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Computation of Irregularity Indices of Certain Computer Networks. Liu, Jiangnan; Cai, Lulu; Virk, Abaid ur Rehman; Akhtar, Waheed; Maitla, Shahzad Ahmed; Wei, Yang Report Aug 31, 2020 4675
A Model with Leaf Area Index and Trunk Diameter for LoRaWAN Radio Propagation in Eastern China Mixed Forest. Wu, Yin; Guo, Genwei; Tian, Guiyun; Liu, Wenbo Jul 31, 2020 7208
Attitudes of Indian Dental Professionals towards Information Technology--A Cross Sectional Study. Thakkar, Parthkumar Kamleshbhai; Bhavsar, Neeta Vijay; Shah, Ekta Milanbhai; Taneja, Siddhant Kulmen Jul 20, 2020 2511
Design and Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN and Vehicular Communication. Joshi, Mandar P.; Gond, Vitthal J. Report Sep 1, 2019 3600
Evaluating Security of Low-Power Internet of Things Networks. Vaccari, Ivan; Cambiaso, Enrico; Aiello, Maurizio Mar 1, 2019 10122
Development of an Access Point Positioning Optimization Algorithm Under the Analysis of SINR and Probability of Connectivity. Kazema, Twahir Jul 1, 2018 3166
An SDN-Based Approach to Ward Off LAN Attacks. Rietz, Rene; Cwalinski, Radoslaw; Konig, Hartmut; Brinner, Andreas Jan 1, 2018 8606
Dissipativity-Based Synchronization of Mode-Dependent Complex Dynamical Networks with Semi-Markov Jump Topology. Ma, Chao; Wu, Wei; Ji, Yidao Jan 1, 2018 4397
LiveAction completes compatibility testing with Cisco. Apr 19, 2017 148
LiveAction completes compatibility testing with Cisco. Apr 19, 2017 138
LiveAction completes compatibility testing with Cisco. Apr 19, 2017 148
Fuzzy STRIDE Model based on Werners Aggregation Operator for Computer Network Threat Modelling. Khan, Salman A. Mar 1, 2017 4369
A STRIDE Model based Threat Modelling using Unified and-Or Fuzzy Operator for Computer Network Security. Khan, Salman A. Jan 1, 2017 5055
Combined Heuristic Attack Strategy on Complex Networks. Simon, Marek; Luptakova, Iveta Dirgova; Huraj, Ladislav; Hostovecky, Marian; Pospichal, Jirl Report Jan 1, 2017 6263
Congested Link Inference Algorithms in Dynamic Routing IP Network. Chen, Yu; Duan, Zhe-Min Report Jan 1, 2017 9332
Decision Diagram Based Symbolic Algorithm for Evaluating the Reliability of a Multistate Flow Network. Dong, Rongsheng; Zhu, Yangyang; Xu, Zhoubo; Li, Fengying Report Jan 1, 2017 8191
Stability and Hopf Bifurcation for a Delayed Computer Virus Model with Antidote in Vulnerable System. Zhang, Zizhen; Wang, Yougang; Ferrara, Massimiliano Jan 1, 2017 4457
Visual complexity of the digital interface and satisfaction of use: an analysis in informational websites/Complexidade visual da interface digital e satisfacao de uso: uma analise em websites de carater informacional. Fernandes, Fabiane Rodrigues; Botura, Galdenoro, Jr.; Paschoarelli, Luis Carlos Jan 1, 2017 7976
Research of DHCP flooding attack detection technology based on improved wavelet analysis method. Wu, Kehe; Li, Yi; Chen, Long; An, Sicheng Oct 15, 2016 4907
Evolutionary equilibria in network markets. Webster, Thomas J. Sep 1, 2016 4783
Fast data sort based on searching networks with ring pipeline. Sklyarov, Valery; Skliarova, Iouliia; Sudnitson, Alexander Report Aug 1, 2016 3778
Costs evaluation methodic of energy efficient computer network reengineering. Nesterenko, S.A.; Nesterenko, J.S. Report Jul 1, 2016 2998
