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Stochastic Optimization of Multipath TCP for Energy Minimization and Network Stability over Heterogeneous Wireless Network. Arain, Zulfiqar A.; Qiu, Xuesong; Zhong, Lujie; Wang, Mu; Chen, Xingyan; Xiong, Yongping; Nahida, Ki Report Jan 1, 2021 6893
An Access Selection Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Based on Optimal Resource Allocation. Liang, Gen; Sun, Guoxi; Fang, Jingcheng; Guo, Xiaoxue; Yu, Hewei Jul 31, 2020 8871
A Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm for Secure Smart Cities and IOT. Abed, Ahmed Mohsin; Boyaci, Ali Report Jul 14, 2020 3746
Social-Aware Resource Allocation Based on Cluster Formation and Matching Theory in D2D Underlaying Cellular Networks. Zhuang, Wenqin; Chen, Mingkai; Wei, Xin; Li, Haibo May 1, 2020 6899
Energy Efficient Design Techniques in Next-Generation Wireless Communication Networks: Emerging Trends and Future Directions. Ogbebor, Joshua Onyeka; Imoize, Agbotiname Lucky; Atayero, Aderemi Aaron-Anthony Mar 31, 2020 12570
Employing a machine learning approach to detect combined internet of things attacks against two objective functions using a novel dataset. Foley, John; Moradpoor, Naghmeh; Ochenyi, Henry Mar 31, 2020 11719
Investigation on Performance of Controllers for Three Level PFC Converter for Wide Operating Range. Ramaprabha, Ramabadran; Vadivu, Kuppadampalayam Rangasamy Shanmuga Feb 1, 2020 4224
A Cybersecurity Framework for Wireless-Controlled Smart Buildings I: Two-Position Control. Wu, Feng; Qu, Ming Jan 1, 2020 3817
Citywide Cellular Traffic Prediction Based on a Hybrid Spatiotemporal Network. Zhang, Dehai; Liu, Linan; Xie, Cheng; Yang, Bing; Liu, Qing Report Jan 1, 2020 6983
Adaptive Multipath Selection-Based Markov Chain in the Heterogeneous Internet of Things. Wu, Huan; Wen, Xiangming; Lu, Zhaoming; Nie, Yao; Huang, Shuyang Nov 30, 2019 8877
A Novel Trust Model Based on Node Recovery Technique for WSN. Qi, Ping; Wang, Fucheng; Hong, Shu Sep 30, 2019 7835
A Computational Multiagent Model of Bioluminescent Bacteria for the Emergence of Self-Sustainable and Self-Maintaining Artificial Wireless Networks. Djezzar, Nedjma; Perez, Inaki Fernandez; Djedi, NourEddine; Duthen, Yves Sep 1, 2019 9175
Path Collision-aware Real-time Link Scheduling for TSCH Wireless Networks. Darbandi, A.; Kim, Myung Kyun Sep 1, 2019 9927
Performance Analysis of Multi-Hop Wireless Link under Maximum Flow Algorithm. Jahan, Sarwar; Islam, Md. Imdadul; Amin, M. Ruhul Report Aug 1, 2019 2835
Distributed Link Scheduling Algorithm Based on Successive Interference Cancellation in MIMO Wireless Networks. Wu, Junhua; Lin, Dandan; Li, Guangshun; Liu, Yuncui; Yin, Yanmin Jul 31, 2019 8377
Performance Analysis for Downlink MIMO-NOMA in Millimeter Wave Cellular Network with D2D Communications. Li, Jianguo; Li, Xiangming; Wang, Aihua; Ye, Neng Jul 31, 2019 6601
Testbeds for Future Wireless Networks. Navarro-Ortiz, Jorge; Cervello-Pastor, Cristina; Stea, Giovanni; Costa-Perez, Xavier; Triay, Joan Jul 31, 2019 1275
Lightweight and Secure Three-Factor Authentication Scheme for Remote Patient Monitoring Using On-Body Wireless Networks. Shuai, Mengxia; Liu, Bin; Yu, Nenghai; Xiong, Ling Jun 30, 2019 10820
A New Wireless Generation Technology for Video Streaming. Ibrahim, Sarmad K.; Khamiss, Nasser N. May 31, 2019 3740
Detection of the First Component of the Received LTE Signal in the OTDoA Method. Gadka, Pawel; Sadowski, Jaroslaw; Stefanski, Jacek May 31, 2019 7135
Deep Learning Driven Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. Wu, Huaming; Han, Zhu; Wolter, Katinka; Zhao, Yubin; Ko, Haneul May 31, 2019 784
