences for hospitals serving vulnerable populations. Gu, Qian; Koenig, Lane; Faerberg, Jennifer; Steinberg, Caroline Rossi; Vaz, Christopher; Wheatley, M Jun 1, 2014 7476
Nonlinear pricing in drug benefits and medication use: the case of statin compliance in Medicare part D. Jung, Kyoungrae; Feldman, Roger; McBean, A. Marshall Jun 1, 2014 7088
Has Medicare Part D reduced racial/ethnic disparities in prescription drug use and spending? Mahmoudi, Elham; Jensen, Gail A. Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 9498
Does the racial/ethnic composition of Medicare advantage plans reflect their areas of operation? Weinick, Robin; Haviland, Amelia; Hambarsoomian, Katrin; Elliott, Marc N. Abstract Apr 1, 2014 6246
Physician/Congressman Takes on Medicare Reimbursement. Johnson, Carrie Mar 1, 2014 2258
Geographic variations in the cost of treating condition-specific episodes of care among Medicare patients. Reschovsky, James D.; Hadley, Jack; O'Malley, A. James; Landon, Bruce E. Feb 1, 2014 6556
Canada, health and historical political economy. Loeppky, Rodney Report Jan 1, 2014 10265
A news media analysis of the economic and reputational penalties of the hospital readmissions reduction program. Winborn, Melissa S.; Alencherril, Joyce; Pagan, Jose A. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 4093
Massachusetts coverage expansion associated with reduction in primary care utilization among Medicare beneficiaries. Bond, Amelia M.; White, Chapin Dec 1, 2013 4426
How Medicare Part D benefit phases affect adherence with evidence-based medications following acute myocardial infarction. Stuart, Bruce; Davidoff, Amy; Erten, Mujde; Gottlieb, Stephen S.; Dai, Mingliang; Shaffer, Thomas; Z Drug overview Dec 1, 2013 6800
Plan-provider integration, premiums, and quality in the Medicare advantage market. Frakt, Austin B.; Pizer, Steven D.; Feldman, Roger Report Dec 1, 2013 6646
The spillover effects of Medicare managed care. Gorman, Linda Sep 1, 2013 493
Enrollment in Medicare advantage plans in Miami-Dade county: evidence of status quo bias? Sinaiko, Anna D.; Afendulis, Christopher C.; Frank, Richard G. Abstract Aug 1, 2013 9263
Association of Medicare part D medication out-of-pocket costs with utilization of statin medications. Karaca-Mandic, Pinar; Swenson, Tami; Abraham, Jean M.; Kane, Robert L. Aug 1, 2013 9314
Medicare costs linked to community health. Currie, Donya Aug 1, 2013 136
BEA study uses Medicare data to create price indexes. Aug 1, 2013 629
Mental illness, access to hospitals with invasive cardiac services, and receipt of cardiac procedures by Medicare acute myocardial infarction patients. Li, Yue; Glance, Laurent G.; Lyness, Jeffrey M.; Cram, Peter; Cai, Xueya; Mukamel, Dana B. Jun 1, 2013 7780
Primary care physicians and disparities in colorectal cancer screening in the elderly. Singal, Ashwani K.; Lin, Yu-Li; Kuo, Yong-Fang; Riall, Taylor; Goodwin, James S. Feb 1, 2013 7901
Staphylococcal infections in children, California, USA, 1985-2009. Gutierrez, Kathleen; Halpern, Meira S.; Sarnquist, Clea; Soni, Shila; Arroyo, Anna Chen; Maldonado, Report Jan 1, 2013 6818
Analysis: Post-2012 Net Investment Income and Additional Medicare Taxes. Jan 1, 2013 137
Study Finds Wide Variations in Rates of Texas Elective Surgeries. Dec 12, 2012 496
Rehospitalization in a national population of home health care patients with heart failure. Madigan, Elizabeth A.; Gordon, Nahida H.; Fortinsky, Richard H.; Koroukian, Siran M.; Pina, Ileana; Report Dec 1, 2012 7785
Wanted: new payment models. Anderson, Jane Nov 15, 2012 124
Plan performance improves. Anderson, Jane Nov 15, 2012 106
Risk assessment and Quality Control: be ready for the new guidance. Williams, Max Nov 1, 2012 2227
Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan Means Higher Premiums In Different States: Study. Oct 15, 2012 716
What executives need to know about the audit world: understanding the root causes and workflow choke points is important to solving the most visible problems associated with recovery audits. Brocato, Lori Oct 1, 2012 1122
Most Medicare Part D beneficiaries not in low-cost drug plan. Sep 19, 2012 184
ACOs are 'works in progress'. Berwick, Donald M. Sep 15, 2012 179
Nursing Home Group to Target Congressional Candidates. Aug 8, 2012 280
HHS Watchdogs: Home Health Smells. Clinical report Aug 2, 2012 674
A longitudinal analysis of the lifetime cost of dementia. Yang, Zhou; Zhang, Kun; Lin, Pei-Jung; Clevenger, Carolyn; Atherly, Adam Aug 1, 2012 6989
GAO study zeroes in on improper Medicare, Medicaid payments. Jul 16, 2012 550
Engaging physicians in patient safety through self-reporting of adverse events. Edwards, Marc T. Jul 1, 2012 2940
An evaluation of stroke education in AVAIL registry hospitals. West, Angie; Cox, Margueritte; Zimmer, Louise O.; Fedder, Wende; Weber, Cheryl; Drew, Laura; Peterso Report Jun 1, 2012 6418
Public health for an aging society. Book review Jun 1, 2012 211
Colonoscopist and primary care physician supply and disparities in colorectal cancer screening. Benarroch-Gampel, Jaime; Sheffield, Kristin M.; Lin, Yu-Li; Kuo, Yong-Fang; Goodwin, James S.; Riall Report Jun 1, 2012 8313
The final frontier. Short, Nancy M. Editorial May 1, 2012 1600
The health care cost implications of overweight and obesity during childhood. Au, Nicole Report Apr 1, 2012 7954
Genetic testing gains acceptance among physicians. Ault, Alicia Mar 15, 2012 456
Medicare demo projects fall short on savings. Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 15, 2012 474
Vital signs: food categories contributing the most to sodium consumption--United States, 2007-2008. Moshfegh, Alanna J.; Holden, Joanne M.; Cogswell, Mary E.; Kuklina, Elena V.; Patel, Sheena M.; Gunn Feb 10, 2012 5985
Medicare demonstration projects fall short on savings. Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 1, 2012 416
Does decreased access to emergency departments affect patient outcomes? Analysis of acute myocardial infarction population 1996-2005. Shen, Yu-Chu; Hsia, Renee Y. Report Feb 1, 2012 8182
Colonoscopy's Ca prevention power confirmed. Splete, Heidi Jan 1, 2012 491
A 2012 health care wish list. Susman, Jeff Editorial Jan 1, 2012 476
Accountable care organizations: HMOs by another name? Weil, Thomas P. Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2012 685
Medicare study confirms colonoscopy's benefit. Splete, Heidi Jan 1, 2012 490
AMA pushes for private Medicare contracting. Ault, Alicia Dec 1, 2011 572
c offers obesity counseling without copays. Dec 1, 2011 343
Extracting meaning from meaningful use. Rawls, Ann M. Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2011 386
Health plan interface issues: plan for the best ... prepare for the worst. Mabari, Debbie Report Dec 1, 2011 653
Dual-beneficiary cost is high. Anderson, Jane Brief article Nov 1, 2011 142
Meaningful use--the details. Skolnik, Neil; Notte, Chris Nov 1, 2011 950
Quality and money: a new CSC report looks at major Medicare hospital reimbursement changes on the horizon. Hagland, Mark Nov 1, 2011 1765
Primary care doctors to get Medicare bonuses. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 209
Medicare will pay bonuses for intensive primary care services. Ault, Alicia Oct 15, 2011 736
Docs balk at MedPAC's SGR pitch to Congress. Correa, Frances Oct 15, 2011 496
Readmission rates stagnant as penalties loom. Schneider, Mary Ellen Oct 15, 2011 553
A power wheelchair makes getting around easier. Oct 1, 2011 786