Rough set based fuzzy scheme for clustering and cluster head selection in VANET. Jinila, Bevish; Komathy Report Feb 1, 2015 4661
Implementation of DEVS based distributed network simulator for large-scale networks. Cobanoglu, B.; Zengin, A.; Ekiz, H.; Celik, F.; Kiraz, A.; Kayaalp, F. Report Jun 1, 2014 4211
Network traffic anomalies detecting using maximum entropy method/Kompiuteriu tinklo srauto anomaliju atpazinimas maksimalios entropijos metodu. Mazeika, Dalius; Jasonis, Saulius Report Apr 1, 2014 2592
Dual-band compact planar antenna for a low-cost WLAN USB dongle. Dias, Mauricio Henrique Costa; Franciscatto, Bruno Roberto; Adel, Hans; Vuong, Tan-Phu Jan 1, 2014 4471
Interest of boundary kernel density techniques in evaluating an approximation error of queueing systems characteristics. Bareche, Aicha; Aiissani, Djamil Report Jan 1, 2014 5171
Secure collaborative key management for dynamic groups in mobile networks. Kang, Sukin; Ji, Cheongmin; Hong, Manpyo Report Jan 1, 2014 7119
Fair optimization and networks: a survey. Ogryczak, Wlodzimierz; Luss, Hanan; Pioro, Michal; Nace, Dritan; Tomaszewski, Artur Report Jan 1, 2014 23013
A novel scheduling index rule proposal for QoE maximization in wireless networks. Taboada, Ianire; Liberal, Fidel Report Jan 1, 2014 8556
Co-design of a compact dual-band filter-antenna for WLAN application. Wu, Wei-Jun; Liu, Qi-Feng; Zhang, Qi; Deng, Jing-Ya Abstract May 1, 2013 2432
Analysis of average shortest-path length of scale-free network. Mao, Guoyong; Zhang, Ning Report Jan 1, 2013 4360
Optimal control of two-hop routing in Dtns with time-varying selfish behavior. Wu, Yahui; Deng, Su; Huang, Hongbin Sep 1, 2012 7777
Interaction Networks: Generating High Level Hints Based on Network Community Clustering. Eagle, Michael; Johnson, Matthew; Barnes, Tiffany Abstract Jun 19, 2012 185
Top Five Ecommerce Solutions. May 26, 2011 1566
A group-aware multicast scheme in 60GHz WLANs. Park, Hyunhee; Kang, Chul-Hee May 1, 2011 7603
Wireless network behavior under ICMP Ping Flood DoS attack and mitigation techniques. Bogdanoski, Mitko; Risteski, Aleksandar Apr 1, 2011 4536
Client-based network-assisted mobile IPv6. Abou-Khalil, Georges; Pierre, Samuel Dec 1, 2010 5003
An agent-based intrusion detection system for local area networks. Sen, Jaydip Aug 1, 2010 11047
Electrical characteristics of a dual-band microstrip patch antenna for GSM/UMTS/WLAN operations. rajhi, Adenen; Ghnimi, Said; Garssallah, Ali Apr 1, 2010 3977
Influence of factors in provision of networked services: an empirical study in India. Rao, Srinivasa; Choudhury, B.K. Report Mar 1, 2010 4054
A survey on wireless sensor network security. Sen, Jaydip Aug 1, 2009 26877
The drive for improved performance. Lecklider, Tom Oct 1, 2008 3090
Policies for Computer and Internet Use: A Roadmap for Leveraging Teaching in Nigeria Higher institutions. Michael, Awoleye O.; Owolabi, Siyanbola W.; Ibikunle, Ogundari O. Report Oct 1, 2008 329
Performance of integrated wired (Token Ring) network and wireless (PRMA) network. Al-Amawi, Amaal; Khanfar, Khalid Dec 1, 2007 4768
Single point of failure. Aug 10, 2004 571
Don't fear video. Mavrogeanes, Richard Aug 1, 2004 1405
Re-evaluating the effectiveness of a web-based learning system: a comparative case study. Retalis, Symeon Mar 22, 2003 4959
