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The Transformation of the Social Imaginary on Women's Sexuality in Indonesian Literature from the New Order to Reformasi Eras. Udasmoro, Wening; Saktiningrum, Nur Essay Jul 1, 2022 7868
WHEN TO SAY "I DO". Stone, Lyman; Wilcox, W. Bradford Jan 1, 2022 2485
Social norms related to child early and forced marriage in Kassala, North Darfur and White Nile states, Sudan. Bedri, Nafisa; Elhadi, Sara; Kamal, Esraa; Habash, Nada Report Dec 1, 2021 5400
The Role of Norms in Our Constitutional Order. Whittington, Keith Jan 1, 2021 3919
How do Ultra-orthodox Jewish leadership bodies respond to manifestations of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (ICSA)? A critical reflection on the findings of two public inquiries in Australia and England. Pinskier, Marcia; Mendes, Philip; McCurdy, Samone Report Jan 1, 2021 12669
Adolescent Motivation and Effortful Control: Evaluating the Moderating Effects of Social Norms. Lachance, Kathryn A.; Wong, Maria M. Report Dec 1, 2020 3689
Influence of Social Networks on Citizens' Willingness to Participate in Social Governance: Evidence from China. Nan, Rui; Ouyang, Fan Oct 14, 2020 11263
Am I an Entrepreneur? Entrepreneurial Self-Identity as an Antecedent of Entrepreneurial Intention. Ceresia, Francesco; Mendola, Claudio Sep 1, 2020 9464
Effects of taboo conversation topics on impression formation and task performance evaluation. Lee, Hye Eun; Westerman, Catherine Kingsley; Hashi, Emi; Heuett, Kyle B.; Spates, Stephen A.; Reno, Aug 1, 2020 5134
Examining Sinister Impulses behind the Debasement of Queen Guinevere in her Nineteenth-Century British Cultural Afterlife. Crookes, Ellie Essay Jul 1, 2020 12337
COVID-19 and quarantine orders: A practical approach. Botes, W.M.; Thaldar, D.W. Jun 1, 2020 3566
New Media Use among Chinese Young People: A Model of Live Streaming Analysis. Sun, Yanshu Report Apr 1, 2020 8645
FALSEHOODS AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Sunstein, Cass R. Mar 22, 2020 18524
Gender Gap in Earnings in Vietnam: Why Do Vietnamese Women Work in Lower Paid Occupations? Chowdhury, Iffat; Johnson, Hillary C.; Mannava, Aneesh; Perova, Elizaveta Dec 1, 2019 10342
#MeToo Empowerment Through Media: A New Multiple Model for Predicting Attitudes Toward Media Campaigns. Roth-Cohen, Osnat; Ne'eman-Haviv, Vered; Bonny-Noach, Hagit Oct 1, 2019 7259
THE COMPARATIVE NONARBITRARINESS NORM OF BLAME. Telech, Daniel; Tierney, Hannah Sep 1, 2019 8498
Here's how superstitions spread in society. Apr 19, 2019 760
The Adaptive Commentary of Du Yu (222-284): Schematizing the Presence and Absence of "Norms" (li [phrase omitted]) in the Tri-Partite Annals through the Zuo Tradition. Tashima, Pauli Critical essay Apr 1, 2019 15044
A Social Norm Theory of Regulating Housing Speech Under the Fair Housing Act. Stern, Stephanie M. Mar 22, 2019 21137
Prejudice is about Collective Values, not a Biased Psychological System. Platow, Michael J.; Van Rooy, Dirk; Augoustinos, Martha; Spears, Russell; Bar-Tal, Daniel; Grace, Di Essay Mar 1, 2019 6369
INSTITUTIONAL COMPLEMENTARITY FOR SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Bilan, Yuriy; Vasilyeva, Tetyana; Lyeonov, Serhiy; Bagmet, Kseniya Report Jan 1, 2019 8141
Fighting Prejudice: Campaigns on Gender Violence in Spain. Cepeda, Isabel Aug 1, 2018 7661
From Norm Contestation to Norm Implementation: Recursivity and the Responsibility to Protect. Jacob, Cecilia Report Jul 1, 2018 8543
