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Comparison of the Economic Feasibility between Conventional and Vacuum Drying for 4/4 Red Oak. Brenes-Angulo, Oxana; Bond, Brian; Kline, Earl; Quesada-Pineda, Henry Report Nov 1, 2017 6538
Magnetic resonance studies of wood log-drying processes. Lamason, Clevan; MacMillan, Bryce; Balcom, Bruce; Leblon, Brigitte; Pirouz, Zarin Report Jul 1, 2017 5462
Properties of juvenile and mature wood and their effects on the bending properties of lumber in Pinus taeda growing in Tochigi, Japan. Tanabe, Jun; Ishiguri, Futoshi; Nakayama, Miki; Ohshima, Jyunichi; Iizuka, Kazuya; Yokota, Shiso Report Nov 1, 2016 3902
C[O.sub.2] laser-incised teak and mahogany lumber dried by microwave and steam injection. Listyanto, Tomy; Ando, Keisuke; Yamauchi, Hidefumi; Hattori, Nobuaki Report Nov 1, 2016 3574
Analysis of the deformation of wood during the drying process: an experimental approach. Huber, Hermann; Wimmer, Thomas; Schnabel, Thomas; Petutschnigg, Alexander Report Jul 1, 2015 1900
Twenty-year performance of decking with two levels of preservative penetration. Morris, Paul Ian; Ingram, Janet Kathleen Abstract Aug 1, 2012 4260
Research on properties of reconstituted bamboo lumber made by thermo-treated bamboo bundle curtains. Li, Qin; Wen-ji, Yu; Yang-lun, Yu Abstract Aug 1, 2012 4339
A dry-wet process to manufacture sliced bamboo veneer. Li, Yanjun; Du, Chungui; Shen, Yucheng; Wu, Yan; Wang, Siqun; Hu, Gouying Abstract May 1, 2012 3429
Co-composting of steam-pressed scrim lumber process water. Mangum, Lauren; Borazjani, H.; Diehl, S.V.; Prewitt, M.L.; Seale, R.D.; Sloan, R.C. Nov 1, 2010 4315
Accelerated drying of plantation grown Eucalyptus cloeziana and Eucalyptus pellita sawn timber. Redman, Adam L.; McGavin, Robert L. Jun 1, 2010 5290
Trends in lumber processing in the Western United States. Part II: overrun and lumber recovery factors. Keegan, Charles E., III; Morgan, Todd A.; Blatner, Keith A.; Daniels, Jean M. Feb 1, 2010 2925
Initial high-temperature schedule to reduce drying time and control kiln brown stain in ponderosa pine shop lumber. Wagner, Francis G.; Smith, Nathaniel R.; McDonald, Armando G. Dec 1, 2008 2718
A comparison of kiln-drying schedules and quality outcomes for 4/4-thickness black cherry lumber sawn from small-diameter logs. Scholl, Matthew S.; Wiedenbeck, Janice K.; Blankenhorn, Paul R.; Ray, Charles D.; Stover, Lee R.; Be Dec 1, 2008 7068
Variation of terpenes in sapwood and heartwood of loblolly pine: impact on VOC emissions from drying lumber samples. Thompson, Ashlie; Ingram, Leonard L., Jr. Sep 1, 2006 3224
Time series techniques for dynamic, real-time control of wood-drying processes. Ray, Charles D.; Gattani, Neelesh; del Castillo, Enrique; Blankenhorn, Paul Oct 1, 2005 5239
Warp reduction of red pine two-by-fours via restrained drying. Erickson, Robert W.; Shmulsky, Rubin Sep 1, 2005 1776
Ultrasonic wave velocity as a moisture indicator in frozen and unfrozen lumber. van Dyk, Herman; Rice, Robert W. Jun 1, 2005 3217
Predicting flexural properties of dimension lumber from 40-year-old loblolly pine plantation stands. Biblis, E.; Meldahl, R.; Pitt, D.; Carino, H.F. Dec 1, 2004 3873
Equalizing and conditioning spruce-pine-subalpine fir lumber. Cai, Liping; Oliveira, Luiz C. Dec 1, 2004 3837
An investigation of the relationships between harvest season, log age, and drying schedule on the coloration of hard maple lumber. Rappold, Patrick M.; Smith, William B. Dec 1, 2004 4995
The influence of drying method on the warp behavior of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) sawn timber. Klaiber, Volker; Seeling, Ute Apr 1, 2004 5431
Diagnostic analysis of board foot per ton of chips ratio for a small sawmill. Via, Brian K.; Shupe, Todd F. Apr 1, 2004 5039
Straight talk about wood quality. Schwolsky, Rick Jun 1, 1996 1724

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