Go for it! the correct infrastructure for your business + the correct software for your computers = less pain, more gain. Williams, Colleen Flood Jul 1, 2002 1873
Neural networks and isomaps: a comparison of dimensionality reduction frameworks. (Senior Division). Christopher, Kevin Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 205
Exploring collective dynamics in communication networks. Mills, Kevin Mar 1, 2002 7052
Data Collection Manual for Academic and Research Library Network Statistics and Performance Measures. Shim, Wonsik "Jeff"; McClure, Charles R.; Fraser, Bruce T.; Bertot, John Carlo Dec 1, 2001 223
The thin new line. Statistical Data Included Aug 10, 2001 1530
A New Direction in AI: Toward a Computational Theory of Perceptions. Zadeh, Lotfi A. Mar 22, 2001 5511
Soft Timers: Efficient Microsecond Software Timer Support for Network Processing. ARON, MOHIT; DRUSCHEL, PETER Aug 1, 2000 13714
Tunnel of secure transmission. Carlson, Christopher J. Jul 1, 1999 2342
Diagnosing the Internet's ills. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Jan 16, 1999 316
The benefits of CORBA-based network management: the choice of CORBA and Java combined with the open Interface Definition Language interface leads to a highly open, extensible, and distributed solution. Haggerty, Paul; Seetharaman, Krishnan Oct 1, 1998 3586
Communications of the ACM: Virtual Extension edition May 1998 volume 41, number 5. May 1, 1998 637
Computing the mind: a scientific approach to the philosophy of mind and brain. Hinrichs, Bruce Cover Story Mar 1, 1998 3497
Practical experience in the numerical dangers of heterogeneous computing. Blackford, L.S.; Cleary, A.; Petitet, A.; Whaley, R.C.; Demmel, J.; Dhillon, I.; Ren, H.; Stanley, K Jun 1, 1997 5534
Strategic directions in networks and telecommunications. Clark, David; Pasquale, Joseph Dec 1, 1996 6126
Distributed systems have distributed risks. Neumann, Peter G. Nov 1, 1996 777
On-ramp prospects for the information superhighway dream. Bell, C. Gordon; Gemmell, Jim Jul 1, 1996 3833
Wide area networks - the key to enterprise productivity. Sharp, Duane E. Jun 22, 1996 1091
Workflow: Don't be fooled by it. Kirvan, Paul Column Dec 1, 1995 571
Hub and router falls to switched internetworking. Edwards, Morris Column Dec 1, 1995 647
Rights, camera, action: cyberspatial settings and the First Amendment. Katsh, M. Ethan May 1, 1995 19514
Get onto the World Wide Web - NOW! Herskovitz, Don Mar 1, 1995 796
Scalable Internet resource discovery: research problems and approaches. Bowman, C. Mic; Danzig, Peter B.; Manber, Udi; Schwartz, Michael F. Aug 1, 1994 7722
Surge in popularity spawns new ideas for wireless LANs. Edwards, Morris Aug 1, 1994 770
Psst! Want some data ... cheap? Leff, Mark Sep 1, 1993 631
How to pick the right computer network. Raja, M.K. Cover Story Jun 1, 1993 1658
Get T1's clout at a fraction of the cost. Edwards, Morris Apr 1, 1991 2332
Coming into the Country. Barlow, John P. Mar 1, 1991 1632
Connectionist ideas and algorithms. Knight, Kevin Nov 1, 1990 10567
NetWorld keynoter deflates networking hype. Gitlin, Bob Apr 1, 1990 738
Possible applications of neurocomputing in defense. Geisenheyner, Stefan Feb 1, 1990 3686

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