Business Tax Evasion in Transition Economies: A Cross-Country Panel Investigation. Abdixhiku, Lumir; Pugh, Geoff; Hashi, Iraj Report Jun 1, 2018 12202
Grid Girls are back! Monaco GP organisers defy Formula One bosses and bring in models before big race; Liberty Media abolished the long-standing F1 tradition at the beginning of the year after denouncing the practice as "at odds with modern-day societal norms". May 27, 2018 540
A Comparative Study of Influential Factors Impacting Women's Activities in Traditional and Modern Neighborhood Spaces in Tehran, Iran. Mohammadi, Maryam; Rafiee, Arezoo Report Apr 1, 2018 5422
Social Norms and Adolescents' Sexual Health: An Introduction for Practitioners Working in Low and Mid-income African countries. Cislaghi, Beniamino; Shakya, Holly Report Mar 1, 2018 5244
The Level of Social Capital And Its Effect on The Participation of Farmers on Goat Livestock Business Development In Jeneponto Regency South Sulawesi Province-Indonesia. Rasyid., Tanri Giling; Rohani, S.T.; Aminawar, Muhammad; Darwis, Muhammad Feb 1, 2018 2896
Countering Protection Rackets Using Legal and Social Approaches: An Agent-Based Test. Szekely, Aron; Nardin, Luis G.; Andrighetto, Giulia Jan 1, 2018 12170
The Need for Metanormativity: A Response to Christmas. Uyl, Douglas J. Den; Rasmussen, Douglas B. Essay Dec 22, 2017 3642
AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY: Vol. 54, No. 4, October 2017. Essay Dec 1, 2017 1131
POKEMORIALS: PLACING NORMS IN AUGMENTED REALITY. Judge, Elizabeth F.; Brown, Tenille E. Nov 1, 2017 16029
Life in the round and aged care: A theoretical exemplar for research with marginalized populations in institutional settings/Ko te noho i te ao whaiti, me te tiaki kaumatua: He tauira rangahau mo nga taupori e parea ana ki te taha i roto i nga horopaki whare okawa. Burrow, Maria; Cook, Catherine; Gilmour, Jean Report Nov 1, 2017 4724
Examining Residents' Receptiveness towards E-waste Recycling in Penang, Malaysia. Tan, Chee Hui; Ramayah, T.; Yeap, Jasmine A.L.; Ooi, Say Keat Oct 15, 2017 8004
The Promotion of LGBT Rights as International Human Rights Norms: Explaining Brazil's Diplomatic Leadership. Nogueira, Maria Beatriz Bonna Oct 1, 2017 8197
Gender Representation through Animal Metaphors: An Analysis of Urdu Proverbs. Khan, Aalia Mehar; Sardar, Iffat; Yousaf, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2017 5682
Optimising Rigor in Focus Group Analysis: Using Content/Thematic and Form/Structural Approaches to Understand British Somali's Experiences of Policing in London. Ahmed, Anya; Quraishi, Muzammil; Abdillahi, Asha Essay Apr 1, 2017 11080
Human rights as thought experiments. Mann, Itamar Mar 22, 2017 2713
The state of the field of social norms research. Shulman, Hillary C.; Rhodes, Nancy; Davidson, Emily; Ralston, Rachel; Borghetti, Lorraine; Morr, Lin Report Mar 1, 2017 8548
Constructivism, embedded liberalism and anti-dumping - Canadian public interest inquiry as case study of embedded liberalism. Aouri, Wissam Jan 1, 2017 12345
How understanding the nature of corporate norms can prevent their destruction by settlements. Cox, James D. Dec 1, 2016 15392
Intention for cesarean section versus vaginal delivery among pregnant women in Isfahan: correlates and determinants. Shams-Ghahfarokhi, Zahra; Khalajabadi-Farahani, Farideh Medical condition overview Oct 1, 2016 6420
Language and class resistance in Nigeria: a Foucauldian perspective. Okorie, Mitterand M.; Bamidele, Oluwaseun Report Aug 15, 2016 4696