Deep CNN-Assisted Personalized Recommendation over Big Data for Mobile Wireless Networks. Zheng, Yu; Xu, Xiaolong; Qi, Lianyong May 31, 2019 9927
Novel Adaptive Distributed Compressed Sensing Algorithm for Estimating Channels in Doubly-Selective Fading OFDM Systems. Song, Yuming; He, Xueyun; Gui, Guan; Liang, Yan May 1, 2019 4980
Probability Weighting Localization Algorithm Based on NLOS Identification in Wireless Network. Wu, Shixun; Zhang, Shengjun; Xu, Kai; Huang, Darong Apr 30, 2019 4569
Development of an Algorithm for Optimizing Array Antenna Elements for Cellular Networks Using Evolutionary Computation. Kazema, Twahir; Michael, Kisangiri Apr 1, 2019 4665
Energy-Efficient MTC Data Offloading in Wireless Networks Based on K-Means Grouping Technique. Ally, Juma Saidi; Asif, Muhammad; Ma, Qingli Feb 1, 2019 5194
What to expect from wireless technology in 2019: With the onset of 5G, the benefits and possibilities are endless. Ellison, Jay Feb 1, 2019 514
A Chinese Restaurant Game for Distributed Cooperative Caching in Small Cell Networks. Chen, Junliang; Wang, Gang; Wang, Fuxiang Report Jan 1, 2019 5587
A Black-Box Noninvasive Characterization Method for Industrial Wireless Networks. Kashef, Mohamed; Candell, Richard; Lee, Kang Jan 1, 2019 7518
Cognitive AF Relay Networks over Asymmetric Shadowing/Fading Channels in the Presence of Low-Rate Feedback. Erdogan, Eylem Dec 1, 2018 2834
Exploiting Secure Performance of Full-Duplex Decode and Forward in Optimal Relay Selection Networks. Dao, Thu-Thuy Thi; Nguyen, Ngoc-Long; Nguyen, Hong-Nhu; Le, Si-Phu; Do, Dinh-Thuan; Nguyen, Quyet; V Report Aug 1, 2018 2409
The Wireless Network Optimization of Power Amplification via User Volume in the Microcell Terrain. Shengnan, Guo; Xueqin, Jiang; Kesheng, Zhang Jun 1, 2018 3416
Using Derived Mobility Model Metrics to Evaluate the Impact of Transmission Range in Vehicular Networks. Nwizege, Kenneth S.; Ikhazuangbe, Godson I.; Philip-Kpae, Friday O.; Agbeb, Stephen N.; Akoba, Brigh Report May 1, 2018 6312
Publish/Subscribe Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks: Improved Reliability and Timeliness. Davis, Ernesto Garcia; Auge, Anna Calveras Report Apr 1, 2018 10529
Model for Ray-Based UTD Simulations of the Human Body Shadowing Effect in 5G Wireless Systems. Januszkiewicz, Lukasz Jan 1, 2018 7342
Channel Characterization and Path Loss Modeling in Indoor Environment at 4.5, 28, and 38 GHz for 5G Cellular Networks. Majed, Mohammed Bahjat; Rahman, Tharek Abd; Aziz, Omar Abdul; Hindia, Mohammad Nour; Hanafi, Effariz Jan 1, 2018 7438
An Efficient Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Connected Vertex Cover Problem. Zhang, Yongfei; Wu, Jun; Zhang, Liming; Zhao, Peng; Zhou, Junping; Yin, Minghao Jan 1, 2018 8529
Event-Triggered Control for the Stabilization of Probabilistic Boolean Control Networks. Zhu, Shiyong; Lou, Jungang; Liu, Yang; Li, Yuanyuan; Wang, Zhen Jan 1, 2018 5231
A Multi-Granularity Backbone Network Extraction Method Based on the Topology Potential. Yuan, Hanning; Han, Yanni; Cai, Ning; An, Wei Jan 1, 2018 4704
A Secure Multimedia Data Sharing Scheme for Wireless Network. Fang, Liming; Liu, Liang; Xia, Jinyue; Sun, Maosheng Jan 1, 2018 8298
Protecting Download Traffic from Upload Traffic over Asymmetric Wireless Links. Kim, Hwangnam; Lee, Woonghee; Kim, Hyunsoon; Kim, Hwantae; Yang, Jaehyeuk Michael Jan 1, 2018 8713
Dynamic Wireless Energy Harvesting and Optimal Distribution in Multipair DF Relay Network with Nonlinear Energy Conversion Model. Shah, Syed Tariq; da Costa, Daniel B.; Choi, Kae Won; Chung, Min Young Jan 1, 2018 8859
