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Use of the HRM Method in Quick Identification of [FecX.sup.O] Mutation in Highly Prolific Olkuska Sheep. Smolucha, Grzegorz; Piorkowska, Katarzyna; Ropka-Molik, Katarzyna; Sikora, Jacek May 1, 2020 3408
Accelerating Binary String Comparisons with a Scalable, Streaming-Based System Architecture Based on FPGAs. Pilz, Sarah; Porrmann, Florian; Kaiser, Martin; Hagemeyer, Jens; Hogan, James M.; Ruckert, Ulrich Report Feb 1, 2020 9335
Oncosuppressive Role of RUNX3 in Human Astrocytomas. Steponaitis, Giedrius; Kazlauskas, Arunas; Vaitkiene, Paulina; Deltuva, Vytenis P.; Mikuciunas, Myko Aug 31, 2019 5866
Recently Described and Clinically Important Entities in Testis Tumors: A Selective Review of Changes Incorporated Into the 2016 Classification of the World Health Organization. Ulbright, Thomas M. Jun 1, 2019 6618
NLRP3, IL-1[beta], and Caspase-1 Gene Transcript Identification and Expression by QCM-D in Obese Children. Lopez, Modesto Gomez; Perez-Vielma, Nadia Mabel; Martinez, Haydee Gonzalez; Padilla, Eleazar Lara; B Apr 30, 2019 8104
SNP Typing Using Multiplex Real-Time PCR Assay for Species Identification of Forensically Important Blowflies and Fleshflies Collected in South Korea (Diptera: Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae). Jang, Hari; Shin, Sang Eon; Ko, Kwang soo; Park, Seong Hwan Mar 31, 2019 4937
Next-Generation Sequencing for Biodefense: Biothreat Detection, Forensics, and the Clinic. Minogue, Timothy D.; Koehler, Jeffrey W.; Stefan, Christopher P.; Conrad, Turner A. Mar 1, 2019 7190
DNA of high quality isolated from the cortex of Euterpe edulis Mart. (Arecaceae)/DNA de alta qualidade isolado a partir do cortex de Euterpe edulis Mart. (Arecaceae). Carvalho, Marina Santos; Noia, Luina Ribeiro; Ferreira, Marcia Flores da Silva; Ferreira, Adesio Jan 1, 2019 2706
Enhancers, repressors, and promoters. Brunstein, John Report Nov 1, 2018 1697
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Sep 22, 2018 3547
Structure and dynamics in interorganizational networks: case study of the Fiocruz Parana innovation network/Estrutura e dinamica em redes interorganizacionais: estudo de caso da rede de inovacao da Fiocruz Parana/Estructura y dinamica en redes interorganizacionales: estudio de caso de la red de innovacion de Fiocruz Parana. Bonfim, Leandro Rodrigo Canto; Goncalves, Sandro Aparecido; Segatto, Andrea Paula Sep 1, 2018 7730
Call for adopting new method to identify criminal. Apr 6, 2018 399
Evaluating the current state of the art of Huntington disease research: a scientometric analysis. Barboza, L.A.; Ghisi, N.C. Report Mar 1, 2018 5354
Expression analysis of glyoxalase I gene among patients of diabetic retinopathy. Report Feb 28, 2018 2902
Diagnostic methods for identification of root-knot nematodes species from Brazil/Metodos diagnosticos usados na identificacao de especies do nematoide das galhas do Brasil. da Cunha, Tiago Garcia; Visotto, Liliane Evangelista; Lopes, Everaldo Antonio; Oliveira, Claudio Mar Feb 1, 2018 6286
Calibrating Transcriptional Activity Using Constitutive Synthetic Promoters in Mutants for Global Regulators in Escherichia coli. Sanches-Medeiros, Ananda; Monteiro, Lummy Maria Oliveira; Silva-Rocha, Rafael Jan 1, 2018 5348
Metagenomic investigation of gastrointestinal microbiome in cattle. Kim, Minseok; Park, Tansol; Yu, Zhongtang Report Nov 1, 2017 10143
Molecular biology of glioblastoma: Classification and mutational locations. Sep 28, 2017 3691
Current Nucleic Acid Extraction Methods and Their Implications to Point-of-Care Diagnostics. Ali, Nasir; Rampazzo, Rita de Cassia Pontello; Costa, Alexandre Dias Tavares; Krieger, Marco Aurelio Report Jan 1, 2017 10115
Molecular Epidemiology of Cystic Echinococcosis: Genotypic Characterization in Humans and Different Livestock/ Epidemiologia Molecular de la Equinococosis Quistica: Caracterizacion Genotipica en Humanos y Diferentes Animales. Manterola, Carlos; Otzen, Tamara Dec 1, 2016 7676
Novel approaches for diagnosis of bacterial agents responsible for abortion in water buffalo through metagenomic analysis. Paradiso, Rubina; Riccardi, Marita Georgia; Lucibelli, Maria Gabriella; Cerrone, Anna; Amelio, Tizia Sep 1, 2016 225
The mouse prostate: a basic anatomical and histological guideline. Oliveira, Daniel S.M.; Dzinic, Sijana; Bonfil, Alan I.; Saliganan, Allen D.; Sheng, Shijie; Bonfil, Feb 1, 2016 3491
Compatibility and Conjugacy on Partial Arrays. Vijayachitra, S.; Sasikala, K. Jan 1, 2016 3437
Morphological and molecular study of new record species of barnacle amphibalanus amphitrite (Darwin, 1854) in BabylonProvince, Iraq. Rezzaq, Adi J.Abd Al-; Almamoori, Ayad M.J.; Yass, Moayed J.; Salman, Jasim M. Report Aug 1, 2015 1979
Extreme PCR: efficient and specific DNA amplification in 15-60 seconds. Farrar, Jared S.; Wittwer, Carl T. Report Jan 1, 2015 4473
Human respiratory syncytial virus and metapneumovirus in patients with acute respiratory infection in Colombia, 2000-2011/Virus sincitial respiratorio y metapneumovirus humano en pacientes con infeccion respiratoria aguda en Colombia, 2000-2011. Ramirez, Juliana Barbosa; Dominguez, Paola Pulido; Benito, Gloria Rey; Rico, Jairo Mendez; Castellan Aug 1, 2014 5360
The cellular and molecular biology of the intervertebral disc: A clinician's primer. Erwin, W. Mark; Hood, Katherine E. Report Jul 1, 2014 6438
PCR-based multiparametric assays in single cells. Darmanis, Spyros; Gallant, Caroline; Landegren, Ulf Editorial Dec 1, 2012 1703
Developing a rapid, efficient and low cost method for rapid DNA extraction from arthropods/Desenvolvimento de um metodo rapido, eficiente e de baixo custo para extracao de DNA de artropodos. Mega, Nicolas Oliveira; Revers, Luis Fernando Report Sep 1, 2011 4255
Henrietta Lacks, HeLa cells, and cell culture contamination. Lucey, Brendan P.; Nelson-Rees, Walter A.; Hutchins, Grover M. Report Sep 1, 2009 4008

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