Abstinence, social norms, and drink responsibly messages: a comparison study. Glassman, Tavis J.; Kruger, Jessica Sloan; Deakins, Bethany A.; Paprzycki, Peter; Blavos, Alexis A.; Report Aug 1, 2016 5646
Is the decrease in the gender wage gap the principal driver of the sustained rise in female labor market participation? Mihaila, Ramona Report Jul 1, 2016 1803
Consensus cues, issue salience and policy preferences: an experimental investigation. Panagopoulos, Costas; Harrison, Brian Report Jun 1, 2016 5270
Social rules according to young children. Carter, Margaret Anne Report Jun 1, 2016 6095
Fiduciary political theory: a critique. Leib, Ethan J.; Galoob, Stephen R. May 1, 2016 8048
Fiduciary political theory: a critique. Leib, Ethan J.; Galoob, Stephen R. May 1, 2016 17924
Portrayals of masculinity in "guy movies": exploring viewer-character dissonance. Zeglin, Robert J. Essay Mar 1, 2016 8185
The Effect of Anonymity on Conformity to Group Norms in Online Contexts: A Meta-Analysis. Huang, Guanxiong; Li, Kang Report Jan 1, 2016 8510
Social norms as a substitute for law. Druzin, Bryan H. Sep 22, 2015 14969
Condom use behavioural skills mediate the relationship between condom use motivation and condom use behaviour among young adult heterosexual males: an information-motivation behavioural skills analysis. Camilleri, Michelle; Kohut, Taylor; Fisher, William Report Aug 1, 2015 7715
Epideictic Rhetoric. Lauer, Ilon Essay Jun 1, 2015 10573
Social norms, the invisible hand, and the law. Anomaly, Jonny; Brennan, Geoffrey Dec 1, 2014 12546
Physical education, nutrition and... alcohol! A paradox for the biomedical field and a social distinction element. de Castro, Juliana Brandao Pinto; Carvalho, Maria Claudia da Veiga Soares; Ferreira, Francisco Romao Dec 1, 2014 4795
The position of woman in a traditional Romani community. Oppong, Steward Harrison Essay Dec 1, 2014 5939
Sexting in context: privacy norms and expectations. Hasinoff, Amy Adele; Shepherd, Tamara Oct 1, 2014 8839
Relationships between social connectedness and spirituality and depression and perceived health status of rural residents. Galloway, Ann P.; Henry, Melissa Report Sep 22, 2014 9482
Situated negotiations of gendered sexualities: evidence from young people in Kabba, Nigeria. Babatunde, Ekundayo B.; Durowaiye, Babatunde E. Report Sep 1, 2014 6113
The association between coach and teammate injunctive norm reference groups and college student-athlete substance use. Seitz, Christopher M.; Wyrick, David L.; Rulison, Kelly L.; Strack, Robert W.; Fearnow-Kenney, Melod Report Aug 1, 2014 5384
Latin American countries as norm protagonists of the idea of international human rights. Sikkink, Kathryn Report Jul 1, 2014 7260
Who are the norm makers? The Asian-African conference in Bandung and the evolution of norms. Acharya, Amitav Report Jul 1, 2014 5564
Happiness and the Liberal Imagination: How Superwoman Became Balanced. Rottenberg, Catherine Essay Mar 22, 2014 10290
The EU's norm-driven practices. Ljungholm, Doina Popescu Report Jan 1, 2014 2258
Trainee chefs' experiences of alcohol, tobacco and drug use. Pidd, Ken; Roche, Ann; Kostadinov, Victoria Report Jan 1, 2014 7841
"Uncharitable Tongues": Women and Abusive Language in Early Twentieth-Century Ireland. Delay, Cara Sep 22, 2013 9548
Welcome to Healdsburg. Paris, Rae Short story Sep 22, 2013 5885
Reinterpreting History and Gujin's ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) Cultural Practices. Liu, Chao Critical essay Jun 1, 2013 6293