Wireless Networking Performance in IoT Using Adaptive Contention Window. Bhavadharini, R.M.; Karthik, S.; Karthikeyan, N.; Paul, Anand Jan 1, 2018 5326
Social-Aware Device-to-Device Offloading Based on Experimental Mobility and Content Similarity Models. Aoude, Lynn; Dawy, Zaher; Sharafeddine, Sanaa; Frenn, Karim; Jahed, Karim Jan 1, 2018 8502
Spectral and Energy Efficiencies in mmWave Cellular Networks for Optimal Utilization. Hamed, Abdulbaset M.; Rao, Raveendra K. Jan 1, 2018 6122
Short-Range Cooperation of Mobile Devices for Energy-Efficient Vertical Handovers. Foukas, Xenofon; Kontovasilis, Kimon; Marina, Mahesh K. Jan 1, 2018 12381
Joint Optimization of Content Placement and User Association in Cache-Enabled Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Based on Flow-Level Models. Qu, Hua; Ren, Gongye; Zhao, Jihong; Tan, Zhenjie; Zhao, Shuyuan Jan 1, 2018 13835
Updating Neighbour Cell List via Crowdsourced User Reports: A Framework for Measuring Time Performance. Checco, A.; Lancia, C.; Leith, D.J. Jan 1, 2018 8723
Multihop Capability Analysis in Wireless Information and Power Transfer Multirelay Cooperative Networks. Wu, Qilin; Zhou, Xianzhong; Cao, Qian; Fang, Huan Jan 1, 2018 6813
Enhancing Cellular Coverage Quality by Virtual Access Point and Wireless Power Transfer. Gui, Jinsong; Hui, Lihuan; Xiong, Naixue Jan 1, 2018 11975
Comprehensive Analysis on Heterogeneous Wireless Network in High-Speed Scenarios. Zhang, Yuyang; Zheng, Tao; Dong, Ping; Luo, Hongbin; Pang, Zhibo Jan 1, 2018 5686
Flexible Queuing Model for Number of Active Users in Cognitive Radio Network Environment. Tanveer, Ahsan; Khan, Z.U.; Malik, A.N.; Qureshi, I.M. Jan 1, 2018 3363
UE-Initiated Cell Reselection Game for Cell Load Balancing in a Wireless Network. Park, Jaesung Jan 1, 2018 6034
Optimization of Cell Size in Ultra-Dense Networks with Multiattribute User Types and Different Frequency Bands. Wei, Yiqiao; Hwang, Seung-Hoon Jan 1, 2018 6335
Electricity Cost Minimization for Delay-tolerant Basestation Powered by Heterogeneous Energy Source. Deng, Qingyong; Li, Xueming; Li, Zhetao; Liu, Anfeng; Choi, Young-june Report Dec 1, 2017 5854
Optimal Resource Planning with Interference Coordination for Relay-Based Cellular Networks. Kim, Taejoon; An, Kwanghoon; Yu, Heejung Technical report Nov 1, 2017 6235
A Medium Access Control Mechanism for Distributed In-band Full-Duplex Wireless Networks. Zuo, Haiwei; Sun, Yanjing; Li, Song; Ni, Qiang; Wang, Xiaolin; Zhang, Xiaoguang Technical report Nov 1, 2017 8864
Emseep--Effective Modelling of Scalable Energy Efficient Protocol In Wireless Sensor Network. S., Sivaramakrishnan; T., Kesavamurthy Report Oct 1, 2017 4139
Hidden and exposed nodes in wireless sensor networks. Kavitha, M.G.; Sendhilnathan, S. Report Jun 1, 2017 2652
Mobility Load Balancing in Cellular System with Multicriteria Handoff Algorithm. Girma, Solomon T.; Abebe, Abinet G. Jan 1, 2017 4882
Modeling and Characterization of the Uplink and Downlink Exposure in Wireless Networks. Krayni, Anis; Hadjem, Abdelhamid; Vermeeren, Gunter; Sibille, Alain; Roblin, Christophe; Joseph, Wou Jan 1, 2017 8859
Trajectory-Based Hierarchical Adaptive Forwarding in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. Wang, Hao; Chen, Liangyin; Liu, Shijia; Fu, Songtao; Luo, Qian; Yin, Feng; Sun, Limin; Li, Zhanghua Jan 1, 2017 4007
On the Nanocommunications at THz Band in Graphene-Enabled Wireless Network-on-Chip. Vien, Quoc-Tuan; Agyeman, Michael Opoku; Le, Tuan Anh; Mak, Terrence Report Jan 1, 2017 7787