Pollution properties and hospital admissions. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 202
Chemical properties of air pollutants and cause-specific hospital admissions among the elderly in Atlanta, Georgia. Suh, Helen H.; Zanobetti, Antonella; Schwartz, Joel; Coull, Brent A. Report Oct 1, 2011 6432
The ethereal "efficiency of scale": overall, the rationale for this proposal is without merit. Mirvis, Stuart E. Editorial Oct 1, 2011 1966
Putting the quality measures to work. Interview Oct 1, 2011 1253
Studies eye Medicare Rx coverage gap. Sep 26, 2011 728
Physician incentive demo delivers ACO lessons. Correa, Frances Sep 1, 2011 690
Value-based reimbursement in action. Sep 1, 2011 374
Advocate mulls federal aco participation, praises quality measures. Bush, Haydn Aug 1, 2011 198
Bending the cost curve: supply chain innovations bring Geisinger Health System $20 million in savings--and counting. Kehoe, Bob Aug 1, 2011 1360
Meaningful use brings an uncertain reality. Ault, Alicia Aug 1, 2011 1503
Cost implications of improving blood pressure management among U.S. adults. Nuckols, Teryl K.; Aledort, Julia E.; Adams, John; Lai, Julie; Go, Myong-Hyun; Keesey, Joan; McGlynn Jul 30, 2011 11914
Does medication adherence lower Medicare spending among beneficiaries with diabetes? Stuart, Bruce; Davidoff, Amy; Lopert, Ruth; Shaffer, Thomas; Shoemaker, J. Samantha; Lloyd, Jennifer Survey Jul 30, 2011 7548
Obama Hails 'Gang of Six' Debt Plan. Jul 19, 2011 567
Molina chooses Centricity practice solution for EMRs. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 119
Hospital charges surpass the trillion dollar mark. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 220
Cardiac rehabilitation remains underprescribed treatment plan: with its life-saving benefits verified, the question is "why?". Jul 1, 2011 394
Comparison friction: experimental evidence from Medicare drug plans. Kling, Jeffrey R.; Mullainathan, Sendhil; Shafir, Eldar; Vermeulen, Lee; Wrobel, Marian Jul 1, 2011 199
More primary care access equaled lower mortality. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 15, 2011 714
CMS: more than $100 million in EHR incentives paid so far. Ault, Alicia Jun 15, 2011 520
Access to primary care lowers mortality rates. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 15, 2011 741
New initiatives aim to encourage ACOs. Correa, Frances Jun 1, 2011 438
Citizens, patients and policy: a challenge for Australia's national electronic health record. Showell, Christopher Morris Report Jun 1, 2011 4204
Analysis shows Americans increasingly rely on federal aid. Jun 1, 2011 406
Three initiatives aim to support physicians' jump to ACOs. Correa, Frances Jun 1, 2011 456
Health providers examine promise of ACOs. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 15, 2011 1570
Multimorbidity and Persistent Depression among Veterans with Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Hypertension. Findley, Patricia; Shen, Chan; Sambamoorthi, Usha Report May 1, 2011 7710
Responding to the Recovery Audit Contractor program: a system-wide approach. Hegland, Lany T.; Tullbane, Cynthia L. May 1, 2011 2741
As evidence of MTM's effectiveness mounts, support grows. Apr 25, 2011 578
Distributed lag analyses of daily hospital admissions and source-apportioned fine particle air pollution. Lall, Ramona; Ito, Kazuhiko; Thurston, George D. Report Apr 1, 2011 6028
Implementing health reform: community based care transitions program. Interview Apr 1, 2011 897
Patient-nurse partnerships. Doss, Sheila; DePascal, Peggy; Hadley, Kimberly Mar 1, 2011 7342
The 'rise and rise' of new professional groups: mental health professions under Medicare. Doessel, Darrel P.; Williams, Ruth F.G. Mar 1, 2011 8081
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