Transnational private regulatory governance: ambiguities of public authority and private power. Zumbansen, Peer Mar 22, 2013 10902
Jordanian social norms and the risk of intimate partner violence and limited reproductive agency. McCleary-Sills, Jennifer Essay Mar 1, 2013 8673
Misperceived social norms about taboo sexual behaviors. Pariera, Katrina L. Jan 1, 2013 5577
Women workers: addressing constraints to work. Sudarshan, Ratna M. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 4211
Order without judges: customary adjudication. Blocher, Joseph Dec 1, 2012 12573
Custom, normative practice, and the law. Postema, Gerald J. Dec 1, 2012 13038
The relationship of violence to gender role conflict and conformity to masculine norms in a forensic sample. Amato, Felix J. Report Sep 22, 2012 9245
Media impact on girls in the US, China and India through a gendered filter. Holmes, Kristie Report Mar 22, 2012 11198
Don't make me the bad guy: organizational norms, self-monitoring, and the mum effect. Marler, Laura E.; McKee, D'Lisa N.; Cox, Susie S.; Simmering, Marcia J.; Allen, David G. Report Mar 22, 2012 7476
Myrrha: incestuous passion and political transgression (Inferno, 30). Pampinella Cropper, Margherita Essay Mar 22, 2012 12627
Gendered performance and performing gender in the DIY punk and hardcore music scene. Griffin, Naomi Essay Mar 15, 2012 7150
The biological roots of music. Olteteanu, Ion Essay Jan 1, 2012 2197
The Tulsa race Riot of 1921: toward an integrative theory of collective violence. Messer, Chris M. Report Jun 22, 2011 7697
The importance of creativity in advertising, digital technology, and social networking. Voloaca, Ioana Diana; Bratu, Sofia; Georgescu, Matei; Ghencea, Flavia Lucia; Voicu, Adela Report Jun 1, 2011 3517
Interference in the development field of knowledge--from mathematical logic to psycho-social sciences. Georgescu, Matei; Ghencea, Flavia Lucia; Voicu, Adela; Voloaca, Ioana Diana; Blajan, Adrian Report Jun 1, 2011 3334
Beauty in the eye of the matchmaker: how religious Zionist matchmakers in Israel deal with their clients' desire to find beautiful partners. Bokek-Cohen, Ya'arit; Davidovich, Nitza Essay Jan 1, 2011 9706
Two concepts of rationality. Frederick, Danny Essay Jan 1, 2010 8415
Dying to live: exploring the fear of an unlived life using the sociological imagination. Moler, Ann Marie Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2009 6208
The competence of nations and international tax law. Laity, Eric T. Jan 1, 2009 31420
Proximal norms, selected sociodemographics, and drinking behavior among university student athletes. Lewis, Todd F.; Paladino, Derrick A. Report Oct 1, 2008 6568
An explanatory model of student-athlete drinking: the role of team leadership, social norms, perceptions of risk, and coaches' attitudes toward alcohol consumption. Lewis, Todd F. Report Sep 1, 2008 6081
The Relationships among Unethical Computer Usage Behavior and Some Personality Characteristics of Turkish University Students. Ceyhan, A. Aykut; Ceyhan, Esra Report May 1, 2007 216
Contradictory sexual norms and expectations for Tanzanian youth. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 152
Changing cultural norms and values in the times of HIV and AIDS: the enormous pressures to prevent AIDS from killing more and more people in Namibia also forces us--more than anything else before--to look at our cultural norms and values. von Wietersheim, Erika Oct 1, 2005 1143