Bifurcation Analysis for an SEIRS-V Model with Delays on the Transmission of Worms in a Wireless Sensor Network. Zhang, Zizhen; Wang, Yougang Report Jan 1, 2017 4660
Feasibility Studies on the Use of Higher Frequency Bands and Beamforming Selection Scheme for High Speed Train Communication. Laiyemo, Ayotunde O.; Luoto, Petri; Pirinen, Pekka; Latva-aho, Matti Report Jan 1, 2017 10165
Outage Probability Analysis in Power-Beacon Assisted Energy Harvesting Cognitive Relay Wireless Networks. Le, Ngoc Phuc Report Jan 1, 2017 8414
Evolution of Positioning Techniques in Cellular Networks, from 2G to 4G. Campos, Rafael Saraiva Report Jan 1, 2017 11763
Cross-Layer Design for Downlink Scheduling Combined with Call Admission Control in Wireless Networks. Arunachalam, Manikandan; Kandasamy, Balasubadra Report Jan 1, 2017 4498
EE-eICIC: Energy-Efficient Optimization of Joint User Association and ABS for eICIC in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks. Zheng, Jie; Gao, Ling; Wang, Hai; Niu, Jinping; Li, Xiaoya; Ren, Jie Report Jan 1, 2017 6709
Fuzzy Logic Based Coverage and Cost Effective Placement of Serving Nodes for 4G and Beyond Cellular Networks. Murugadass, Arthi; Pachiyappan, Arulmozhivarman Report Jan 1, 2017 16853
Call Admission Scheme for Multidimensional Traffic Assuming Finite Handoff User. Sadi, Baitul Al; Nadia, Afsana Report Jan 1, 2017 2629
Multi-Access Interference Mitigation Using Multi-Level Power Control Algorithm in OFDMA Cellular System. Saad, Waleed; Nagieb, Mahmoud; Shokair, Mona Nov 1, 2016 3001
Defense challenges cell data as STL resumes. Aug 31, 2016 712
STL defense queries Platt on Australian link, mobile purchases. Jul 28, 2016 502
Minimizing energy consumption in green cellular networks by optimizing active base station sets. Bhagyalakshmi, M.G.; Subatra, M.; Suprajha, V. Jun 30, 2016 2044
Performance analysis of radio access techniques in self-configured next generation wireless networks. Rajaguru, R.; Vimaladevi, K. Jun 30, 2016 4421
Zero knowledge based multi copy routing algorithm for heterogeneous mobile social networks. AntonyVigil, M.S. Jun 15, 2016 3892
Comparative Study of Ad-hoc Routing Protocol for Oil and Gas Pipelines Surveillance Systems. Fawzi, Layth M.; Ameen, Siddeeq Y.; Dawwd, Shifa A.; Alqaraawi, Salih M. May 1, 2016 4015
A novel trust based routing approach in MANET. Patel, Kajal; Titiya, Mahesh Apr 1, 2016 4505
A Novel Model on Curve Fitting and Particle Swarm Optimization for Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks. Goudarzi, Shidrokh; Hassan, Wan Haslina; Anisi, Mohammad Hossein; Soleymani, Seyed Ahmad; Shabanzade Report Jan 1, 2016 9404
Guard Band-Based Resource Sharing for Device-to-Device Communications Underlying Cellular Network. Li, Yue; Sha, Xuejun; Ye, Liang; Fang, Xiaojie Jan 1, 2016 4801
A Context-Aware Adaptive Streaming Media Distribution System in a Heterogeneous Network with Multiple Terminals. Ni, Yepeng; Shuai, Qianjun; Yang, Cheng; Liu, Jianbo Jan 1, 2016 6067
A New Distributed Approximation Algorithm for the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem. Du, Peng; Zhang, Yuan Jan 1, 2016 8198
Interference Estimation and Mitigation in Wireless Networks. Mustafa, S. Abdulkareem Report Oct 1, 2015 6717
Throughput performance for heterogeneous LTE network by using Fractional Frequency Reuse method. Rosdi, Mastura; Yusof, Azita Laily; Ali, Mohd Tarmizi; Yaacob, Norsuzila; Zainali, Muhammad Aiman; N Report Jun 15, 2015 3492
Performance analysis of downlink scheduling algorithm in LTE using NS-3. Yusoff, Nurulanis Mohd; Ali, Darmawaty Mohd; Noh, Ku SitiSyahidah Ku Mohd; Yusoff, Rohaiza Report Jun 15, 2015 3162
Investigation of load sharing in hybrid (2G/3G) mobile networks/Hibridiniu (2G/3G) korinio rysio tinklu srautu valdymo tyrimas. Stirbys, Martynas; Zvinys, Karolis Report Jun 1, 2015 2781
New method to assess energy efficiency of networks. Mar 18, 2015 248
Performance Analysis of Turbo-Coded Decode-and-Forward Relay Channels with Middleton Class-A Impulsive Noise. Andrei, Mihaela; Trifina, Lucian; Tarniceriu, Daniela Feb 1, 2015 5451
Performance Analysis of Turbo-Coded Decode-and-Forward Relay Channels with Middleton Class-A Impulsive Noise. Andrei, Mihaela; Trifina, Lucian; Tarniceriu, Daniela Nov 1, 2014 5475
Charlie Twietmeyer Earns CWNE[R], One of the Top 10 Most Difficult Designations in the IT Industry. Jul 18, 2014 547
Iowa network services case study: kiesling associates. Jul 1, 2014 915
The Reliability Research of DF-D2D Underlaying Cellular Networks. Huan, Cheng; Liu, Chen Feb 1, 2014 3767
Performance analysis of joint base-station multiantenna multibeam and channel assignment scheme for hierarchical cellular system. Yang, Peng; Liu, Dou; Zhang, Yan Jan 1, 2014 4206
Energy-efficiency analysis of per-subcarrier antenna selection with peak-power reduction in MIMO-OFDM wireless systems. Le, Ngoc Phuc; Tran, Le Chung; Safaei, Farzad Jan 1, 2014 8792
A new approach and analysis of modeling the human body in RFID-enabled body-centric wireless systems. Koski, Karoliina; Bjorninen, Toni; Sydanheimo, Lauri; Ukkonen, Leena; Rahmat-Samii, Yahya Jan 1, 2014 4943
Measurement-based LoS/NLoS channel modeling for hot-spot urban scenarios in UMTS networks. Chen, Jiajing; Yin, Xuefeng; Tian, Li; Zhang, Nan; He, Yongyu; Cheng, Xiang; Duan, Weiming; Boque, S Jan 1, 2014 7550
Performance analysis of 3D massive MIMO cellular systems with collaborative base station. Li, Xingwang; Li, Lihua; Xie, Ling; Su, Xin; Zhang, Ping Jan 1, 2014 6849
Predictive compensation for wireless networked system with time delay and packet dropout based on T-S model. Wang, Le; Pan, Haipeng; Gao, Jinfeng; Chen, Dongdong Report Jan 1, 2014 4182
Jamaica's e-learning high school project. Daley, Patricia Georgia Dec 1, 2013 3398
A review of considerations for BYOD M-learning design. Estable, Michelle Aug 1, 2013 2718
Modeling, analysis, and simulation of computer and telecommunication systems (MASCOTS 2012); proceedings. Book review Oct 1, 2012 152
Utility-based resource allocation with bipartite matching in OFDMA-based wireless systems. Kan, Zheng; Wei, Li; Fei, Liu; Wei, Xiang Report Aug 1, 2012 4826
Resource allocation with proportional rate in cognitive wireless network: an immune clonal optimization scheme. Chai, ZhengYi; Zhang, DeXian; Zhu, SiFeng Technical report May 1, 2012 7406
On OFDM subcarrier allocation strategies for soft hand-off in cellular systems. Kim, Chanhong; Lee, Jungwoo Technical report Mar 1, 2012 3469
Capacity distributions in spatial stochastic models for telecommunication networks. Voss, Florian; Gloaguen, Catherine; Schmidt, Volker Technical report Nov 1, 2009 5078
Mexico calling; analysis: local telecoms in a bearish new market realities--and a new law. (Cover). Sinclair, Bruce Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 2711
Exploring collective dynamics in communication networks. Mills, Kevin Mar 1, 2002 7052
WLL down but not out. Kelly, Sean Nov 1, 2000 325
Theory and practice: implications for the implementation of communication technology in organizations. Herndon, Sandra L. Jan 1, 1997 3086
Information technology and telecommunications: impacts on strategic alliance formation and management. Brown, Linden; Pattinson, Hugh Jul 1, 1995 5503

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