Patterns of age variability in life course transitions *. Ravanera, Zenaida R.; Rajulton, Fernando; Burch, Thomas K. Sep 22, 2004 5614
Architectural regulation and the evolution of social norms. Tien, Lee Jan 1, 2004 7639
The new imperialism: violence, norms, and the "rule of law". Brooks, Rosa Ehrenreich Jun 1, 2003 32628
Don't put aside childish ways: an American living in India offers her unique perspective on parenting and the spiritual challenges of consumerism. McGowan, Jo Jul 1, 2002 1433
Paradoxes: No simple matter. Taylor, Anita; Perry, Linda A.M. Sep 22, 2001 4432
Libertarian Rhapsody. MOONEY, CHRIS Sep 10, 2001 3781
Norms & corporate law. Rock, Edward B.; Wachter, Michael L. Jun 1, 2001 4412
Islands of conscious power: law, norms, and the self-governing corporation. Rock, Edward B.; Wachter, Michael L. Jun 1, 2001 34923
Norms and the theory of the firm. Hart, Oliver Jun 1, 2001 6634
The limited significance of norms for corporate governance. Kahan, Marcel Jun 1, 2001 13077
Tax constraints on indexed options. Schizer, David M. Jun 1, 2001 6144
Disclosure norms. Talley, Eric Jun 1, 2001 30806
Competing norms and social evolution: is the fittest norm efficient? Mahoney, Paul G.; Sanchirico, Chris William Jun 1, 2001 14045
Frontier Politics: Sex, Gender, and the Deconstruction of the Public Sphere [1]. Tetreault, Mary Ann Jan 1, 2001 8420
A socio-historical and contextual analysis of popular musical performance among the Swahili of Mombasa, Kenya. Ntarangwi, Mwenda; Fair, Laura; Mule, Katwiwa Jan 1, 2001 17060
The courage of our convictions. Clark, Sherman J. Aug 1, 1999 33485
Crime and punishment: the role of norms in crisis bargaining. Gelpi, Christopher Jun 1, 1997 16183
Introduction: queer works. Hall, Donald E. Feb 1, 1997 4072
Decentralized law for a complex economy: the structural approach to adjudicating the new law merchant. Cooter, Robert D. May 1, 1996 20844
Law, economics, and inefficient norms. Posner, Eric A. May 1, 1996 20030
Taking private ordering seriously. Katz, Avery May 1, 1996 7510
Illusions of a spontaneous order: "norms" in contractual relationships. Charny, David May 1, 1996 7034
The enforceability of norms and the employment relationship. Rock, Edward B.; Wachter, Michael L. May 1, 1996 16536
Labor and lemons: efficient norms in the internal labor market and the possible failures of individual contracting. Kamiat, Walter May 1, 1996 7861
Norms, formalities, and the Statute of Frauds: a comment. Posner, Eric A. May 1, 1996 6610
Magic on the frontier: the norm of efficiency. Hardin, Russell May 1, 1996 13808
On the expressive function of law. Sunstein, Cass R. May 1, 1996 13686
The destruction of social capital through law. Pildes, Richard H. May 1, 1996 9561
Values versus interests in the explanation of social conflict. Chong, Dennis May 1, 1996 21693
Social meaning and social norms. Lessig, Lawrence May 1, 1996 3726
The anonymity tool. Levmore, Saul May 1, 1996 20395
Group norms, gossip, and blackmail. McAdams, Richard H. May 1, 1996 26308
Norms of communication and commodification. Gordon, Wendy J. May 1, 1996 8257
Behind closed doors at the Mouse Cafe: a subcultural enclave of coffee shop suppliers in Amsterdam. Castro, Russell A. Sep 22, 1995 11018
Only girls wear barrettes: dress and appearance standards, community norms, and workplace equality. Bartlett, Katharine T. Aug 1, 1994 21406
Delinquent values and victim damage; exploring the limits of neutralization theory. Landsheer, J.A.; Hart, H.T.; Kox, W. Jan 1, 1994 3214

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